8 Best BJJ Rash Guards You Should Buy In 2018

March 28, 2018


jj rash guards were originally designed as a suit for surfers. It was worn underneath their wetsuit, and its main purpose was decreasing the possibility of the skin to go wet. As the time went by, surfers influenced grappling culture, as more and more of them started visiting grappling sessions. The best BJJ rash guards were developed as a combination of the perfect fit for maximal performances from BJJ and ability to keep your sweat inside the suit from surfing.

At the first time, BJJ practitioners were having topless or a heavy t-shirt in humid Brazilian gyms. But big humidity improves sweating, and a heavy t-shirt under the gi usually changes color after a period of time. So the best rash guard for BJJ is developed when the surfers increased their influence.

Suddenly, long sleeve rash guards made wrestling, Vale Tudo, BJJ, and MMA training sessions a lot easier. High-intense training sessions became a lot cooler, and there were no problems with overheating anymore.

There is no need to overheat your body and train covered in sweat. Best bjj rash guards will keep your body dry and hygienic for a prolonged period of time.

Best BJJ Rash Guards


Hayabusa Metaru Charged Long Sleeve BJJ Rash Guard
Clearance Piranha Gear BJJ Rash Guards
Under Armour Alter Ego Short Sleeve Compression T-Shirt
Legend Rash Guard For BJJ
Scramble x Judge Dredd The Law BJJ Rashguards
RVCA Reflect BJJ Rashguards
BAD BOY Art of Lua Rash Guard
Venum "Contender 3:0" MMA Rash Guard


IBJJF Approved










Flexible, durable


Fancy 4 colors & 6 designs

Superior quality 








Second-skin fit

Superior quality






Super strong


Scamble design


Many colors

Good Price/Quality


Fantastic design


High Quality


Fancy design













The Most Important Criteria To Choose The Best BJJ Rash Guards

You need to be aware that the most important criterion is functionality. Other important ones are sleeve length, material, compression style, size, colors, price/quality ratio, hygienic performances, sublimated or classic design, durability, and comfort and flexibility. Cool BJJ rash guards are not the best, but you will look like you came off the fashion week, nobody can dispute that. That is why individual needs are one more critical factor.

Now, I will talk more detail and my 8 personal recommended BJJ rash guards based on these criterion.


The primary purpose is wicking the sweat of the BJJ practitioner. Everything has to remain tight to your skin, and your gi needs to be protected of heavy sweating, in the case you wear it.

You should stick to the good compression wear for better strengthening of your muscles and easier transitions on the ground. Functionality is a combination of many factors.


Variety of colors is definitively not the most important criterion but there are many people who simply strive to have cool BJJ rash guards. Your gi is mostly blue or white, so the manufacturers usually stick to the colors which are complementary to these. However, a manufacturer who wants colors to run sticks to the neutral colors – blue, white, and black, with the addition of blue.

Hayabusa Metaru Charged Long Sleeve Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard Shirt is your champion when it comes to functionality and variety of IBJJF approved colors. It has patented AGTM Compression technology, which keeps the rash guard flexible and comfortable. The durability is very good since it has fiber-infused dyed graphics, in combination with advanced stitching.

You can choose between four colors and six various designs. The principle is respected – three neutral colors and a blue color. You can also choose between five sizes, which is superb. This cool bjj rash guard has a great anti-microbial technology, which affects positively on its freshness. International shipping is available.

Generally, this is one of the best BJJ rash guards in the market. It is easy to clean, and these four colors are approved by IBJJF. You can wear it in competition too, without the fear of kit clashing foul. However, despite you will get a high-quality product, it is expensive – it costs 60 dollars. Excellent choice when someone prefers the best rash guard for BJJ with a cool look.

Hayabusa Metaru Charged Long Sleeve Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard Shirt

Hayabusa Metaru BJJ Rash Guards - Cool BJJ Rash Guards With Various Colors & Designs

4.8/5 (36 reviews)

Sleeve Length

Of course, it is always better to wear long-sleeved and cool BJJ rash guards. However, you can find cheap BJJ rash guards with short sleeves. It has its positive sides – for example when you train in a very hot surround without a gi and less money.

Piranha Gear Clearance MMA Rash Guard for BJJ – Short Sleeve is a fantastic choice for someone who looks simple and cheap bjj rash guards for a high-quality training session. It is currently on sale, and it costs only 10 dollars! It works well with your gi for high-quality wrestling, Judo, Karate, or BJJ sessions. However, you can grapple and roll without a gi too! It has a side-panel insert which keeps your armpit from chaffing.

It is very comfortable, and its primary purpose was Scuba diving before it expanded the production of BJJ needs. Durability is also amazing, compared to price, just as design. Its flexibility is good, it is elastic, and made of spandex.

However, white color is the only one, and you can choose one size only. There is no international shipping, and adults can’t find the proper size. Also, the white color gets dirty easier. However, it is one of the best BJJ rash guards for buyers with a tight budget.

Clearance MMA Rash Guard - Short Sleeve, Black from Piranha Gear

Piranha Gear Clearance MMA Rash Guard for BJJ - Cheap BJJ Rash Guards For High Quality Training Session

5/5 (3 reviews)


It is absolutely great when you can pick the perfect size for a five-year-old child, and for an adult who weighs more than 120 kg.

Hygiene performances

The best BJJ rash guards, when it comes to hygiene and maintenance, are the ones with anti-odor technology and anti-microbial technology. Make sure to check whether your model has it.

Under Armour gives you an ability to choose between six sizes, sixteen designs, and an amazing variety of colors. Not all the colors are supported by IBJJF, but every single practitioner in the world would be able to find his perfect fit and design. This is one of the best BJJ rash guards when it comes to wide population. These are also cool BJJ rash guards – your child will be able to train with a Spiderman on its chest!

Under Armour provides you with a great locked-in feel. You can strengthen your shoulder muscles with this product too. It is very flexible and you can move freely without a fear it will tear apart. It also keeps you cool and dry for a prolonged period of time. It is a hygiene performance winner too – it has an anti-odor technology, which is one of the best ways to prevent bacteria and microbes. It is made of 94% polyester and 6% elastane. It also protects your skin from the sun, and you can wear it all day – it is an excellent short sleeve BJJ rash guard.

Comfort is awesome, international shipping is available. However, depending on the size, you can find very cheap and affordable products, but you have an ultra-expensive one which cost more than 110 dollars.

Under Armour Men's Alter Ego Short Sleeve Compression Shirt

Under Armour BJJ Rash Guards - Best Rash Guards For Hygiene Performances 

4.2/5 (557 reviews)

Flexibility And Comfort

The best rash guard for BJJ needs to allow you rotate on the ground with ease. No matter which is the grappling situation or position, you should never feel too much pressure on your shoulders. Try to look for an item which has fabric stretching.

Legend Rash Guards for BJJ is a great option for someone who wants to focus on flexibility and comfort. It protects your whole arm, increases workout efficiency, and conserves energy during workouts. If you live in a colder country, this is the best BJJ rash guard for you. Your muscles remain flexible, and you can stretch it in all directions.

One more positive side – it protects your body from the sun. You can train in the most hostile, or great training conditions. It is lightweight and made of a very soft material. International shipping is available, and this product is made in the USA. It has blue and white color, which means it is IBJJF approved and you can carry it under your gi with comfort.

Unfortunately, you can only choose between two sizes. On the other hand, the smaller model is affordable, while the bigger one is expensive

Rash Guards For BJJ No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Rolling Shirt, Made In The USA!

Legend Rash Guards for BJJ - Great Option for Who Wants To Focus on Flexibility & Comfort

4.2/5 (32 reviews)


The combination of polyester and synthetic-lycra material is a great choice for the grappler whose main parameter is hygiene. Spandex is a bit more difficult for maintenance, but a good washing machine saves your day. Synthetic-lycra material has one more hidden performance – it will keep your grappling game as sticky as possible by transferring moisture to your hands. If you are unsure which is your favorite material, we recommend the mixture of polyester and spandex, polyester and elastane, or nylon and spandex.

Scramble X Judge Dredd The Law Rash Guard BJJ is made of the finest polyester with a slight addition of elastane, which makes it super strong and comfortable. The design is stunning, and it is a great choice for individual needs too. Quality and hygiene are superior.

It is highly durable, comfort and flexibility are awesome. Long sleeves enable world-class protection during training sessions. You can revive the role of Judge Dredd in your training session! International shipping is available.

Make sure you wash it in cold water. Despite you can choose one size and one design only, if you need something really resistant to high-quality BJJ or MMA training, you found the best BJJ rash guards when it is about the material. The product is expensive, but if you like a colorful design, and you need attention, you won’t be disappointed for sure.

P/S: The Scramble X Judge Dredd The Law Rash Guard BJJ is current unavailable now. However, you can find another recommended Scramble BJJ Rash Guards here.

Scramble x Judge Dredd The Law Rashguard

Scramble X Judge Rash Guard BJJ - High Quality BJJ Rash Guards with a Cool Design

Price/Quality Ratio

How many performances will you get at a fair price? You need an affordable product which has good overall performances. It should also be suitable for a wide population.

RVCA Reflect Rash Guards for BJJ is an affordable model which allows you to choose between 4 sizes. As a combination of nylon and spandex, it is a really good choice for ground training sessions, both for gi and no-gi situation. Despite this cool rash guard for BJJ is a long-sleeve product, it can be dried quickly. International shipping is available.

The screenprint is high-quality, and it has a classic design, which makes it a great choice for older practitioners. International shipping is available, and the item is very functional. It can be combined with every color. It costs 40 dollars. It stands still during a grappling session, and it is flexible.

Despite it has only black color, it is durable, its design is acceptable, and stitching is increased. Pay attention to the collar since it is a bit lower, you will need some time to get used to it. Be careful which washing machine program will you use too.

RVCA Reflect Rashguard (Exclusive)

RVCA Reflect Rash Guards for BJJ - Optimization of Price/Quality

4.5/5 (14 reviews)

Design And Compression Style

Compression wear has a strategic design, which strengthens and compresses your muscles, and at the same time, it enables you to roll for a longer period of time. We would recommend you to stick with the sublimated design – dye needs to be printed directly on the garment, not surface. Sublimated design won’t fade that easily. A classic design is good for someone who is a nostalgic but it might rub off quickly.

Bad Boy Art Of Lua Rush Guard is made of 92% polyester and 8% elastane blend. It has a rubber grip strip, which protects you when you roll. Reinforced stitching is good to increase the durability. It can move in four ways, which is great for the fighter who likes to be on his back. Sweat-wicking properties are one more big plus – you will be dry for a prolonged period of time. You can choose between five sizes and three wonderful designs. This product is a winner of individual needs parameter too! International shipping is available.

Sublimated design, in combination with world-class tear resistance, ranks this model very high. However, your hands won’t remain that sticky to the opponent, which means this is one of cool BJJ rash guards, but definitively not one of the best BJJ rash guards for competitions. The product also has a mid-range price. It is good for MMA training session but not good for BJJ competition.

Art of Lua Rash Guard

Bad Boy Art Of Lua Rush Guard for BJJ - The Winner of Individual Needs Parameter


Check whether your product has fiber-infused dyed graphics. It usually means great durability. The combination of materials – it should have spandex and something else for maximum durability, and reinforced stitching is desirable.

Venum MMA Black is made of 87% polyester and 13% spandex, which is an outstanding combination for durability. Someone can even drag you down the mat, and there is no chance it will tear. These are absolutely the best BJJ rash guards for this criterion. It is soft, resistant, and very flexible. You can recover easier, and you will remain dry for a prolonged period of time. It has sublimated design into the fiber for enhanced durability too. You can accommodate a protective shell into an internal pocket.

International shipping is available. Anti-odor technology is included, so hygiene and microbe defense are good. When you choose, you might have a hard time since sizes are different, so we would recommend you choose one size bigger. You will be able to choose between 4 sizes. The product has a mid-range price.

Venum MMA Black

Venum MMA Rash Guards - Cool BJJ Rash Guards for Maximum Durability

I Talk Too Much, Now, What Should WE Choose?

It is never easy to choose among the best BJJ rash guards. Will you choose the cool BJJ rash guard or you will pick something for an MMA training? What kind of training sessions do you prefer?

We believe the best rash guard for BJJ is Hayabusa Metaru Charged Long Sleeve Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard Shirt and Legend Rash Guards for BJJ, due to the very simple things – long sleeves, excellent design, loads of protection, great flexibility, and durability.

When someone wants to stick to good hygiene and variety of sizes, colors, and designs, we recommend Under Armour or Bad Boy Art Of Lua Rush Guard. Both of them have sublimated design, and the resistance is excellent. It only depends whether you prefer short or long sleeve.

Our price/quality winner is Under Armour, Bad Boy Art Of Lua Rush Guard and Scramble X Judge Dredd The Law Rash Guard.

The most durable is Venum MMA Black, while the most comfortable is Legend Rash Guards for BJJ. Piranha Gear Clearance MMA Rash Guard – Short Sleeve is the cheapest bjj rash guards, but it also has its good sides – white color fits everywhere and sleeves are short.

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