How to Choose a Good Set of Muay Thai Gloves

August 24, 2017
Choosing the best Muay Thai gloves is very important in Muay, which will fulfill provide pleasure & result at the same time? Keep reading & understand more!

How To Choose a Muay Thai Gloves

Many fighters have significant problems when it comes to the choice of the gloves. Technically, it is very difficult to say which glove is the best one. Every fighter is a unit for himself. For example, a fighter maybe dislikes the yellow color. Despite Top King may be one of the best models, the fighter can simply disagree. Individuality has to be respected when it comes to the choice of the Muay Thai gloves.

There are few criteria that you need to reconsider before buying your Muay Thai gloves:

  • Price
  • Brand and country of origin
  • Store or online shopping
  • Quality of materials used
  • Purpose and size of the glove
  • Premium or not
  • Color and style
  • Individual needs
  • What do you specifically ask

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Of course, this is the most limiting factor to anybody. You may want the best gloves in the world, but your financial situation doesn’t allow. So the best choice is to find an excellent solution with the money in your pocket.

  • If you want a really good glove which will protect you at all costs and maximize your performances, you should be ready to spend at least 70 dollars or more. The better the quality of the glove, the price is higher.
  • If you want specifically Muay Thai gloves, the best choice is if you can go to visit Thailand as a tourist. When you visit wholesale stores in Thailand, you may find excellent and original gloves for very small prices. However, the trip to Thailand is not cheap. Therefore, you should plan to visit it as a tourist, think about obtaining a pair of gloves or even two or three pairs.

Some brands which are good, and can be found for 70-90 dollars are: Top King, Fairtex, Twins, Venum or Title… The country of origin is always cheaper. Basic version usually doesn’t exceed 90 dollars. If you want high-quality glove, you will have to spend few hundred dollars.

Brand and Country of Origin

You know what is in the sub-conscience of a fighter? My favorite fighter carries these Muay Thai gloves, I must have the same ones! If you ask for a brand, the glove needn’t be better. It can be more expensive because of the brand name!

If you purchase gloves from India and Pakistan, a price is cheaper, but the quality is worse. The best choice is buying Thai brands – Top King, Twins, Fairtex, Sandee… Thaismai gloves don’t cost much, but they offer a medium quality. It is usually cheaper than the brand which you would purchase in North America. The best choice is finding Muay Thai gloves which are made in Thailand – you will get excellent quality for less money.

Store or online shopping

When you go to the store, you have one big advantage – you can try the gloves and feel it. Especially, in case, you buy used gloves, you simply can’t know how the previous owner took care of it. If it fits your hand, bingo! You can even try to punch a bag or a mitt and see how it works. So, the best choice is to buy new gloves in the store.

However, the gloves are more expensive in the store. If you want to risk, you have a great offer on Amazon. Check carefully and you will have the quality and brand fulfill your expectations.

Quality of materials used

The most common material is vinyl (synthetic leather) or genuine leather. The inner part of the glove is usually created of foam padding. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Our recommendation is to try synthetic leather gloves since it adjusts to the shape of your arm easier.

There are some gloves made from more expensive materials, like lamb skin. The more money you have, you will be able to obtain better material. If the glove is cheaper, the material is cheaper too. But this needn’t mean the glove is worse, especially if made in Thailand.

Purpose and size of the glove

Do you buy training, competition, clinch, bag or sparring gloves? Usually, the thicker glove costs more money if the same manufacturer makes it.

  • Generally, 8-10 oz gloves are excellent for bag drills or clinching. Be aware that the glove which provides more protection requires (for example, it prevents neck injury of the opponent) costs more money.
  • If you are a middleweight, 12-14 oz gloves can do the job. There is one rule here too – a glove that fits the shape of your hand better costs more money.
  • If you want to spar, the best choice is 16-20 oz gloves.
  • Usually, 20 oz gloves are the most expensive ones. The protection those gloves provide is amazing. But there is one more benefit – you can perform strength training while hitting the heavy bag!

Premium or not

I know this sounds very strange, but this is a very important feature. Almost every glove brand has:

  • Entry model
  • Regular model
  • Premium model

Premium models have some additional features like design, more protection, logos, better shock absorption, better straps, better angular design, better grip, better hand shape adjusting, breathable mesh…

Every premium model will require more money, but it usually fulfills your expectations. For example, an additional breathable mesh protects you more and affects the hygiene of the glove better. If the angular design is better, the glove will provide more quality and it affects positively on the hand shape adjusting. Many models have the premium version.

Color and style – individual needs

Fairtex Muay Thai Gloves - Variations of Color and Style

Fairtex Muay Thai Gloves - Variations of Color and Style. Source: Amazon

If you are a very original person or someone with special requirements, this is your area of interest!

Some gloves can be the same like regular models, some of them can be more expensive. But because of the design only! If you buy regular colors like black, red, orange or blue, almost every manufacturer has it. Even worse brands! But if you want fancier models, Top King, Twins, and Fairtex offer more fancy colors.

But you needn’t be related to the model! What if you want a dragon logo? What if your favorite color is green? You will rarely see green gloves, but everything is possible! You can always order online or in the shop. If you have enough money, everything is possible!

Some fighters were having different gloves as their trademark. Some even write their name on the gloves. For example, Twins has the model of green gloves, but you can order a custom to be made too. Here is one more example of different gloves. Let your creativity develop!

What do you specifically ask?

The last, and maybe the most important parameter.

Do you want to train for a short period of time? Do you want to become a professional? Do you want everybody spots your shiny gloves? Do you want to spar regularly? Are you a fan of Ramon Dekkers? Do you want to train clinching or to focus on a heavy bag and heat hardiness? What is your fighting style?

We could ask many more questions, but make sure you answer these ones. You will surely be able to determine which gloves are the most suitable for your needs!

Remember, nobody knows you like yourself!

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