8 Tips for Choosing a Good Judo Gi

October 1, 2017


uying judo gi can sometimes be a very confusing experience. There are so many parameters you need to pay attention to. Your brain can hurt when it comes to such amount of info. The goal of our buying guide is to make the choice easier. We are trying to help you find the best judo gi which will completely fulfill your needs. If you buy a wrong one, your training sessions can turn into a nightmare.
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How to choose a good Judo Gi

The difference between the judo gi and other ones is the durability. While in other martial arts, like taekwondo or karate, you only need to kick or punch your opponent, the contact in judo is hard. The opponent pulls you all the time. You need something made of a very durable material, with wider sleeves. It will allow an extra grip to your opponent, but it will not tear up during hard pulls and strong grips.

Here is the list of most important parameters you should pay attention to:

  1. Size;
  2. Extra grip area on the sleeve and thick collar;
  3. Country of origin;
  4. Thickness and durability;
  5. Price;
  6. Comfort;
  7. Brand;
  8. Color.

1. Size

Here is a recommendation for a taller fighter – you will need a judo gi which is 10-15 centimeters bigger than your size. If you are 185 cm tall, you should buy a judo gi with the size 195-200 centimeters. Why is this important? To be able to control your opponent via kesa gatame or any other grab, or to attempt an uchimata, your legs have to be flexible. On the other hand, too big gi will fall during the match or training session. Sizes may vary depending on the country.

There is a good scale which explains how you should choose your judo gi when it comes to the combination of your weight and height. Your weight is equally important. There are unisex sizes, male gis, and female gis.

2. Sleeve & Thick collar

Make sure you look for a wider gi which has an extra grip on the sleeve, made of strong materials. Judo gi has to be thick.You have to grab your opponent properly if you want to learn how to throw. If you enter a judo competition with a BJJ gi, the judges will probably forbid you to compete, so be warned. Make sure the collar is thick. Stitching also needs to be high-quality. No extra grip on the sleeve? The seller is trying to scam you!

3. Judo Gi Origin

Just like in Muay Thai, the best judo gi is made in the country of its origin – Japan. The gi that comes from China or some other country may also be a good quality, but it is better for beginners or recreational practitioners. A judo gi from Japan should have better performances, but it will probably cost more money.

4. Thickness and durability

When it comes to thickness, there are two types of judo gis. You have the thinner ones, which can be used for training sessions during summer months. However, competitive judo gi is thicker and stronger. You have single weave gi and double weave gi. If it is about the competition, double weave gi offers more quality and durability. It can last for years without any problems. On the other side, single weave gi is excellent for training sessions when it is very hot outside. The best thing you can do for a professional level of competition would be purchasing a single weave and a double weave judo gi. Single weave gi will do the job to the beginner.

5. Price

Bigger price definitively means higher quality. But more money needn’t mean your judo gi will be better. For example, you can buy one universal judogi for training sessions few times in a week. The cheapest ones cost around 30 dollars, but if you want high-quality, you will have to be ready to spend at least 120 dollars or more.

6. Comfort

The best way to determine whether your gi is comfortable or not is to put it on. Maybe you will not like a specific detail. Maybe some part of gi will pinch you – it all depends on you.

7. Brand

When it comes to the brand, we highly recommend Adidas and Mizuno. Their durability and performances are elite. It may cost more money, but you will not be disappointed.

8. Color

judo gi

Unlike in BJJ, you can only wear a blue or white gi in the competition. However, there are some models in other colors which can be used for training sessions. Do you want a competitive judo gi? Make sure to check whether it is competition approved! In the national level, there is a chance you won’t have problems. But when you go to the World Championship, judges will look every single detail. You can order it to draw attention. Of course, custom made judo gi in a different color will cost more money.

Wrap it up

The choice of your judo gi is a long-term investment. You shouldn’t buy the first thing you see, take a good look.

This tutorial will explain you how can you measure the properly fitting judo gi.

Your gi will enable you great training sessions, but at the same time, you can progress and earn medals in competitions. Follow the parameters step by step and make sure you discover the best gi that fits your needs.

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