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8 tips for choosing a good Judo Gi

October 1, 2017

Buying judo gi can sometimes be a very confusing experience. There are so many parameters you need to pay attention to. Your brain can hurt when it comes to such amount of info. The goal of our buying guide is to make the choice easier. We are trying to help you find the best judo […]

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Arm Drag (Part 3) – What Next? 9 Follow Up Options

July 23, 2017
arm drag to back

Arm Drag: What Next?“How, exactly, is it done, and what does it accomplish? Are there exercises to improve my arm drag? What do I do after the arm drag?” Quick Navigation Arm Drag: What Next?HyperextensionForward SweepDouble Leg TakedownInside Trip (Kouchi Gake)D’Arce ChokeSweep from GuardRear Naked ChokeStriking Targets from the BackUse Opponent as a ShieldConclusion Hyperextension […]

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Arm Drag Wrestling (part 2) – 4 Basic Exercises

July 23, 2017
arm drag wrestling

Some basic arm drag wrestling exercisesIn my training, I have noticed the prevalence of the armdrag used in setting up various techniques. Rarely, though, have I received detailed instruction on the arm drag wrestling itself. I got curious about its details and did some research. Then, I asked myself, “How, exactly, is it done, and […]

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Boosting Your Training With Uchikomi

July 14, 2017

Uchikomi, is an exercise that no serious Judoka should ignore. Everyone is always looking for an edge. Therefore, we train with the most advanced methods that science has to offer (or that we can afford). From Crossfit to computerized dieting plans, training in the martial arts has changed over the years. What if I told […]

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Osoto Gari: Not Exactly What It Seems

O soto gari

Osoto gari, stick to the basics! That’s something any sports coach would say. In martial arts this is just as important as in any other sport. Judo in particular requires you to have a strong understanding of its fundamentals before you can move on. There’s no skipping allowed here. As one of the original 40 […]

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The Sneaky Sumi Gaeshi

June 12, 2017
Sumi Gaeshi

The Sneaky Sumi GaeshiWe all get taken down. Even the best judokas end up on their backs. Not once, but hundreds of times. The only thing you can do to prevent it is ready yourself. Build an arsenal of complimentary techniques that you can use to threaten your opponent to keep him at bay. And […]

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Kata Guruma: Badly Treated & Abandoned

Kata Guruma Fiesta de la cultura japonesa

Judo can be dumb. Or rather people can be dumb, Judo is awesome. There is no better technique to display this fact than kata guruma. This is one of the original 40 throws of Judo as determined by Jigorō Kanō. Let’s get into this ‘controversial’ technique and see what makes it tick. What Is ItKata […]

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