Kris Sword – The Symbol of Heroism & Martial Prowess

September 6, 2018

Eskrima is a perfect combination of using your body and the most appropriate weapons. And you should know, Kris sword is one of the most popular Eskrima weapons. It was traditionally used by Yakan and Samal warriors to inflict the maximum amount of damage. As a matter of fact, today it is used in professional fights and in training sessions.

Kris sword - Balinese Kris display

Balinese Kris display. Source: Wiki

Kris is an asymmetrical dagger that has a distinctive blade pattern. This incredible sword is strongly associated with the culture of Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. Some of the most popular Kris swords have wavy blades. On the other hand, some of them have straight blades. Today, a Kris doubles as a dagger and as a sword with double blades for twice the pain.

Some of the earliest Kris models can be traced back to the bronze culture in Vietnam. After that, this popular weapon started to travel throughout Southeast Asia. Every time it did, it came with a new variation. Some people believe that this ancient weapon was originally based on Indian daggers. This belief is supported by the images found on Prambanan temple.

How did the Kris evolve?

Ancient warriors of Southeast Asia were all familiar with this deadly weapon. Over the years, warriors and manufacturers added a few features to make this fatal sword more deadly. The development mainly took place in the Kingdom of Java then travelled to other regions like Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia.

Kris Sword depicted on Borobudur bas-relief

Kris Sword depicted on Borobudur bas-relief. Source: Wiki

At the beginning, most of the weapons had rather straight blades. As the years went by, warriors found out that a curved blade will inflict a greater deal of damage.

Warriors used to carry their swords as secondary weapons since they usually had more than one deadly knife. However, commoners used to carry Kris as the sole and primary weapon for self-defense. They even wore their blades for ceremonies and festivals. In times of peace, people decorated Kris with precious stones. Due to the emotional value of this amazing sword, it was usually passed down through generations. People also wore Krisses for weddings and religious events. In my opinion, this is one of the many reasons why warriors have so much appreciation and respect for this traditional weapon.

Kris sword - Dance performance with kris-wielding dancers

Dance performance with kris-wielding dancers in Bali

Today, Kris still retains its value especially in the Javanese culture. Over the past few decades, the industry has hit a halt due to the changes in the culture and the economy. But recently, a lot of experts have been keen on reviving an old tradition. Ultimately, this helped to bring the industry of Kris to its glorious status.

Cultural impact of Kris

Kris sword's cultural impacts

Kris blades were honorable and this is why they were passed down from one generation to another. Men and women both wore their swords to battle and to special ceremonies. Women basically wore shorter blades. Since the culture has a huge respect for the weapon, it has been strongly associated with magical powers and as an indicator for social status.

In the Javanese culture, Kris is believed to give its holder extra power and strength. Grandparents used Krisses to pass on their bravery and glory to new warriors. Traditionally speaking, a Javanese king would give a Kris to a noble or one of his subjects. This meant that they have great confidence in that person. It automatically raised their social status. In wedding ceremonies, people used to decorate their weapons with a jasmine arrangement. This implied that a Kris holder shouldn’t be easily provoked and must control his anger and temper.

Due to these beliefs, Kris-makers did much more than just forging the weapon. They used to carry out old rituals to infuse the weapon with mystical powers from evil and good spirits. Actually, legends tell that Kris were alive in nature. They could move on their own and kill the enemies at will. Some were even summoned when their owner called them by their names.

Kris sword worn by Yogyakarta Sultan's palace guard.

Kris sword worn by Yogyakarta Sultan's palace guard.

How is Kris dangerous?

Since the Kris design resembles the body of a serpent or a dragon, it is designed to be fatal, as a perfect combination of a sword and a saw. In fact, some blades were even infused with poison to ensure that the slightest strike will kill. Due to the blade design, Kris can inflict a great damage in both slash and thrust movements. The design makes it super easy to split everything it hits into half.

Kris sword - Kris Dragon Knife

Kris Dragon Knife. Source: Amazon

How is Kris Used?

Kris usually has a narrow blade with a rather wide base. It is made from iron and might contain some nickel. A professional Kris-smith might spend days or even years to make a proper Kris.

The Kris is not a slashing weapon in the common sense. No doubt, it is better used for stabbing. This is why; there are a lot of tales and legends about lethal Krisses especially made to kill a certain people. Sometimes, a warrior would use two Krisses as parrying daggers. If another blade was not available, the warrior would use the sheath instead.

Set of Training Kris Swords & Multi-Range Combat Science (M.R.C.S) Training DVD

Set of Training Kris Swords & Multi-Range Combat Science (M.R.C.S) Training DVD. Source: Amazon

Where To Buy A Kris Sword? 

Today finding a reliable Kris is not an issue if you know what to look for. As a matter of fact, we searched the market for a reliable product and we luckily stumbled upon this one.

This is the Filipino Kali Arnis Escrima Eskrima Practice Metal 26″ Kris Training Sword. This is a handcrafted high-quality sword that is not cheaply made. Accordingly, it is a heavy-duty weapon that will last for a life time. You don’t have to travel to the Philippines to get a high-quality weapon. We brought this valuable Kris from the southern regions of Philippines to you.

This Kris is 26 inches in length with a long and reliable 20 inches blade. It is a favorite by Eskrima and Kali warriors and comes with a case from faux leather. The case features a belt loop for easy handling.

Filipino Metal 26" Kris Training Sword

Filipino Metal 26" Kris Training Sword. Source: Amazon

This is not a cheap weapon that will break upon impact. Only the best Kris-smiths are hired to make this high-quality sword. It features the traditional Filipino metal blade with a dull edge. It also features a rounded tip. For maximum control, it comes with a round handle.

When you buy this weapon, you are buying a unique training tool. Actually, this Kris is handcrafted so you will find some variations between one product and another. But rest assured. There will be no effect on its durability or performance. In fact, you will have a unique special weapon that will take your Eskrima experience to the next level.

This weapon is especially designed for training. It is the best to buy if you are looking for a reliable product without worrying about cutting your opponent. Moreover, you will not have to worry about ruining the blade. It is a must have.

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