BJJ knee pads – 2018 top picks and reviews


hen you want to train BJJ professionally, the first thing you need to think about is – an injury. There are many positions where you simply have to slide and roll on your knees to attempt or avoid submissions. Maybe the best thing you can do is protect this at all costs. Why would you risk tears, scrapes, bleeding, and bruises? Even in MMA, a huge part of the fight develops on the ground. Your gi doesn’t provide sufficient protection! Let your career last and purchase a good set of BJJ knee pads!

In many cases, fighters carry BJJ knee pads only if they rehab after an injury. But there are so many benefits BJJ knee pads can provide. There are various situations where your knees are at risk. If you end up hurting yourself, you might have to make a break for a few weeks or months. Especially when the opponent throws you down and you end up falling on your knees! Wearing good BJJ knee pads helps you perform transitions in an easier way. Are you on the edge of the ring? You will also have higher chances of hurting yourself. Training sessions are more enjoyable with knee pads! You will have to crawl or perform explosive exercises as a part of strength and conditioning program. Think of your safety!

Things to consider when buying BJJ knee pads

There are many things which mustn’t be overseen. A good choice for your BJJ knee pads will help you become a superstar in a shorter amount of time. You can place your guards under your gi. Nobody will even know you think like a pro!

This tutorial shows how you should wear your BJJ knee pads.

Here is the list of the most important things you need to pay attention to:

  • Price – usually, 40-45 dollars should be enough. However, high-quality BJJ knee pads require more money.
  • Comfort – at the first place, it might be irritable. It mustn’t limit your movements. A good BJJ knee pad shouldn’t cut your legs. You must be able to fully extend your knees.
  • Size – never choose too tight one. Your knee pad mustn’t be too loose. Pulling it up all the time means it is too wide. It can distract you from a training session.
  • Protection level – a fighter who had no injury usually chooses good wrap, but less padding. A fighter who recovers from injury mostly chooses more padding.
  • Length – will it protect your knee cap only or it covers the upper part of your shins too? The longer knee pad provides better protection.
  • Weight – lightweight is excellent for transition movements, but a harder one provides a higher amount of protection.
  • Material – neoprene fabric, integrated fabric and foam and inner terry-loop fabric should be the best combinations.
  • Individual features – maybe you dislike the light one? Maybe you look for the specific color? Don’t you want neoprene fabric? Make your choice – people are different.

Top 5 product reviews

We dedicated our time to choose the best BJJ knee pads which will fully satisfy these eight criteria. Our choices are made considering the needs of the high-quality and successful BJJ fighter.

1. ASICS Unisex Wrestling Knee Pad

You might be a fan of a single knee pad. Despite you will have to buy two separated BJJ knee pads if you pick this model, the quality and performances of ASICS Unisex Wrestling Knee Pad remain outstanding.

Review grades: 3.8/5

Editor points:

  • Quality grade – 4.8/5
  • Cost grade – 5/5


  • Made of reversible neoprene material.
  • The price is 6.50-28.44 dollars, which sounds acceptable.
  • The knee pad offers EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) padding. Also known as expanded rubber or foam rubber, it is a waterproof material that maximizes the protection of your knees.
  • GEL cushioning system maximizes the protection on the ground.
  • Two color combinations are available.
  • It weighs one pound – very light.
  • Four sizes are available.
  • Good protection of the top part of your shin during transitions.


  • It is not sold in pairs.
  • No international shipping.

2. Cliff Keen The Wraptor 2.0 Lycra Knee Pad

Cliff Keen The Wraptor 2.0 Lycra Knee Pad offers so many various sizes. Have no worries, even the most demanding buyer can purchase the suitable BJJ knee pads!

Review grades: 3.8/5

Editor points:

  • Quality grade – 4.5/5
  • Cost grade – 4.5/5


  • World-class variety of sizes.
  • International shipping is possible.
  • It has the newest technology for advanced protection of your knee. No matter which kind of transition you try, bruising and scratches are history.
  • Easy to put on and off.
  • It covers your knees and upper shin properly.


  • The price is 18-96 dollars – way too expensive for a single knee pad.
  • Only black color is available.
  • Ventilation is critical, you will have to wash it after 2-3 training sessions.
  • It is not sold as a pair.

3. Ring to Cage Grappling slide-fit knee pads
for MMA, Kickboxing, stand up

Ring to Cage Grappling slide-fit knee pads is an awesome choice for a fighter who has less money in his wallet. The quality is good, and your knees will definitively be protected.

Review grades: 3.7/5

Editor points:

  • Quality grade – 4.3/5
  • Cost grade – 4.8/5


  • Four sizes available.
  • The price is 30 dollars, but when on sale, it costs only 18 dollars.
  • It offers molded padding, which enables better shock absorption.
  • It is sold in pairs.
  • Good durability.


  • The upper part of your shin might feel non-comfortable while you kneel.
  • Transitions might be difficult since it cannot anatomically adjust to the shape of your leg.
  • It might be too tight on the sides.

4. Venum "Kontact" Lycra/Gel Knee Pads (editor’s choice)

Are you a BJJ practitioner who has a bit more money? Don’t hesitate to purchase this product. Venum “Kontact” Lycra/Gel Knee Pads is definitively the best choice for the ones who previously had an injury. The price is 18-89 dollars, depending on the model. The product is worth of every cent.

Review grades: 3.6/5

Editor points:

  • Quality grade – 5/5
  • Cost grade – 4.9/5


  • Four sizes available.
  • Made of inner terry-loop fabric – maximum protection and shock absorption.
  • It has air vent-holes – the breathability is outstanding.
  • It may anatomically adjust to the shape of your leg.
  • Good durability.
  • World-class injury protection. An opponent can throw you on your knees and you will feel nothing.
  • Five color designs are available.


  • International shipping is not available.
  • The product is not lightweight.
  • The knee pad might limit mobility during the first month of use.

5. Venum "Kontact Evo" Knee Pads

Venum “Kontact Evo” Knee Pads are made of high-quality material. It is made to last and provides comfort during the hardest training sessions.

Review grades: 3.4/5

Editor points:

  • Quality grade – 4.8/5
  • Cost grade – 4.8/5


  • The price is 34-38 dollars.
  • Made of neoprene and very comfortable – good flexibility and stability are the main features of this knee pad. It will stand still, no matter what you do.
  • It has flexible mesh, which affects excellent ventilation.
  • High-density foam is present – excellent protection for your knees.
  • Lightweight design.
  • It might anatomically adjust to the shape of your knee.
  • Interior lining is smooth and soft – you can forget about itching and scratching.
  • It protects the upper part of your shin well.


  • Only three sizes are available, it is hard to find a proper fit.
  • No international shipping.
  • Only black color is available.

Wrap It Up

BJJ knee pads are a very important part of a successful fighter. Nevermind whether you compete in MMA, BJJ, grappling, you should do anything to lengthen your career. There will be less pain in your knees and you will not have so many injuries. Your training sessions will never be a nightmare anymore!

If you previously had an injury and you need maximum protection and tons of details, Venum “Kontact” Lycra/Gel Knee Pads sounds like an amazing choice. Your knees will be protected heavily. Among all bjj knee pads, this one is the editor’s choice – it offers maximum injury protection, safe training sessions, various designs, and affordable price.

Ring to Cage Grappling slide-fit knee pads offers cheaper, but a quality solution. This product will last.

Cliff Keen The Wraptor 2.0 Lycra Knee Pad is definitively the best for the fighters who look for the slightest detail when it comes to size. Don’t worry, it will fit!

Venum “Kontact Evo” Knee Pads offer the best value. It is not expensive, and it will not move, no matter how hard your training sessions are. It offers enjoyable training sessions, without bruising. Neoprene is the most comfortable material, so try this out if you really want to enjoy becoming a superstar!

Are you looking for light BJJ knee pads which are lightweight, not expensive, and protect your legs properly? Pick ASICS Unisex Wrestling Knee Pad!

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