Best Headgear for BJJ That Will Help You To Avoid Ear Injures in 2018

December 11, 2017

best headgear for bjj

When it comes to the best headgear for BJJ, it usually means a lot of contact with your opponent. You constantly grapple or submit each other. Your face constantly suffers the pressure, just as your neck, ears, and even nose. The best thing you can do for your ears is purchasing a good set of headgear.

Cauliflower ears might be irritable to someone. There are many negative effects of it. It is a time to do something good for your body. It is time to think positively and do something good for your ears. Your BJJ career should last for a long period of time.

If you end the career too early, there is a big chance you will regret after a period of time. You will probably say I could go higher or I could be the better fighter. There is no need to waste an enormous amount of money on ear draining.

Cliff Keen Tornado BJJ Headgear
Brute Youth GR-9 Wrestling Headgear
Matman Ultra Soft Wrestling Headgear
 ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard
Venum "Kontact Evo" BJJ Ear Guard


Suitable for

Max Protection

Max Comfort

Grappling Session

Protect Chin & Ear

Defense Training Session

Fair Price

Sparring Session

Good for beginners

Training Session

Both Genders

Smaller Ears

Easy Adjustment

Stable Position


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Things To Look

best headgear for bjjWhen it comes to the choice of the best headgear for BJJ, there are few things you really need to pay attention to. The worst thing you can do is choosing a headgear which will constantly distract your vision or slide off your ears during the training sessions.

The headgear should be light. When you choose it, make sure it is made of light materials. There is a load your ear can handle. Make sure not to press ears too much. In the case the pressure on your ears is too high, it might be even worse. Better not to have headgear at all than wearing an uncomfortable one which will affect negatively. A cauliflower ear can also be a consequence of bad ear guards, despite it is rare.

You need a material that will not become too warm after 15-20 minutes of an intense training session. Despite many ear guards cannot fulfill this criterion, it is crucial to try to find the most suitable ones. If it is too warm, you will have to take it off during hard training sessions, which leaves your ears and face exposed to the contact.

Make sure you checked the size of your ear. In the case your ears are bigger, take a BJJ headgear which will cover your ears completely. Make sure it will not fall off your ears easily. You should especially pay attention to this if you are bald.

Take a look at the chin strap. This is the first thing that might create uncomfortable training session. If your chin is irritated constantly, the itching will be a minor problem comparing to other medical conditions. Better invest some money in additional reinforcement and protective layers than visiting doctor every week. It will cost less money for sure.

The price is a very important factor. Despite ear guards usually don’t cost more than 40 dollars, buying the best headgear for BJJ means a long-term investment. Your headgear should last for at least a year or two. Don’t try to spare 5 dollars purchasing a cheap set of headgear.

Comfort is also an important parameter. To be able to function properly during the intense training session, you will need a BJJ headgear that is imperceptible. You needn’t feel it while you train. It has to become something you regularly put on. It mustn’t create additional pressure on your ears and head.

Have you checked all of the parameters? It is time to put everything on the piece of paper and choose the best headgear for BJJ.

Top 6 best headgears for BJJ and wrestling

#1 - Cliff Keen Tornado F5 Headgear - Maximum Protection & Maximum Comfort During Heavy Grappling Sessions

In the case you want maximum protection and maximum comfort during heavy grappling sessions, Cliff Keen Tornado Headgear is an excellent choice. This is probably the best headgear for BJJ fighters that spend hours on the mats, learning new techniques and training submissions. It could be one of the best wrestling headgear. There is a lot of contact with the opponent’s ears during takedown or throw attempts.

Review grades: 4.5 / 5


  • The chin strap is high-quality and it is adjustable. Good recommendation for fighters that have Adam’s apple.
  • It is made of very light material and it is very comfortable – you won’t even feel it when the grappling session starts.
  • The BJJ headgear has a plastic-coated foam around ears allows it to adjust to the shape of your head and ears in the split of a second.
  • A huge variety of colors and designs.
  • You will not hurt your opponents – a plastic-coated form keeps you and your opponent at the same time.
  • No effect on hearing. Good ventilation.


  • Price – it costs around 68 dollars, but when on sale, you can find it for 39 dollars. Depending on the design, you can find other models on sale for 25-45 dollars.
  • It might slip during hard training sessions, especially if you sweat a lot or have a long hair.
  • You need to tighten it up if you want to prevent slipping, which leaves additional pressure to your ears.

#2 - Cliff Keen F3 Twister Wrestling Head Gear - Protect You in Defense Training Sessions

This is probably the best wrestling headgear. It has the ability to protect you while very hard throws and the ear contact. Do you need a takedown, throw, and takedown defense training session? Cliff Keen F3 Twister Wrestling Head Gear is your perfect fit!

Review grades: 4.5 / 5


  • The headgear has a very light chin pads. It will protect your chin from itching and scratching and it is very comfortable during sparring sessions.
  • There is an additional space between your ears and headgear. No matter how much you sweat, it will not fall.
  • Nylon straps are excellent for headgear adjustment.
  • Ear protection is maximal.
  • The hearing is not affected, and the ventilation is great.
  • The material is shockproof – receiving a knee to the ear will not leave consequences.


  • It will start to move a lot after around one year of a training session.
  • The price – it costs 35-70 dollars.

#3 - Brute Youth GR-9 Headgear - A Good Combination of Price & Performances

This might easily be the best wrestling headgear when it comes to the combination of price and performances. Brute Youth GR-9 Headgear offers you good comfort and great support for a very fair price. It is excellent for cauliflower ear prevention.

Review grades: 3.8 / 5.


  • The price is only 22.75 dollars.
  • The headgear is fully adjustable. It has a 5-strap system, which means all sides of your head are covered. You can tighten it by your needs and requirements.
  • It will not hurt your partner – made of very soft material.
  • There is no hard plastic on the interior, which leaves your ears protected.
  • There is absolutely no chance of cauliflower creation if you wear it regularly.


  • There might be hearing problems during hard training sessions.
  • When the air temperature is high, it becomes very warm pretty quickly.
  • The strap on the top of the headgear is abrasive.
  • Only one design is available.

#4 - Matman Ultra Soft Wrestling Headgear – ADULT - A Perfect Choice for Beginners

This is a good choice if you are a beginner to BJJ and wrestling. Matman Ultra Soft Wrestling Headgear – ADULT is perfect for your first headgear. In the case you want regular training sessions, feel free to purchase this headgear.

Review scores: 4.0 / 5


  • Price is 21-27 dollars.
  • There are so many colors available.
  • The outside of the ear is heavily protected from impacts, while the inside is soft and extremely comfortable.
  • The straps are made of very light material.
  • It protects your head and ears even during the hardest submissions, like guillotine or D’Arce choke (please insert link).


  • The chin strap cannot be adjusted properly and has no padding. This can affect your neck and chin, so the recommendation is to install an additional pad.
  • If you have longer hair, it will slip.
  • Some stitches may pinch and create discomfort.
  • In the case your head or ears are too big, this headgear may not be a good choice.
  • There is too much space between your ear and protector, which can cause bumping during takedowns and submissions.

#5 - ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard - Great Headgear for Both Genders

It is a great headguard which is suitable for both genders. ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard is an outstanding solution for someone who asks for comfort and quality at the same time.

Review grades: 3.9 / 5


  • It has a great cushioning system for enhanced protection.
  • Forehead straps are combined with hook and loop closures.
  • Price – only 22 dollars.
  • Three designs are available.
  • Good choice if you have smaller ears.
  • It is fully adjustable.


  • It might cover your eyes during hard sparring sessions.
  • It usually doesn’t stand still when you perform sudden head position changes.
  • The straps can fray after a month or two and also irritate your skin.

#6 - Venum Ear Pads Kontact EVO - Best Headgear For BJJ Fighters Who Like to Work From Their Back

This is a great choice for the fans of black color and only two straps. Made of neoprene fabric, Venum Ear Pads Kontact EVO provides a great coverage and cauliflower ear protection. It is one of the best headgear for BJJ for fighters who like to work from their back.

Review grades: 3.8 / 5


  • There are silicon strips on the forehead and it won’t move even during the hardest slams or submission attempts.
  • The adjustment has never been easier – there are only straps under your neck and behind your head.
  • It is very light and very soft on the inside – ear protection is maximal.
  • Shock absorption is outstanding.


  • It is extremely hard to hear. There are no holes for the ear cups.
  • The strap on the bottom might create problems due to its length.
  • There is no ventilation in your ears.

Wrap it up

  • We hope you will be able to find what is the best headgear for BJJ that will fulfill your needs. Here are our top recommendations according to some qualities.
  • Beginners without special needs should try Matman Ultra Soft Wrestling Gear – ADULT. It offers a variety of colors and solid adjustment.
  • If you look for maximum protection in all aspects, Cliff Keen Tornado Headgear could be a great choice. It is currently on sale, don’t miss the opportunity!
  • When your goal is a maximum performance for the small amount of money, Brute Youth GR-9 Headgear will satisfy your needs.
  • Do you have other criteria? Write everything down and enjoy choosing the best BJJ headgear to fulfill it!

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