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September 20, 2018

Muay Thai belly pad is the most underestimated part of training equipment. It is true that Muay Thai fighters need to be tough as iron and receive punches and kicks over and over. You can perform sit-ups and core exercises to strengthen the muscles of your body, but you cannot improve the technique. And there is a risk you will hurt your sparring partner badly!

The most important things a Muay Thai belly pad does are mid-section protection and improving the feel of the strike. It is also great to develop the quickness and explosiveness of your strikes – your sparring partner can perform many uppercuts, knees, diagonal kicks, and teep kicks into the body, while you can rotate the armor and help him become a more precise striker.

Remember, Muay Thai belly pad is not designed only for receiving punishment. In the early stages of the training, you can get used to the pain. But as you progress, it improves the feel of a distance, and your sparring partners will develop the ability to hit with the most destructive part of their shins as the time goes by.

When you are a pad holder, Muay Thai belly pad can never be an optional piece of equipment. Training sessions have a very strict goal – to maximize your performances. The investment in a single belly pad can create so many great fighters!

Which Qualities Should Muay Thai Belly Pad Have?

This is a very often question. When you are in the market, you need to develop a criterion which will determine the most desired combination of your training sessions. It is very important who are you training (beginner, novice, intermediate, expert, professional competitor), and what is the main purpose of your training sessions. Answer these questions and you will know which Muay Thai belly pad has the advantage!

The most important criteria are Velcro vs buckle closure, size, cushion areas, material, price/quality ratio, pad design, and individual needs. We will try to analyze all the models and pick the best choices.

Muay Thai Belly Pad - Which activities should belly pad have?

#1 - Velcro vs Buckle vs Belt Closure

The main benefit of Velcro enclosure is the ability to take it on or off very quickly. Unfortunately, Velcro will start rubbing after a period of time. If it has a hook and a Velcro strap, this means better quality in the market.

Buckle and belt straps will require more time to take on, but it is generally more durable. Belt strap might become more and more uncomfortable to your back as the time goes by.

#2 - Size

It is always better when you can choose between a variety of sizes. Despite Muay Thai is classified as a sport for adults, sometimes children come to train. You don’t want a ten-year-old child ask you when will he/she get the Muay Thai belly pad in every training session.

Twins Special has a great model. You can choose between 4 sizes. This is one of the best protectors to absorb heavy strikes. Even the strongest spinning back kick from a Taekwondo superstar will not break your ribs if you purchase this model. The fact you can choose between Velcro and belt strap is one more good thing. It is made in Thailand. International shipping is an option.

Muay Thai Belly Pad - Twins Special Belly Protector Belt

Twins Special Belly Protector Belt. Source:  Amazon

The only bad side is its price – it is a mid-to-high price range. If you purchase a belt strap, it could make blisters on your back.

#3 - Cushion Areas And Protection Level

Usually, your front and lateral sides receive an impact, so belly pads are maximally protected at these areas. The strongest protection is in the center of the pad, in the area of your abdominal muscles and sternum. Smaller cushions on the side are good to train punches to the body or diagonal kicks.

You should have at least three stress points for great protection. An extra layer strap for secure fit during the sparring session is one more benefit you should investigate before the purchase.

We have a model maximizes your protection and maintains your mobility during hard rounds. Ring To Cage has a Muay Thai belly pad with a dome air technology. It is one of the best protectors against super hard hitters. It is made of synthetic leather shell, and it is lightweight. The belly pad has three stress points for world-class protection! Your sparring sessions will turn into an enjoyment! International shipping is available too, and the model is affordable.

The bad side is an impossibility to choose between sizes. It has also a metal buckle for closure.

Ring To Cage MMA Muay Thai Belly Pad

Ring To Cage MMA Muay Thai Belly Pad. Source: Amazon

#4 - Material

The most quality Muay Thai belly pads are made of real leather or synthetic leather. A combination of synthetic and leather is good when you want to cover bigger areas of your body, while real leather costs more money.

Ringside offers a high-quality synthetic leather belly pad, with a tremendous protection area. Not only the ribs and abdominals, but your chest and kidneys are protected well! It has a great back strap system and it is very comfortable and affordable. It offers a very thick padding and additional protection for your sternum and upper abdominals. International shipping is available. It will keep you mobile during sparring sessions!

It is great for beginners but it is questionable whether it will protect you from hard hitters during full contact sparring.

Muay Thai Belly Pad - Ringside Muay Thai Body Protector

Ringside Muay Thai Body Protector. Source: Amazon

#5 - Price/Quality Ratio

Buying the cheapest model in the market usually doesn’t mean it will last for a long period of time. It also won’t protect you enough when you are a pad holder. It is questionable whether you will be able to learn the technique correctly due to the material properties. You can’t expect to choose between the sizes too. Our recommendation is to spend at least 45 dollars or more for a good model.

Contender Fight Sports offers a very good model at an affordable price. You will get a good level of protection for your ribs and belly. It is made of synthetic leather and heavy nylon straps. Buckles are on its rear side, so you can very easily take it on or off. The belly pad has a foam protector which absorbs even the hardest hits. The protector is thick and sturdy. Unless Mirko Cro Cop attacks your belly, it will keep you safe from injuries and enable long-lasting training session. It is comfortable and international shipping is possible.

Unfortunately, you may only choose around one size. The manufacturer writing on the front side might tear apart quickly too.

Muay Thai Belly Pad - Contender Fight Sports Muay Thai Body Protector

Contender Fight Sports Muay Thai Body Protector. Source: Amazon

#6 - Pad Design

If your Muay Thai belly pad is heavier and bulkier, it should protect you more. Having a belly pad which will not absorb the strike 100% might be a critical mistake during the training sessions. Your skin might turn to dark blue and your bruises will hurt. Safety is in the first place! Our advice is to look for maximum padding.

Fairtex offers a product which is handmade in Thailand. It has multi-layered protection system to keep your abdominal area and ribs safe. It is suitable both for beginners and advanced athletes. Teep kicks and diagonal kicks will not be an issue for this Muay Thai belly pad. Velcro strap makes putting on and off easy. It can be shipped outside of the USA.

But the belly pad has two bad sides – it is a mid-range price and you can’t choose between sizes.

Muay Thai Belly Pad - Fairtex Leather Boxing Muay Thai Belly Pad

Fairtex Leather Boxing Muay Thai Belly Pad. Source: Amazon

#7 - Individual Needs

It depends on what do you specifically need. Is it a variety of colors, a specific feature, or a very cheap product?

We have a great choice for a cheap product – Combat Sports. It has dome air technology which is good to minimize the strike of impact. It is made of synthetic leather, and it has a buckle closure, which leads to better durability. It won’t move and it stays in place, even during the hardest hits.

Unfortunately, you will need a lot of time until you adjust it and take it on or off. It is also not the best choice against very heavy punches, knees, or kicks. But it keeps your wallet loaded!

Muay Thai Belly Pad - Combat Sport Muay Thai Body Protector

Combat Sports Muay Thai Belly Pad. Source: Amazon

Our Suggestions

Good Muay Thai belly pad is a great recipe to keep your internal organs healthy and maximize the effect of your training sessions. Good training sessions create a good fighter. Comfort is one of the most important factors. Some fighters really are soldiers on the battlefield but others stick to their comfort zone.

If you want an affordable product with good performances, Contender Fight Sports offers a good solution. On the other hand, Combat Sports is the cheapest in the market but kicks and knees will hurt more.

Fairtex offers a product which will maximally protect your body and kidneys. It is one of the most suitable choices for a group training session. When your main goal is protection, try Ring To Cage out. It is excellent against super hard strikers like Pat Barry or Chuck Liddell.

Ringside is a great choice for beginners. You won’t be protected that much but you will learn the proper path of the knee and kick and many other things.

For those who would like to train children and younger athletes, Twins Special offers an ability to choose between four sizes – highly suitable for everybody. And it provides an excellent level of protection as well.

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