Different Kinds of Training Bags in Muay Thai & Their Benefits

November 8, 2017
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Many practitioners want to become champions even when they see the training gym for the first time. It is good if your desire is big. But the creation of the champion is a difficult process – you need to buy training equipment. You need to invest if you want a result. Every training session requires training muay thai bags. A good competitor needs to know how to hit hard, precisely and perfectly timed. If you want to obtain these goals, one heavy bag is simply not enough. There are many types of training bags. You need to know their purpose and how to use it and when if you want to maximize the results of your competitor. This detailed tutorial will explain everything to the smallest details.

Generally, training bags in Muay Thai are divided into four big groups:

  • Heavy bags
  • Free standing heavy bags
  • Specialty heavy bags – six subgroups: hydro strike heavy bag, slip ball, tear drop heavy bag, wrecking ball, angle heavy bag, and uppercut bag
  • Speed bags – two subgroups: speed bags and double end bags.

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Every training muay thai bags has a purpose. Different training bags are used for different types of training sessions. For example, you cannot use a heavy bag for speed training. You need something that is light and that will make your arms quicker than a mongoose when attacking his prey. On the other hand, you cannot train knees and uppercuts on a regular bag. You need angle heavy bags, especially if you train downward roundhouse kick or a clinch strike. There are so many different types of punches, knees, kicks, and elbows. Let’s go step by step!

The main purpose of heavy muay thai bags is landing powerful strikes. You can train your competitor to strike as hard as he can.

It is very suitable for clinch fighting, strong punches or a single punch. If you want to land strong hooks or uppercuts, the heavy bag is the best option. When it comes to the overhand punch, you will get two benefits – distance and power.

muay thai bag

Knees from the close distance can be trained too. If you want to improve the power of your strikes and kicks, the heavy bag is an excellent choice. You can train your spinning back elbow or other elbow strikes from the clinch too.

When it comes to kicks, you can improve the power of your diagonal kicks and high roundhouse kicks. Have you ever watched Mirko Cro Cop training on the heavy bag? See how the power of his left high kick grows by hitting the bag. He is probably the man with the best left high kick in the history of MMA.

Source: Youtube

The heavy bag is mostly made of plasticized canvas covered with vinyl or synthetic skin. It is filled with factory material and mostly with an inside chamber. Its purpose is to absorb heavy knees, kicks or punches. These are large, duffel bags, usually chained. Its weight is mostly around 150 pounds.

You can order heavier bag. You can also load it with some extremely tough material like corn or sand. It is a good choice if you want to create the iron fist or the iron shin.

Heavy bags are usually sold with bag stands. It can also be attached to the wall.

Free standing heavy bags

muay thai bag

Free standing heavy bags

One part of the bag stands on the floor on a pedestal. The main purpose of these bags is movement and speed. It is an excellent choice if your fighter needs to circle around the opponent and throw a combination of strikes. If you want a fighter who attacks different areas of the body via different strikes, who connect it like a lightning and who is light on his feet, you found a perfect solution.

This type of a bag is also suitable for reaction training. You can create a good opening via jab or left hook. If you want to obtain jab-left hook-left low kick-body punch, for example, a free standing heavy bag is a great choice.

Free standing heavy muay thai bags are also suitable for single strike training. If you want to aim for diaphragm or a stunning left low kick straight to the opponent’s nerve, this bag will help you.

Specialty heavy bags

Hydro strike heavy bag is excellent for head strikes. No matter whether it is a high kick, a hook or a cross.It absorbs strikes and weighs 100 lbs. You can make your opponent quick in throwing jabs and hand combinations. If you want extremely quick punches with world class ducking and movement like Prince Naseem Hamed, purchase this bag. Your high kicks and spinning head kicks will be more dangerous and faster with this bag.

Tear drop heavy bag and angle heavy bag is mostly used for head strikes. If an opponent drops his hands to protect the stomach or focuses on your low kicks, it’s time to teach him a lesson. This bag can help with knees to the chin or front kick to the chin. It is also useful for quick punches.

The shape of the angle heavy bag makes the strike more complicated. For example, if you need to train the overhand when an opponent covers himself up, this is a great way. If you need to kick the opponent who holds the guard to the body, angle heavy bag will definitively help you.

Slip ball and wrecking ball are widely used for ducking techniques. A good Muay Thai fighter has to learn how to slip after delivering a punch or kick unless he is in the clinch. But good head movements can create an opportunity for counterpunch and make the opponent think twice before throwing a barrage of punches to your head.

While slip ball helps with quick strikes, like jabs or crosses and diagonal kicks, wrecking ball is good if you want to deliver some power into your strike. You can also train precision of your kicks and elbows with slip ball (single strike).

An uppercut bag is designed for uppercut training. Very suitable if your opponent holds a guard which covers hooks. Good and fast uppercut delivered to the chin brings at least a knockdown, or even a knockout if the timing is right. You should be creative in Muay Thai training sessions and try knees and elbows on the uppercut bag. It is an excellent choice when you are trying to improve the speed of your clinch game.

Speed bags & platforms

This part of the equipment is divided into speed muay thai bags and double end muay thai bags.

While speed bags can be used for various training sessions like punching or elbowing, double end bags are also suitable for movement, fast kicks, knees, and counterpunches.

The most known shapes of speed bags are pear and bladder. The most known shapes of double end bags are ball and peanut.

A Muay Thai fighter can also learn to hold his hands up and improve hand-eye coordination. Speed bags can also help when the weight needs to be shifted from foot when you deliver quick strikes. This can improve counterpunching and strike effectiveness.

Speed bags are filled with air and set to hang from the ceiling. Bigger speed bags can also be used for strength and endurance training sessions. The smaller ones are better for hand speed, timing, and coordination.

These bags connected by the cable to the floor and ceiling, allowing that after the fighter delivers a strike, the bag makes a quick movement to him that needs to be avoided. If the strike is stronger, the fighter has to react and move quickly to a different side and at different angles. This can be effective if you want to improve clinching. This can help your fighter to learn how to set up a counterpunch after a strong hook, uppercut, cross or jab.

Speed muay thai bags are usually sold with platforms, which are mostly made of wooden boards and rubber on its ends.

Wrap It Up

I hope you find the guide useful. Everybody can train hard, but you need to know what are you working on. What are your goals? Do you want to improve speed, timing, technique, punching power or accuracy? Do you want to be a clinch fighter or a puncher? Do you want hard kicks?

This is the reason why the various types of punching muay thai bags exist. Work on yourself, combine training bags properly and become a champion!

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