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Taking up the Cane: Basic Skills in Arnis

basic skills in arnis

Modern Arnis is a powerful stick fighting art from the Philippines. The hallmark of this amazing style is the fluid stick and empty hand techniques that make practitioners so fast and effective. Hopefully this article will start to give you the basic skills in Arnis to start working towards the speed and fluidity to call […]

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The secrets of the Arnis Low Kick

arnis low kick

Kicks have a great significance in most martial arts and especially in the Filipino Arnis. Warriors use kicks in coordination with the other moves and punches to deliver damage to their opponent’s body. They complement the action of fierce weapons that are used in different martial arts. While the enemy’s attention would be mostly focused […]

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How to Master The Arnis Round Kick

arnis round kick

Spend time on practicing the Arnis round kick follow this guide, you will be able to see how your technique will improve and become more efficient. arnis round kick post The world of martial arts is vast and full of secret weapons. The real strength of the Arnis or Eskrima lies in the body of […]

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Silat Harimau: Art of Fighting Based on The Tiger

Kali vs Silat - Silat Harimau

Martial arts are special and sacred forms of sports that have been popular for long centuries. They represent the best combination between mental, physical and emotional balance. The proper practice of martial requires achieving this kind of balance through practice and devotion. These sports have ancient roots that relate to rich civilizations that wondered about […]

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