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Arm Drag (Part 3) – What Next? 9 Follow Up Options

arm drag to back

Arm Drag: What Next?“How, exactly, is it done, and what does it accomplish? Are there exercises to improve my arm drag? What do I do after the arm drag?” Quick Navigation Arm Drag: What Next?HyperextensionForward SweepDouble Leg TakedownInside Trip (Kouchi Gake)D’Arce ChokeSweep from GuardRear Naked ChokeStriking Targets from the BackUse Opponent as a ShieldConclusion Hyperextension […]

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The Lion Killer


Garry Tonon, nicknamed “The Lion Killer,” began training in 2005 at age 14. While he started in an MMA facility, his passion for the BJJ training led him to seek a school that specialized in grappling. He found Ocean City Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which had recently opened its doors, and began his training with the highly […]

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