Top 5 Best Muay Thai Gloves in 2018 & Our reviews

August 31, 2017
best muay thai gloves


ith our dedication to helping you choose the best Muay Thai gloves which will protect your skin and maximize the training effects, we spent a huge number of hours trying to find a best Muay Thai gloves. We focused on their functionality, look, protection, durability, and price.

Top 5 Muay Thai Gloves


Best Muay Thai Gloves - Fairtex Thai Style Training Gloves BGV1
Best Muay Thai Gloves - Twins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro

Best Muay Thai Gloves - Top King Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Best Muay Thai Gloves - Ringside Apex Training Gloves Gel Sparring
Best Muay Thai Gloves - Sanabul Essential GEL Boxing Kickboxing









Genuine leather, Top Grain

Genuine leather, 3 layers

Cowskin,genuine leather

Textured synthetic leather

Engineered Leather







Fairtex is definitively the winner in this category if we consider all the performances.

If you want good quality for a small amount of money, Sanabul looks like an excellent choice.

You can read our detail analysis below.


Known as the all-around training glove, Fairtex gloves is highly suitable for all types of training sessions. Many sizes are available, which makes the choice excellent. The gloves protect your whole hand and create a tight and compact design.

The Fairtex training gloves are hand made in Thailand. There is top grain leather construction, which provides better durability.

  • Have shock-absorbing and high-density foam core.
  • Thumb safety is excellent and you will minimize the risk of injuries.
  • Provide a great comfort and control.
  • Many colors available, and many designs – even the most demanding customer may find the most suitable one.
  • Anatomically adjust to the shape of your hand, no matter your hand size.
  • Smell of the glove is different, and sometimes you will think you aren’t even using the leather gloves.
  • Excellent wrist support, very light and compact, good hand compartment.
  • There is enough padding to protect your knuckles even during the hardest hits.
  • Might not be the best choice for sparring sessions.
  • Price varies between 57-135 dollars, which makes them a bit expensive.
  • Premium models are not available.


These are excellent Muay Thai gloves suitable for all kinds of training and available in sizes 8-20 oz. Available for use in other martial arts, not just Muay Thai. You can use these gloves in any situation. Twins gloves is made of genuine leather and it offers triple layer protection. Premium models even have an air mesh.

You have all 5 types of gloves. If you are a serious professional who wants to take care of his equipment and use different sizes for different training sessions, this is your glove.

  • A variety of color schemes.
  • Premium models available.
  • Fantastic knuckle protection.
  • Excellent for sparring, competition, bag work and clinching.
  • These Twins gloves are very durable.
  • There is extra padding on wrists, which maximizes the protection.
  • Anatomical adjustment to the shape of your hand is not good.
  • The gloves are not much comfortable.
  • Thumb placement is awkward.
  • The cheapest model is around 70 dollars, but the most expensive one is 270 dollars.


Top King is a very known brand which has a multi-layered molded shock absorbing foam. It provides extra protection and padding. A level of protection is excellent with Top King gloves, too. Top King gloves was is made of cowskin leather. Additional foam padding is inserted into the wrist, too. This prevents wrist from additional movements and prevents your carpal bones, you can read my previous article about Muay Thai boxing gloves benefits.

  • This is one of the best Muay Thai gloves if you want to protect yourself and your opponent.
  • These Top King gloves has extra wrist padding and Velcro strap for additional protection.
  • The choice of colors is huge.
  • Excellent for Muay Thai sparring sessions.
  • Modern design.
  • The price justifies the quality – these gloves doesn’t cost over 120 dollars, but you can find models even under 50 dollars.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • An excellent choice for the fighters with the high guard since there is additional padding in the wrist.
  • Gloves are bulky.
  • Clinching is very hard to train, even with the lighter models.
  • If you hit a bag or pad, there is no crack.
  • Not “bounce” when you hit a heavy bag.


These are excellent gloves with non-slip secure wrist support. The full hook allows you to take the gloves off in the split of a second. There are ventilation holes in the mesh palm, which will make cleaning easier. An exclusive pre-curved molded hand compartment is a part of the glove. It maintains the natural position of your fist when striking. Ringside Apex gloves is made of textured synthetic leather material. The gloves are tested for comfort and safety during hard punching sessions. The Ringside gloves has a traditional boxing grip – the fist stands tighter while punching.

  • Good hand, knuckle, and wrist protection.
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Very cheap – models cost 25-40 dollars.
  • A variety of colors is available.
  • Good durability and comfort.
  • Additional price for shipping outside of US.
  • No premium models.
  • Not all sizes are available.
  • You cannot perform all types of training with these Ringside Apex gloves – you will scratch your opponent during clinching.


These are performance engineered with leather construction. The Sanabul gloves has gel impact protection foam. The longitudinal arch design enables the proper position of the fist while punching. It adapts to the natural curvature of the hand. Secure Velcro closure system enables to take it on or off in the split of a second. Sanabul offers a mesh palm inside of their Muay Thai gloves – it keeps your hands cooler.

  • Good ventilation of the glove.
  • High quality and durability.
  • These Sanabul gloves can anatomically adjust towards the shape of your arm.
  • There are many sizes available.
  • Almost every type of training can be done.
  • Good protection of your wrists and knuckles.
  • Excellent price – you can buy a good pair of Muay Thai gloves for 30 dollars.
  • You are limited to black color.
  • Gloves are too light if you want extremely hard punching bag sessions.
  • Gloves don’t always remain tight to the hand.

Tips For choosing the best Muay Thai gloves

When it comes to Muay Thai gloves, every good fighter needs to have them. Whether you will choose clinching, bag, sparring, training or competition gloves highly depend on your current needs. We decided to focus on each category, without favoring a manufacturer. We strictly focus on facts and benefits you may get from the gloves. Great instructions are available as above link.

What are the Advantages of this Product?

When you look for the advantages, ask for the gloves, which are made of good material. If it is made of synthetic materials or vinyl, it definitively has a worse quality than the premium glove made of lamb skin, for example.

Maximizing the protection is also an excellent choice. But, in case your gloves have an additional layer of foam padding, this could be beneficial in many ways.

The third thing you should look for is the ability to adjust anatomically to the shape of your hand. If you want comfort and success at the same time, there is a probability you will need to spend more money.

Fourth, whether you feel light in the gloves or not. If you feel light, the gloves are not made of hard materials.

Other things can be under section five. For example, glove size, brand name… anything additional!

Things to look

One of the most important things you need to focus on is the manufacturer. A country of origin should be Thailand if you want cheaper glove and high quality. Stay away from India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. North America is ok, but you will need more money.

The purpose is also an important thing. There are five types of gloves, as described. Our recommendation is lace up gloves if you want better performances. But sometimes you need to buy gloves made of cheaper material.

The design is also very important. If you want a best Muay Thai gloves which is wider in the area of the hand, maybe Top King is your choice. However, if you want something tighter at your fingers, choosing a Twins is beneficial.

Is it a premium style or not? A glove which is premium style has additional protection, better feel, and better look. It will cost 10-40 dollars more, but you will not be disappointed.

Colors and patterns are not about functionality, but about whether it will attract more customers or not. Better brands usually offer more colors and patterns. Decorations can also be a part of some gloves… it costs more money, of course!

Ask what a manufacturer says about the durability of the glove. If you need a training session glove, this is a big plus.

What’s the best way to check if the muay thai gloves is good?

It purely depends on your intentions and what you want to achieve.

  • If you want to punch hard, you should hope there is a bag in the store.
  • If you want clinching gloves, check if it will scratch opponent’s neck, try clinching up with your friend and take a look at his neck.
  • Try to scrape the skin out of the glove with your nails. If it scrapes, avoid the glove.
  • Try to hit yourself in the head. If the glove is thick, and you feel the light hit as a hard one, stay away from it.
  • Check if the glove has holes on the palmar side of your hand. If the answer is yes, this will enable the gloves to ventilate better and release the unpleasant smell quicker.
  • If you keep your glove in dry place, which is not too hot or too cold, you can increase its durability and performances.
  • Change your gloves regularly for a different type of training session. I use clinching gloves for speed bag and clinching only. When it comes to a heavy bag, my choice is 16oz gloves. When I want to spar, I have other gloves which will protect me and my opponent.
  • It is not recommended to wash your gloves since it will affect the quality of the material. And do not use a softener, if you really have to, wash in clear cold water! After each training session, you must put them on the balcony to ventilate. If it is too hot outside, you can always put them in the cooler. If it is winter and low temperatures, you shouldn’t face many problems.

Keep in mind that our advice is not final. Remember, you are a unit for yourself. Maybe your favorite fighter is Cyrus Washington and you want similar gloves like him. Maybe you don’t care about the price, quality or protection. Maybe you are a very simple guy who wants to train with regular Muay Thai gloves. Maybe you are someone who is ready to invest and become a champion. When you read our product review list, ask yourself two questions – do you agree with our recommendations and do we have the similar ways of view?


We have given you some advice and recommendation to help you find the best Muay Thai gloves.

If you want to buy an excellent pair of best Muay Thai gloves and never think of price and quality, a trip to Thailand may be very useful. You can always buy boxing gloves, but you won’t be able to train every aspect of fighting.

The budget is definitively a critical factor. We recommend buying few types of gloves for different training requirements. You can roughly obtain two pairs of Muay Thai gloves for one pair of boxing gloves. Good luck with your choice!

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