Smaller opponent controls the match, let’s try harai goshi

harai goshi

Almost everyone had an opportunity to fight versus a fighter who is a lot smaller than him. In Judo, height needn’t mean anything.

Smaller opponents generally have a lower center of gravity and they are extremely stable. It leaves them vulnerable to hip or neck throws, but you need to be warned. When it comes to tomoe nage (insert link) or any gari technique, smaller fighters definitively have an advantage. It is a lot easier for them to kick you out of balance or perform a throw if their arms are going to the level of your belt.

So what would you do if a smaller opponent controls the match? The answer is simple – harai goshi! Use his neck against him and show him who the boss is!

This is an attacking technique by its nature.

What Is Harai Goshi?

Harai goshi is also one of Jigoro Kano’s throws. Known as sweeping hip throw and hip sweep, it can be seen in wrestling, Sambo, Sanshou, and UFC. In the world of mixed martial arts, this is an awesome way to surprise a wrestler who constantly clinches up with you if you stand in the same stance.

The idea of this throw is not to go hard. You should basically focus on using the error of your opponent against him. Unlike other throws, there is no need to squat here at all. You should just control your opponent and lift him off the ground on your hip and perform the throw. That is the reason why harai goshi is very often used if the height differential is bigger than 4 inches.

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