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    Tomoe Nage – Awesome Way to Stop Aggressive Opponents

    By admin / September 17, 2017

    In judo, nothing is as it seems. Especially when it comes to tomoe enage, one of the most surprising throws you can apply to your opponent. Everybody can end on his back, even the best judoka in the world. The only thing you can do is learn to counter like a super pro. And not […]


    Why Do You Need A Good Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

    By admin / September 7, 2017

    Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Every good muay thai fighter needs good muay thai boxing gloves. Fighters face many different situations which require the maximum of their possibilities. Almost every requires different treatments. This thread will show you the importance of gloves, which type of gloves you can choose and what are their main purposes. Don’t be […]


    2017 Reviews & Top 5 Best Muay Thai Gloves

    By admin / August 31, 2017

    Best muay thai gloves With our dedication to helping you choose the best Muay Thai gloves which will protect your skin and maximize the training effects, we spent a huge number of hours trying to find a best Muay Thai gloves. We focused on their functionality, look, protection, durability, and price. Quick Navigation Top 5 […]


    How to Choose a Good Set of Muay Thai Gloves

    By admin / August 24, 2017

    Choosing the best Muay Thai gloves is very important in Muay, which will fulfill provide pleasure & result at the same time? Keep reading & understand more! Quick Navigation How To Choose a Muay Thai GlovesPriceBrand and country of originStore or online shoppingQuality of materials usedPurpose and size of the glovePremium or notColor and style […]


    How To Punch Faster – All The Secrets of Quick Strikes

    By admin / August 18, 2017

    There are many fighters in the world who punch hard, but there aren’t many quick fighters. The quicker fighter usually earns more points and has more chances to knock the opponent out. If you say you want to learn how to punch faster, many coaches will tell you to go the gym. But this is only […]


    Espada y Daga: Filipino Fighting Skills & Spanish’s

    By admin / August 11, 2017

    Arnis is a traditional sport of martial arts in the Philippines, and a skill set to use a lot of powerful and ruthless weapons. Originally, that are designed to deliver a biggest amount of damage on the slightest move. One of those great and mighty weapons is the Espada y Daga, a powerful and lethal […]


    Shin Conditioning – Important Tips to Get Rock

    By admin / August 4, 2017

    Shin conditioning is as old as martial arts itself. We may never know why someone was crazy enough to even consider using his leg as a bludgeoning tool (though I can think of a couple of reasons). The fact remains that the shin can, over time, be turned into a deadly weapon. We’re going to […]


    How To Punch Harder – 10 Tips to Delivering a Brutal Knockout

    By admin / July 29, 2017

    Everybody wants to punch hard and win via a knockout. But this is never easy, especially if you have an opponent who slips like Joe Calzaghe. This tutorial will learn you how to punch harder, even if you are a featherweight or a flyweight fighter. Your weight is not crucial when it comes to hard hits. […]


    Arm Drag (Part 3) – What Next? 9 Follow Up Options

    By admin / July 23, 2017

    Arm Drag: What Next?“How, exactly, is it done, and what does it accomplish? Are there exercises to improve my arm drag? What do I do after the arm drag?” Quick Navigation Arm Drag: What Next?HyperextensionForward SweepDouble Leg TakedownInside Trip (Kouchi Gake)D’Arce ChokeSweep from GuardRear Naked ChokeStriking Targets from the BackUse Opponent as a ShieldConclusion Hyperextension […]


    Arm Drag Wrestling (part 2) – 4 Basic Exercises

    By admin / July 23, 2017

    Some basic arm drag wrestling exercisesIn my training, I have noticed the prevalence of the armdrag used in setting up various techniques. Rarely, though, have I received detailed instruction on the arm drag wrestling itself. I got curious about its details and did some research. Then, I asked myself, “How, exactly, is it done, and what does […]

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