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April 13, 2018

Choose a good muay thai head gear is very important


uay Thai is a contact sport where you receive a lot of strikes to the head. Elbows, knees, punches, and kicks are allowed. It is probably one of the most difficult standup martial arts. Competitions are sometimes so brutal that competitors often end up with a broken nose, swollen head, or even brain concussion. But you can protect your head from devastating blows and long-term brain damage by purchasing a high-quality Muay Thai head gear.

Think about your brain on time! Purchase high-quality muay thai headgear and keep your head safer during sparring sessions. There is a way to avoid long-term head damage!


Venum Elite Headgear - Black/Gold
Muay Thai Head Gear - Winning Headgear Fg2900
 Fighting Sports No Contact Headgear, Black
Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Fancy Headgear Head Guard FHG-TW4 (TW4,L)
TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear, Red, Large
Fairtex Super Sparring Headguard, Black, Medium


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The Importance of The Product

Despite Muay Thai is not like boxing, where 90% of blows target the head, the damage is a huge possibility. A knee strike or a head kick may produce harder damage than the boxing hook does. Even if your opponent has the high-quality Muay Thai gloves on his hands, he will shake your head heavily when he lands a strong hook or overhand.

You can train slipping, ducking in and out, punching… but even the best fighter in the world gets knocked out sometimes. The rules in professional competition don’t allow a Muay Thai head gear, but you have the right to protect yourself during the training session. Muay Thai head gear is a world-class way to lengthen your career and endure a lot of hard training sessions. It will not force your opponent to punch harder. You will feel yourself safer. At least there won’t be that many bruises, scars, cuts, or skull damage on the lateral sides of your head.

Good Muay Thai sparing session highly depends on the choice of your equipment. Good Muay Thai head gear is a must when a coach wants to create a champion.

How To SElect The Right Muay Thai Head Gear

Things to consider with product review combination:

#1. Visibility.

#2. Protection.

#3. Comfort and Fit.

#4. Clinching and Sparring sessions.

#5. Weight.

#6. Quality and Price.

#7. Boxing and MMA headgear.

#8. Durability.

#9. International shipping.

#10. Individual need.

Reviews And Recommendations

Things to consider with product review combination:

#1. Visibility

Visibility and protection are the first criteria you simply must pay attention to. The most dangerous strike is the one you cannot see. If the strike is a knee or a head kick, you might go down before the sparing session has even started. You will have to choose between two things – maximize protection or go for more visibility.

The most important thing when you look for visibility is cheek and forehead protection. When these parts are covered with heavy padding, you will have a hard time predicting the opponent’s strikes. Thinner Muay Thai head gear gives you more peripheral vision, while the thicker one provides more protection.

Venum Elite Muay Thai Headgear sounds like the most suitable choice for the athlete who wants to see every incoming strike. There are no dead angles when you try this one out. You will see every strike, even if you crouch or duck.

On the other hand, Venum Elite Headgear provides amazing layers of protection. It is made of triple-density contoured foam, which maximizes the protection of the lateral parts of your head. The product is also amazing for clinching, and it protects your ears well. And no matter how hard hits you receive, Venum Elite stays on your head, it won’t move. It is handmade in Thailand, which is one more big plus. The contour of your face is not a problem, the headgear is fully adjustable. You need to pay only 78.73 dollars. For this kind of quality, the price looks more than fair.

#2. ProTection

For the ones who want to maximize protection and maintain visibility, there is a good choice, if you can add additional 200 dollars. I mean, better purchasing Winning Muay Thai Headgear Fg2900 than giving ten times more money to a doctor! Not only it is made in Japan, but it can absorb a club attack. Forehead, lateral parts of your head, even your nose remains covered! Of course, 225-400 dollars sounds like a risky choice, but you will not regret. You will maintain the health of your head for sure. Japanese products are known for preciseness and great design. Nose blows will be reduced significantly. It provides a world-class coverage of your face. You don’t wanna bleed in the middle of the training session, do you?

Fighting Sports No Contact Headgear could come in handy if you have a weak chin. Not only you will absorb the incoming strike, but it not let someone knock you down with a knee or an uppercut. It is made of a fully-molded plastic bar, which provides additional layers of protection. The head guard has a sponge foam, low-density foam, and high-density foam. Some parts of the head guard have special reinforcements for additional protection. However, only one size is available and it costs 130 dollars. Belt buckle type closure might be non-comfortable for the fighters.

#3. Comfort And Fit

Comfort and fit are also very important. When the Muay Thai head gear you purchased stands too tight, you made a critical mistake. Your head needs to breathe! On the other side, if it is too wide, it might fall off during sparring sessions and you will have to stop the fight. It might have critical consequences to your stamina and endurance. The opponent will not stop during the real match unless referee orders otherwise!

Make sure to look for the headgear with a lot of sizes and a great comfort. Twins Special Head Guard HGL-3 offers four sizes, and it is probably the most comfortable Muay Thai head gear. With the solid protection of your cheeks and chin, it is made of high-density foam padding. It is worldwide known as one of the most comfortable materials. If you can spare 75-186 dollars, you definitively won’t waste your money. On the other hand, you might need to spend additional money on utilizing Velcro strap or tightening it.

#4. CLinching And Sparring Sessions

Clinching and sparring sessions are something every good Muay Thai fighter asks. When it comes to this segment, the best choice is Fairtex Super Sparring Headguard. Not only it turns your training sessions into an enjoyment, but it also protects you like a natural. Visibility is also good, and you can try all types of kicks and knees, without a fear it will fall off. It is not expensive – 69-130 dollars for a high-quality sparring session won’t empty your pockets. The only problematic thing is sweating – it might fall in your eyes in the later rounds. Twins Special Headgear Head Guard HGL-3 satisfies your clinch training too, just as Fighting Sports No Contact Headgear.

#5. Weight

Weight is an adjustable criterion. Lightweight Muay Thai head guard is suitable for a fighter who wants to move and avoid strikes. Venum Elite Headgear is a very light head guard, just as Fairtex Super Sparring Headguard and Winning Headgear Fg2900.

#6. Quality And Price

Quality and price are two heavily dependent criteria. When it comes to a Muay Thai headgear, you simply cannot expect a good headgear which costs less than 100 dollars, unless it is Venum Elite Headgear. Despite there are no sizes on this model, this is the best choice you can get for the price of 78.73 dollars – good protection, good visibility, with various designs and colors. Our other candidate is Fairtex Super Sparring Headguard. You can find it under 100 dollars, and it is made for a pro, with even six sizes. If your goal is to become a pro, better try this one out.

#7. Boxing And MMA Headgear

Boxing and MMA headgear can also be used as a part of Muay Thai training sessions. A good example for this is TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear, a boxing headgear suitable for Muay Thai beginners who work on their hands. It costs only 90 dollars, and your head is protected well. Gel-lining and multi-layered sleek design foam are excellent for shock absorption. However, there are only two sizes and two designs, which might be critical to some buyers.

#8. Durability

Durability comes to the fore when you build a bond with your Muay Thai head gear. It started to like you, and now you have to change it? Believe it or not, humans usually prefer a specific model. Venum Elite Headgear is made of Skintex leather construction for enhanced durability. Fairtex Super Sparring Headguard is made of high-quality leather, which means it will last at least 2 years, no matter how hard you train.

#9. International Shipping

International shipping might be the most painful thing for you. You may find a perfect Muay Thai headgear, but it cannot be shipped to your country. The products that support international shipping are Venum Elite Headgear, Twins Special Headgear Head Guard HGL-3, and Winning Headgear Fg2900.

#10. INdividual Needs

Individual needs describe each buyer. Someone wants a variety of colors, while others pretend the design. You can even find a buyer who dislikes circular shape. It is very important to know what you like, and to have it written on a piece of paper. And one recommendation – you can’t choose between colors? Venum Elite Headgear offers an amazing variety of colors and designs.

Wrap It Up

The choice of the most suitable Muay Thai head gear is a very tricky process. Even the slightest detail might make the headgear uncomfortable. Be warned when you pick the size and the design and don’t spare the money here. It is better to pay 200 dollars than spending thousands to your doctor. These final thoughts will ease up your choice.

The fighters who want to focus on maximum protection should definitively pick Winning Headgear Fg2900. It costs a bit more money, but you won’t have to worry about a broken nose.

If you are a type of fighter who looks for hard realistic Muay Thai sparring sessions, there is nothing better than Fairtex Super Sparring Headguard. You will be able to move, clinch up, avoid strikes… And the safety is excellent.

Fighters who don’t defend jabs and crosses well should try Fighting Sports No Contact Headgear out. It has additional layers of protection on your chin.

Are you a type of a fighter who ducks in and out and clinches like a natural? Maybe you like to avoid strikes like Joe Calzaghe did… in that case, pick Venum Elite Headgear.

There are fighters who want maximum comfort too. Their choice should definitively be Twins Special Headgear Head Guard HGL-3.

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