Muay Thai Shin Guards – Benefits & Recommendations

April 4, 2018


he first thing you should purchase after a good pair of gloves is a good pair of shin guards. It is really not important whether you plan to become a pro or not. You need to protect your legs and perform training sessions with ease. When it comes to the choice of the best ones, there are many criteria you need to pay attention to. It is time to adjust it towards your needs.

This guide will introduce you to the benefits of shin guards and things to consider when choosing a good set of Muay Thai shin guards.

Benefits of Muay Thai Shin Guards

There are many benefits good Muay Thai shin guards can bring you.

The most important role of Muay Thai shin guards is a protection of your legs during sparring sessions. If your shin bones initiate contact, there is a chance you get hurt. Too many bruises will force you to miss sparring sessions. You can work heavy bag or speed bag training sessions, but sparring needs to be done at least twice per day. There is no better way to train and advance than training with your sparring partner. Your shins are not the only thing endangered. You can also hurt your feet, toes, knees, fibula bone… It is always better to invest few hundred dollars in good protection than paying thousands of dollars to a doctor. Don’t get the fractures too easily! You won’t be able to train for at least three months! Getting strong shins is one thing, but treating bruises and other injuries is a completely different thing!

Muay Thai Shin Guards - Benefits and RecommendationsThe other benefit is that you look more serious. When somebody sees you without good shin guards in the training session, there is a chance he will decline to spar with you. What if he has a match in a few days? You can hurt your partner! Someone who doesn’t obtain a good pair of Muay Thai shin guards looks like a person who came in the training session for fun. Good shin guards will make you look like a pro and you will gain more respect from your sparring partners.

By obtaining a good pair of Muay Thai shin guards, you are also protecting your opponent from injuries. This shows you have a respect for others. It also means you wish a safe training session. An opponent can spar with you in a relaxed way, without fear.

Things to consider before buying Muay Thai shin guards

You need to be cautious. Not only you may not like the specific things, but the choice of the wrong ones can waste your hard earned money.

The first important criterion is size and weight. If your choice is a bigger shin guard, it will offer more protection, but your hits will be slower. An additional weight will protect you. For example, when your Muay Thai shin guard is wide, it protects both tibia and fibula at the same time. The bulkier shin guard offers more layers of protection between your shin and the opponent’s leg.

Another very important thing is sock style shin guard versus detachable shin guard. A sock style is usually harder to set and it may slip more often. However, choosing a sock style shin guard may have a lot of benefits. And the most important one is an excellent protection for your feet, joints and shin bones. There is no isolated part of your leg with sock style shin guards. Even your toes are protected well (it is extremely important during the teep kick). That kind of guards is designed for minimum movement during kicking. On the other hand, detachable shin guard offers less protection of your feet and toes, but an excellent protection of your shins. No matter how hard hit your shin receives, these type of Muay Thai shin guards will absorb it. However, there is one problem – detachable shin guards won’t stand still like sock style shin guards. You will have to stop sparring sessions to set them up. It might change the development of your sparring sessions. Detachable shin guards are very easy to remove. You will not waste too much time between the different parts of your training.

Don’t buy the cheapest ones on the market. I know many of you have financial problems and cannot afford the most expensive ones. However, too cheap protectors will not last long. A good protection is questionable. You need a shin guard which has few layers of protection, not the cheapest one you see. You will have to replace it often.

You have to obtain the right size. The best thing would be the measuring of your shin. The worst thing you can do is buy the wrong size Muay Thai shin guards. Your sparring sessions can turn into a nightmare. You will lose your money too. Do you really want to readjust your guards few times during the sparring session? It might affect negatively on your concentration.

Leather shin guard usually offers a good layer of protection. If you choose a new leather shin guard over other ones, there is a big chance it will last longer.

The brand is usually the most important thing. My advice is to purchase a Muay Thai shin guards which are made in Thailand. You will find the best quality. But the best option is the purchase in a shop in Thailand. In the case you visit this country, don’t miss this opportunity. The price is smaller, but the quality is higher. The design is original. Thailand should definitively be the country of origin. If you are looking for the best muay thai shin guard, and cannot just go to Thailand for one pair of gloves, you should choose Fairtex, Top King, and Hayabusa. They are our top recommendation brands for Muay Thai shin guard on Amazon.

Choosing the proper fit according to your needs is maybe the most difficult thing. Some people simply dislike the specific shape of Muay Thai shin guards. Others like the shorter ones with less protection. Maybe you think the color is not ok. There are people who choose by color, not by technical issues. Think about what are your criteria before choosing a good pair.

Wrapping it up

It is never easy to pick the most suitable set of Muay Thai shin guards. Make sure you read the recommendations properly.

And think about your career. You don’t want to end it after few years. A good, high-quality Muay Thai shin guards will lengthen your career, maximize your protection and turn your training sessions into an enjoyment.

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