Top Fashion Female Groin Cup to Protect Sensitive Area

July 3, 2018
Female Groin Cup

You won’t believe how many coaches I have heard saying she is a female, who cares about female groin cup. You can let her compete without it, she won’t be having consequences, the glands are on the inside. I will tell you immediately – do not listen to the lunatics! Maybe this sounds rude but is a ten-year-old child guilty cause a coach is obsessed with a result, neglecting protection and medical health in the first place?

Females feel the groin kick, especially if they are in the menstrual cycle. And the sensitivity is increased during first 5-7 days. It decreases over the next 10-12 days, and it is the smallest at the end of the cycle. But this doesn’t mean female groin cup is an unnecessary part of the Muay Thai training equipment!

Do not listen to the old-style coaches. Female groin cup is non-negotiable part of the muay thai equipment, and the health and safety are in the first place for everybody!

If a female fighter is hit in the groin during risky periods of the cycle, it might even have riskier consequences than males groin protector. Female groin guard is adjusted towards the anatomy of the woman, which will be explained in the following chapter. After viewing this video, you will see that even an accidental contact with the groins might hurt like hell!

Female Reproductive Organs - Anatomy

The female reproductive system is a lot more complicated than you initially taught. Many coaches think only what they see on the outside might be affected by the low blow. But this is the most critical error they are making over and over!

The female groin cup can protect many visits to a doctor and the problems in the later age, especially when menopause appears. Female reproductive organs can be divided into internal and external ones.

Women internal reproductive organs include vagina, cervix, uterus, uterine tubes, and ovaries. The most dangerous complications that might appear here are a slower production of egg cells, pregnancy problems, spontaneous abortion, internal bleeding, ectopic pregnancy… Are lousy 40 dollars for female groin cup worth of it?

External organs are visible to the naked eye. The most dangerous ones for fighters are clitoris, labia major and minor, greater vestibular glands, Skene glands, and urethral meatus. A low blow to the clitoris or labia major and minor might cause the loss of neural sensation or extreme pain. It means, in the worst-case scenario, a female fighter might become sexually non-sensitive. If glands are hit, it might lead to infertility, or impossibility to produce egg cells. Menopause might appear earlier. On the other hand, the urethral area might become critical and more susceptible to infections, especially during the first seven days of the menstrual cycle.

The possible scenarios in the fight are much similar to male low blows – stomach pain, rolling over and over, surgery, or a possibility to continue the fight if the blow was delivered outside of clitoris and labia minor or major area. But bleeding is the worst-case scenario – it means women equally need female groin cup, or even more!

Think about your health on time! A good and educated coach knows the dangers and he will never let you go fight without a female groin cup, even during training sessions!

Female Groin Cup – Top 4 Product Reviews

We introduced to the groin guard types and the most important criteria to choose. We will present you top 4 models which will enable the maximum protection of your groins.

#1. Material, Comfort/Fit, Protection Level

Of course, the bulletproof polycarbonate is the best on the market. However, some other materials might also come in handy – artificial leather, or a durable vinyl. When it comes to the protection level, female groin cup needn’t be that wide, but it must protect the area above the vagina well. The groin guard needs to follow your movements and remain stable for maximum comfort and fit. It also shouldn’t blink.

The best in the class when it comes to material and protection level is definitively Lo Bloo Aeroslim professional female pelvic protection/groin guard/athletic cup. It is made of bulletproof polycarbonate, it is very mobile, lightweight, with world-class ergonomics. It remains centered and stable, and it is also imperceptible during Muay Thai kick, and it will protect your reproductive organs for life. It is very easy for maintenance. International shipping is possible.

Unfortunately, the good thing always costs. Its price is 38-70 dollars, which means it is mid-to-high price female groin cup. It is also harder than the other groin guards. But an additional protection is worth of every cent!

Lo Bloo Aeroslim Professional Female Pelvic Protection
Best Female Groin Cup - Lo Bloo Aeroslim Professional Female Pelvic Protection

#2. Size

The size king title definitively goes to Martial Arts Land. It offers 6 sizes, so even the most demanding female fighter, from a small girl to heavyweight senior, might find a suitable one. This female groin cup has thick straps installed, which are used for a snug fit. So you have the ability to set the level of tightness, which should have a positive effect on comfort. It is also an extremely cheap one – it costs 3.50 to 16 dollars. International shipping is possible.

Unfortunately, it is not made of a bulletproof material. It gives you a decent protection though. It could also be a bit wider. Protection of the clitoris and labia minor and major area might also be a critical option.

Martial Art Lands Female Groin Guard
Best Female Groin Cup - Martial Art Lands Female Groin Guard

#3. Mobility, Price/Quality Ratio

If you use a lot of high kicks, you will need a female groin cup with supreme mobility. This is when you should choose Jili Online Women Crotch Guard Groin Protector. This is primarily a Taekwondo groin guard, but take a look how many high kicks are used in a Taekwondo fight. You won’t have to think about mobility at all. It is also a comfortable protector since it has high-density foam inside. High-density elastic straps will enable to tighten it or lose it, according to your needs. International shipping is possible.

It also offers four sizes, so chances of finding a suitable one are good. It also costs 11-17 dollars, which means this is the best price/quality ratio. You will get a very comfortable and mobile protector for a relatively small amount of money.

Jili Online Women Crotch Guard Groin Protector
Best Female Groin Cup - Jili Online Women Crotch Guard Groin Protector

There are two bad sides. It is made of artificial leather, which is not bulletproof. It still means a good but not maximum level of protection. It is also a bit too narrow in the clitoris and labia major and minor area, which might be non-suitable for knees or shin kicks.

Wrap It Up

A stereotype of many old-school coaches has to be forgotten immediately! Female competitors must be aware of their reproductive organs just as the male ones.

Definitively the best female groin cup in the market is Lo Bloo Aeroslim professional female pelvic protection/groin guard/athletic cup. You will get superb protection, bulletproof material, and decent comfort if you are ready to invest more money.

For those who had size issues, Martial Arts Land offers 6 sizes! And it is the cheapest in the market!

But when your budget is tight, and you want maximum quality for low price, choose Jili Online Women Crotch Guard Groin Protector. You will also be rewarded with a supreme level of mobility!


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