How to Master The Arnis Round Kick

arnis round kick

The world of martial arts is vast and full of secret weapons. The real strength of the Arnis or Eskrima lies in the body of the practitioner and not in the tools he uses. Learning different moves and kicks will not just take your performance up a notch but will allow you to purely indulge in the mystical world of the Arnis.

arnis round kickWhile some people think that Arnis is often associated with stick fighting, the truth is that kicks represent an essential and primary foundation in this Filipino martial arts system. Kicks work in coordination with weapons or are the main focus in an unarmored combat or fight. Most of the initial kicks in the Arnis are low kicks that will catch your opponent off guard. In many practices, the focus is not just to break your opponent’s strength but also to jeopardize his balance and self-confidence.

Kicks work perfectly for this purpose as they confuse your opponent who is mainly focusing on your stick or dagger. They can injure the opponent or make him fall and hit the ground. The target area is usually the foot, the calf, the shin, the thigh or the groin. Most of the time high kicks are for the more advanced practitioners of the Arnis and other martial arts because they can hurt your leg which can get in contact with the opponent’s weapon.

What is the Arnis round kick?

arnis round kickThe Arnis round kick is also called the roundhouse kick. It is used in several martial arts like Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and Karate. People prefer to use the Arnis round kick because it is easy to use, has decent power and great range and speed. Most of the time warriors will use the round kick to target lower parts of the body to knock the opponent off and make him fall. The amount of pain can be enormous because the opponent will have all his focus on your hands and the weapon you are holding.

You can also use the round kick to attack your opponent’s chest in Taekwondo. Without the chest protectors and in a real life situation, this kick can neutralize your enemy right away because it can cause a lot of damage to the rib cage and heart area. The most experienced and flexible warriors can use this kick to attack the head. With the right force, the kick can break the neck, and your opponent will be history. But this is a tricky move because you will be vulnerable in front of your opponent and he can grab your leg, twist it or break it. You also need to be very flexible to do this kind of kick while you are standing on the ground to catch your opponent off guard, think Bruce Lee!

How can you master the Arnis round kick?

The Arnis round kick has many names according to the variations of the practices. And whether you are trying to master the round kick to imitate action heroes or want to practice martial arts for your self-development, you can learn to master the round kick following these easy steps. You can watch this video to show you how to practice and learn this amazing kick that will take your martial arts performance to the next level.

The simple round kick

This technique is for beginners and people who have no experience with martial arts. It is easy to practice, and you can quickly master it with the right amount of practice and time, you will be able to do it the way it should be. Here are the steps that you need to follow to practice and master the simple round kick:

  • Take a deep breath when you are not in contact with your opponent and exhale strongly while you kick. You can also shout or grunt to put all your power into the kick. This will help you to improve your focus and stamina. Improving your breathing can help you put the right amount of power in your kick.
  • Get in your guard by taking a step with the non-dominant foot. Your guard is the position you get into before you attack or while you are waiting for your opponent to attack. You can raise your hands to block your opponent or move your weapons for distraction.
  • Now bring your dominant leg up and to the side. This is the move that you need to practice to put so much force and energy into your kick. Bend your leg back upon itself as much as you can so that the back of the calf is touching the thigh. This will put so much power into your kick that you will deliver by attacking your opponent.
  • You will take time to balance on one foot, but practice makes perfect. Now pivot on your lower foot to move your kicking leg towards the leg or the head of the target. The higher you aim, the more difficult the move will be.
  • Extend your leg smoothly but forcefully to attack your opponent. You should hit your target before your leg is fully extended to deliver maximum force. Now retract your leg to its folded position.
  • You can either prepare for another kick or put your foot on the floor. Faster short kicks deliver more damage than slower longer kicks.


The Arnis round kick is an exceptional kick because it is practiced in a lot of martial arts and many variations. You can watch some of the mistakes that newbies make while doing the round kick. These mistakes will not only affect the quality of your kick but can also harm you. Spend time on practicing the round kick, and you will be able to see how your technique will improve and become more efficient.

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