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April 24, 2018

With our dedication to helping you choose the best speed bag, we focused on the ones which can make a lightning fast fighter out of you. We focused on their functionality, material, filling, weight, price, and durability. However, you can train both speeds of the head punches and body punches with double end bags – think about your training requirements properly. Do you want to strike the head quickly or you want the combination of body and head punches?

How to choose the Best speed bag

First of all, you must know there are two types – speed bags and double-end bags. While double-end bags can be used for strength and endurance combined with speed, speed bags are strictly used for quick strikes, speed, timing, and coordination.

The best criterion is weight. If we exclude double-end bag, the best speed bag has to be very light, possibly not heavier than 3 pounds. You need something that moves quickly. You need something that will trigger the signal from your brain in the shortest time possible. If the bag is lighter, you will have to react faster.

The second thing is the shape. Is it pear shaped or bladder shaped? Different types of punches can be trained. While the pear shaped speed bag is suitable for jabs and crosses, bladder shaped bag is suitable for hooks and elbows too. The double end bag enables you to connect to the head, to the body, and to use a variety of punches, knees, and elbows – all sorts of quick strikes.

The third very important thing is whether the bag has a platform of not. Some speed bags, like Valor Fitness, come with an excellent platform which can easily be installed. The platform will cost more money, but it will save your time and problems if you want to train outside.

What are the advantages of this type of product?

The biggest advantage of the speed bags is the quickness you may obtain. You will be in the situation to punch three, four, five or even more times per second if you train on a light speed bag. Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao probably has the fastest punches in the world. What do you think, how many training sessions on the best speed bag did he have? You can even train elbows if you are a pro.

The second advantage is a possibility to train movement and cardio at the same time. This will simulate realistic fight conditions. You must be light on your feet while connecting punches. Not only your punches will be quick as lighting, but your movement will improve and your stamina will grow!

The third thing is mobility. Speed bags are very light and you can carry them all the way with yourself. You may want to perform a training session in the forest, you can carry it in the bag, it is very light and mobile. Platforms are not heavy too. When it comes to double end bag, it is suitable for the gym, but you can also hold it on the ground next to the wall and train quick low kicks.

Best Speed Bag - Speed Bags Workout

And the final advantage is the fact you don’t need a lot of space to set it up at all. All you need to install the bag is 2 square meters. You can even install it in the corner of your bedroom.

Things To Look

Boxer's Using Speed Bags in Training

Basically, speed bags usually don’t last too much. It goes forward and backward all the time and it is very light, so you will have to take a look whether it is used or not. When it comes to the double end bag, you must look if it has damages in the middle part. Just look carefully if all the stitches have no damage. Take a look whether it scrapes you or not when you pass with the palmar side of your hand over it.

When it comes to the price, you should be able to purchase a good one for 40 dollars or more. Bladder shaped bags are cheaper.

The brand makes a difference only when it comes to the price. Cleto Reyes, Everlast, and BalazsLazer are currently the leading manufacturers. Their quality will not lack, but you will have to spend more money.

The fourth tip is the shape, material, and stitching. You need the best speed bag which has a pure pear shape, without unnecessary curves and bulging. Better models usually fulfill this criterion. When it comes to the material it should be made of high-quality leather if you want it to last. And make sure it is at least double stitched.

The last thing – the date of manufacture. Do not purchase it if it stands for more than one year after the date of manufacture!

Top 7 Muay Thay Speed Bags

#1. Tripact Boxing Training Speed Bag (SE650B)

It is a great product made by Tripact Inc. The product includes one red/black mixed color product, which will enable you to stay active and improve your punching performances.

  • The bag weighs 5 pounds, which makes it the perfect one for beginners.
  • Very cheap, it costs only 22 dollars on sale, and the real price is only 44 dollars.
  • It is made of excellent quality to withstand the strongest punches and hits. You can even perform the high roundhouse kick, the bag will not crack.
  • Good balance and recoveries.
  • The bag comes in the package with the mounting plate.
  • Expert assembly option is available.
  • Free shipping
  • If you are a pro, you will probably need an easier one.

#2. Cleto Reyes Speed Striking Leather Bag

An amazing product from Cleto Reyes, one of the leading manufacturer in the world of boxing gloves and speed bags. The speed bag is excellent for reflex and hand speed training sessions. Made of leather.

  • This bag is ultralight – only 0,6 lbs.
  • There are two sizes available – smaller for professionals and bigger for beginners.
  • Tough nylon lining.
  • Expert assembly is available.
  • The bag can bounce extremely fast.
  • Quite expensive, the price is around 80 dollars.

#3. Rival Next Generation Speed Bag

This is super-fast, precision balanced made speed bag. It is crafted of high-quality leather. Rival Boxing Speed Bag really did a great job with this product.

  • This bag has triple stitched seams, and double welded loop – it provides high durability and world class performances.
  • The bag has a butyl rubber bladder for faster rebounds.
  • Not heavy and the balance is excellent.
  • Free shipping.
  • The design is too classic.

#4. Balazs Lazer Speed Bag

A high-quality product from Balazs Lazer. The bag is made of smooth grained leather and has no laces and no welding. The smooth grained leather is smooth on your hands, but not slippery.

  • There are various sizes of the speed bag.
  • Perfect balance – no fill valves conveniently stuck in a piece of a side panel. There is no chance this bag will wobble.
  • The air chamber never poops and never needs to be replaced.
  • The bag has Kevlar triple stitched loop – you cannot find the bag with better balance when hitting it.
  • Excellent for beginners, intermediates, and experts.
  • It weighs only 2 pounds.
  • Very durable.
  • The bag cost around 80$.

#5. Everlast Boxing Elite Leather Speed Bag

The bag is made of top grade leather. Everlast made a fantastic product which bounces properly and enables high-quality training sessions.

  • This bag has welted seams and reinforced lacing for better durability.
  • It costs only 43 dollars when on sale.
  • Expert assembly option is available.
  • Perfectly shaped and there will be no wobbling.
  • The bag keeps its shape, no matter how hard you hit.
  • Very modern design.
  • The bag is not double stitched.
  • Stitches on top of the bag may hurt your knuckles if you miss.

#6. Title Classic Speed Bag

This is a classic style speed bag, very suitable for the fans of the 80s and “Rocky” series. If you like classic style and you cannot forget the 70s, 80s, and 90s; Title Classic Speed Bag is the best choice for you.

  • This bag is made of very light leather and it is super fast.
  • It costs only 30 dollars.
  • The quality is outstanding.
  • Old school style.
  • The bag is triple stitched, you can throw high kicks and spinning kicks and the bag can handle all the strikes.
  • The bag needn’t be inflated frequently.
  • Has an amazing balance no matter how quick you punch.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Title logo is stitched on the bag’s surface – you can hurt your knuckles.
  • Shipping is not free.

#7. Combat Sports Double-End Bag

Many will say this is a heavy bag. But no! This is double-end bag. It can be used as a speed bag, especially since it is not heavily filled. Combat Sports made a perfect tool to combine kicks, punches, and knees as quick strikes.

  • You can obtain all types of quick strikes, you can even train clinching.
  • Perfectly shaped for speed – the hole in the middle simulates ribs, and the wider areas simulate stomach and head – very realistic speed training.
  • Expert assembly is available.
  • There are reinforced nylon straps and double-end attachment – extremely durable.
  • The bag sways never mind if you connect quick strikes or strong strikes. You will have an amazing training session.
  • Even on sale, the bag costs 132 dollars.
  • You may scrape your hands on the middle part of the bag.

Our Recommendations

Creating lighting speed punches is never an easy task at all. You need to train hard and to obtain the best speed bag for your budget. If you want to create quick hands like these MMA stars, you should think about our recommendations.

Everlast Speed Bag is a great combination of design and durability for an acceptable amount of money. You will get top performances.

Balazs Lazer Speed Bag has all sizes available. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, your training sessions will be adjusted towards your level of knowledge. And you will get a high-quality, of course!

If you are a fan of a classic style, try Title Classic Speed Bag. This is the best speed bag for classic fans.

If you want to train like a pro, Cleto Reyes is a great choice for you. This speed bag is extremely light and your hands will explode after few training sessions!

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