Muay Thai Ankle Support & How To Protect Your Feet

September 2, 2018

When it comes to the good Muay Thai training session, almost every fighter thinks it is about good kicking, punching, movement… Many of them complete neglect their safety! Even in the competition, safety is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Many fighters are simply learned to go forward, deliver and receive strikes, and fight until the last bell. But is there a thing that can make your training sessions safer and decrease the number of injuries? If there is a lot of sweat in your gym and the adrenaline level is high, there is a bigger chance of making the mistake. Is there a way to lessen the number of your injuries? The answer is simple – purchase a good Muay Thai ankle support! Not only the training session will be safer, but you will have better control of your movement, kicks, knees, and overall performances.

Purchasing the best Muay Thai ankle support will not only protect your feet, but will also improve your movement, kicks, knees and overall performances.

The Importance of Muay Thai Ankle Support

How To Safely Wrap Your Feet For Muay Thai

This tutorial will explain to you how to wrap your feet. You can use the hand wraps or other ankle wraps. This will decrease the chance of injury. It will also help you to maintain the better balance during your training sessions. There is one more good thing – you will get an additional layer of protection. In the case you accidentally kick the opponent’s elbow, there are fewer chances of harming the tiny bones of your feet. However, it is very important to know how to wrap your feet properly. Wrong wrapping may lead you to serious movement issues and receiving unnecessary strikes to your face, body, or legs.

Take a foot wrap in your arms and unstrap the Velcro on the top. Unwrap it and find the place where you will start the wrapping with your big toe. Make sure you unwrap the whole foot wrap and find the proper spot. Wraps are usually available in many colors, so feel free to choose the most suitable one according to your needs. Foot wrap is an excellent Muay Thai ankle support.

Put your big toe into the beginning point of your feet wrap. Start wrapping around your foot. If you wrap your left foot, your wrapping movements should go counterclockwise. If it is on the right foot, start counterclockwise. The direction of the movement depends on the position of your big toe. Start at the beginning, at the location of your toes. Make sure to wrap tightly so your foot wrap doesn’t lose in the middle of your training session. Wrap as many layers as you can around your foot cause this is the place where most of the injuries happen. In Muay Thai, you usually don’t kick with the bottom of your foot. However, you must make sure your foot wrap stands still. It has to be comfortable and you shouldn’t wrap the balls of your feet with too many layers since it can affect movement negatively. You shouldn’t wrap too tight because your feet need circulation and it might be harmful to your health.

An ankle is a very important area where you should try to avoid an injury at all costs. It is especially important when you kick the heavy bag with your foot or lower part of your shin bone. Go around your ankle, make sure it is tight and continue wrapping up. Feel comfortable to go around until you reach the ending spot of your foot wrap. You can add an additional layer of wrapping on your foot or on the lower part of your ankle to improve the grip. Before you reach the end, rotate your wrap (optionally) and secure it. Make sure your Muay Thai ankle support stands still.

Try to kick the heavy bag and try to move. In the case you have movement difficulties, relocate the foot wrap from the balls of your foot. When you feel your feet hurt due to an enormous amount of pressure, lose your foot wraps a little bit. And if you think there is no problem at all, congratulations! You wrapped your feet like a natural and your successful training session can start!

The Difference Between Foot Wraps & Ankle Guards

Actually, there are two choices when you look for a Muay Thai ankle support – foot wraps and ankle guards.

While a foot wrap can be adjusted to the specific spot, ankle guard stands still and maintains the balance of your ankle in the place you choose. A foot wrap can be tighter or looser, but an ankle guard has the size. The choice of the size is made according to the length and shape of your leg. You can place your ankle guard quicker, but you won’t be able to protect your feet more. Actually, it doesn’t provide sufficient protection to your feet, it protects its upper part only. But if you want to protect your ankles quickly, without losing 2-3 minutes on wrapping, this is an excellent choice for you.

Ankle Guards
Foot wraps

Top 3 Muay Thai Ankle Supports

Dragon Do Ankle Supports

Dragon Do provides flexible material that is adjustable. Many fighters will simply enjoy Dragon Do ankle support when hard training session waits!

Review grades: 4.2/5


  • Eight colors are available.
  • Four sizes available.
  • Made of polyester, the ankle support is elastic and it significantly decreases the chance of injury.
  • It is very easy to wash and reuse.
  • Excellent price.
  • It provides world-class Achilles tendon support.


  • The logo doesn’t last long if you wash them regularly.
  • No international shipping.
Dragon Do Muay Thai Ankle Supports

Dragon Do Muay Thai Ankle Supports - Excellent price  & very comfortable

Meister Muay Thai MMA Ankle Support Wraps

It is a good choice for the customers who want a huge variety of colors. Meister Muay Thai MMA offers amazing ten colors.

Review grades: 4.3/5


  • Sizes 7-14 are available.
  • Price is really cheap – everyone can buy a set of this ankle guard.
  • It is made of an elastic combination of cotton/polyester/spandex.
  • It won’t fall or move during active movement.
  • The ankle support has a slide-on one-piece design.
  • Good to use in combination with shin guards.
  • Shipping is possible worldwide, it costs 4.50 dollars.


  • It becomes uncomfortable and scrapes the skin with time.
  • The part under the foot might create problems with time.
Muay Thai Ankle Guards - Meister Muay Thai MMA Ankle Supports Wraps

Meister MMA Muay Thai Ankle Supports - Another economic choice but in high-quality

PowerLix Ankle Support

PowerLix Ankle Brace looks a bit more professional. If you are a fan of modern techniques, you may try this model.

Review grades: 4.6/5


  • It provides optimal ankle stability during hard training sessions.
  • Tight, form fitting, and breathable.
  • Fashionable design.
  • It will adjust to the shape of your leg after few training sessions.
  • An ankle support removes pain with blood circulation.
  • Support many sizes.
  • Eliminate odors & absorb sweat.
  • 6 months warranty.
  • Excellent international shipping.


  • The price is pretty high.
  • Support only black or blue color.
Muay Thai Ankle Guards - Meister Muay Thai MMA Ankle Supports Wraps

PowerLix Ankle Brace Compression Support - The combination of professional styles & Cutting edge techniques


Good Muay Thai ankle support should play a vital role in the training of every serious Muay Thai fighter. Whether you will use feet wrap or ankle support, your ultimate goal is to maximize the protection and make your career last as long as possible. Feet wraps definitively provide more flexibility with covering injured areas, while Muay Thai ankle support presents a quick way to protect your feet and ankles.

The fans of various colors, sizes, and modern design should definitively pick Dragon Do or Meister Muay Thai MMA. It costs around ten dollars, it should be affordable to everybody. It is also made of high-quality material. On the other side, there is a solution for the fans of more professional style too – PowerLix Ankle Brace.

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