Muay Thai Shorts – Style Recognition & Additional Advices for Sellers

February 7, 2018

muay thai shorts


hen you try to sell Muay Thai shorts, you need to be aware that more than 90% of your success highly depends on the buyer’s choice. You may do the best marketing in the world, be visible in every single country, offer free shipping, or even deliver to the home address.

However, every buyer is attracted by an eye-catching detail – this is your chance to sell the product.

You must know that extremely small things make the difference. Someone is thrilled smaller Muay Thai shorts, while someone cannot kick hard if the shorts are tight. You need to be the chameleon who knows how to satisfy everybody and find a mutual thing with the buyer.

Selling is similar to dating – if you find an interesting topic, or if a girl is attracted by your look or appearance, you will have the chance. But the chance is only half of the way – people are paranoid and suspicious by nature. You will have to assure your buyer that you have the perfect pair of Muay Thai shorts for him!

Muay Thai shorts - Style recognition and Additional advice for sellers

A good Muay Thai shorts seller needs to know the differences between Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, and MMA shorts. The worst thing you can do is trying to sell a wrong product – you will fall in the eyes of buyers and they will never visit you again!

Muay Thai shorts are extremely short compared to the other fighting styles. Mostly made of satin, these shorts usually originate from Thailand, which is a hot country, with high air humidity. The fighter can cool off faster, but he can also demonstrate the power by exposing his leg muscles while receiving kicks. Muay Thai shorts need to be short and extremely flexible – a good kicker wants mobility.

The “Thai way” means rolling up shorts on the sides very high, demonstrating the power of the warrior. This is the most often Muay Thai shorts, but you need to be aware that your buyer might be someone who wants to train for fun.

#1. General Advices for successful face-to-face Muay Thai Shorts selling

muay thai shorts girl

  • Don’t be pushy, listen to client’s needs, but try to make him consider your ideas. Remember, selling is about finding the best for your buyer and creating mutual satisfaction.
  • Always try to offer an alternative to your customer.
  • When you have a fighter who likes Buakaw Banchamek, at least you will know what to recommend. Someone simply identifies himself with a superstar and copies his/her style.
  • If a customer strictly wants to buy a specific thing, just find it and let him talk. It is obvious he has a long history of the specific brand or stitch.
  • Don’t try to persuade buyer something is good because you say so. That is the worst thing you can do.
  • The buyer needs to think you know a lot about the product. Instead of repeating same things over and over, why don’t you add some creativity?
  • The buyer expects you to know terms, for example, can he return the product if he is not satisfied and other things. You must reply in the moment, without thinking – look confident.
  • When the buyer asks you for the opinion, don’t be too specific. For example, he asks which are the best Muay Thai shorts, a response like “we had many positive reviews on (brand name or model)” will sound professional, not too pushy, and assuredly.
  • Find a mutual topic with your buyer and behave friendly. If they like you, you will have 10% bigger chances of selling product.
  • Offer buyer to try the shorts out in front of the mirror.

Venum Sharp 3.0 Muay Thai Shorts

Venum Tecmo Muay Thai Shorts

Lumpinee Retro Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

#2. Online selling tips - must read for successful sale

  • Sometimes you will have more time to respond, be creative.
  • Make sure you film only high-quality photos. If the buyer sees a ripped stitch or a fluffy picture, you will have fewer chances of selling.
  • The buyer cannot try the Muay Thai shorts out, so it will be harder to convince him. That is why you should read carefully the specifications in the next chapter – you must know the sizes, brands, prices etc. like an alphabet.
  • Use social networks to your advantage – Instagram and Facebook can be beneficial.
  • Other things are basically the same.

Remember, your creativity is the key. Calling people over and over will reject them, but a successful story, backed up with evidence and knowledge, might open many armored gates!

#3. If you have more money, what's next?

  • Try to order a container from Thailand. You will surely get a huge discount, and you can sell Muay Thai shorts and other valuable stuff.
  • Pay advertisement on social networks, or youtube, and narrow the location in the beginning.
  • Try to allow international shipping into any part of the world.
  • Follow the prices on and other official websites – you need to stay within the range, and make a website. Always keep two or three of your products on Amazon or E-bay, you will look more serious.
  • Give an advantage to the goods from Thailand, it is a better commercial.
  • Try to make your store famous – pay money on the commercial in the beginning.
  • If your model is more expensive, try to justify that.
  • When a new model arrives, use catchy headlines to emphasize a new article.
  • When you create a commercial about Muay Thai shorts, you will need something creative – for example, “Ramon Dekkers had this par in his fight against…”, or “You need a super pro high kick without mobility limitations, take (model name)”.
  • If you or your friend travel to Thailand regularly, you can purchase a bag or two full of Muay Thai shorts, and you don’t need to pay customs for it. You will spare a lot of money.
  • Make connections with local tailors. When someone orders a custom shaped Muay Thai shorts, you will be able to earn more.

Muay Thai shorts specifications with models – do not try to sell without knowing this!

The buyers are most interested in the following things – size, brand, material, country of origin, design, price, gender, and individual requirements. We will describe each one in details, so you know the next sentence your buyer wants to hear, and we will also recommend one model which you must have in your store. It will help you persuade a customer and sell more efficiently.

#1. Size

This is the most important criterion. Muay Thai shorts sizes in Thailand will not correlate with North America or Europe. For example, Thai numbers are usually bigger since their population is smaller and thinner by nature. Some brands are tighter than the other ones.

The best way to find the most suitable match is letting your buyer try it. However, if you sell online, ask him for the dimensions of his waist and thighs. This chart might be helpful.

Muay Thai Shorts dimensions chart

If you simply want Muay Thai shorts that fit American standards, recommend Anthem Athletics.

  • It is an ultra-high grade, and lightweight Muay Thai shorts, which can be washed in the machine.
  • Made of microfiber, it allows high kicks with ease and it is light as a feather.
  • It can be stretched and it adjusts to the shape of your leg.
  • It has so many logos and designs – even the most demanding customer can find something good here.
  • You can resell two sizes and twenty-four designs.
  • American Athletics is a must for every successful trader who wants to be the best in the USA. Buyers will surely like the design, choice of colors, comfort, and durability – mention these during selling.

Anthem Athletics INFINITY Muay Thai Shorts - 20+ Styles - Kickboxing, Thai Boxing

Anthem Athletics INFINITY Muay Thai Shorts - 20+ Styles - Kickboxing, Thai Boxing 

Black & White

Line Camo: Orange

Blue, White, Red

Purple, Black

Green, White, Red

#2. Country of Origin

Of course, the best Muay Thai shorts come from Thailand, but there are many other good manufacturers in Europe or North America. When the buyer sees the famous “made in Thailand” sign, you have just increased your chances of selling by 30%!

#3. Brand

There are many people who will go wild when they hear Top King, Fairtex, Infight Style, Booster Fight Gear, Yokkao, Boon Sport, Thaismai, Danger Boxing, Battle Thai Boxing, or Raja Sports. Some people are brand addicts.

Even having a Buakaw Banchamek Muay Thai shorts might mean a successful sale, even if it is not the high-quality one. You are very lucky if you have that type of a customer!

#4. Material

Real Muay Thai shorts are made of satin or nylon. It can also be made of cotton, microfiber, or polyester. The shorts need to be light, durable, and comfortable. High-quality satin shorts will last longer. Nylon shorts might be affected by sweat heavily, and the color could be twisted with time. Nylon is easier for fast drying. Our recommendation is to give an advantage to satin and nylon over cotton, microfiber, or polyester, but there are good models among these three too.

#5. Design

This is the trickiest part – are you trying to sell retro design, smaller guy design, bigger guy design, all-around design, classic design, or a custom-shaped design?

1. Retro Design Recommendation - Lumpinee Camo Retro Camouflage 

Lumpinee Camo Retro Camouflage Army Men Muay Thai Shorts Fight

Retro style means shorter length, higher cut on sides, and a narrow waistband. It has been popular earlier in the 70s and 80s, and it comes back again. Usually, these are very flexible shorts for superb high kickers.

Our recommendation for successful sellers when it comes to retro style Muay Thai shorts is Lumpine Camo Retro Camouflage.. A huge number of variations are available, and this is an excellent way to draw customers who want to choose between many sizes. The whole brand may satisfy even the biggest perfectionist in the world with so many textures, designs, and colors. It is also great for bigger fighters – even 3X size is available!

  • The price is affordable, it is made of polyester, and it has an elastic waist with a drawstring. The extra-wide cut will let you throw high kicks like a natural.
  • You can resell models for other contact sports too. It could be important for better sale if you want to cover all of the martial arts.
  • This model has 6 sizes available, just like many Lumpinee Retro Style models – it is suitable for both big and small fighters.
  • Quality, construction, material, and alignment are good – sell the story to your buyers!
  • The models for bigger guys request wide leg openings. The design around the thigh area is different, and the shorts are wider here.

2. Muay Thai Shorts for Bigger guys - Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts

The models for bigger guys request wide leg openings. The design around the thigh area is different, and the shorts are wider here.

Fairtex is the highest quality Muay Thai shorts made of pure satin. Since it can fit any fighter, and it has so many sizes and designs, this is an ultimate choice for a seller because of two reasons:

  • You can order via international shipping and resell, and you can say you have the world-class quality, which comes from the heart of Thailand! You can cover many fighters and practitioners
  • The biggest size is 3L! It is a bit more expensive, but when the buyer hears origin, comfort, quality, performances, and endless designs and colors, he will be thrilled for sure! Note that Thai sizes are a bit different, and recommend a customer to try it out, if possible.Fairtex Shark Muay Thai Shorts

3. All-around design - Twins Special Muay Thai Shorts

Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

All-around design means excellent offer for all types of buyers. You need to satisfy a ten-year-old child and a professional competitor at the same time. You should look for something that covers all the sizes, from 4S to 4L!

Twins are definitively the model which the main feature is variety. Not only that you have 9 sizes, but every design offers 6 sub-designs. Every color in the world is a part of Twins. So, if the customer brings a 7-year-old child or a 300 lbs practitioner who wants to reduce weight and enjoy training sessions, you are covered! Your store satisfies everybody! Just make sure you tell buyers to buy a bigger size, or try it out.

Twins usually don’t adapt to the anatomic shape of your hips, and this is how you will avoid problems during high kicks and unsatisfied customers. It is high-quality Muay Thai shorts, perfect for a wide population.

No Fear

TWS-T34 Gold


156 - Orange

TBS-49 Black/Gold

4. If You Are a Fan of Classic design - Boxsense Muay Thai Shorts

Boxsense Muay Thai Kick Boxing Shorts : BXS-004

The classic design is usually good for older people. Start talking about the old times, and you will see how your sale goes better. There are many customers who simply cannot curl up the 70s, 80s, or 90s style.

Boxsense is the best choice you can offer to a nostalgic. It is hand-made in Thailand of pure satin. The price is more than affordable, and two sizes are available. The older population will find this Muay Thai shorts very useful. It has an elastic waist with drawstring, and it can stretch. This won’t be a problem during high kicks, that’s for sure! There is only one design, but it will revive old times!

5. Custom Shape

Custom shaped design means you simply go to your tailor and order modifications. In Thailand, you can purchase a custom shaped Muay Thai shorts if you have more money. However, you will need a very good tailor if you live outside of Thailand. Feel free to add your name, or the name of your sponsor, camp, logo, trademark, or a unique patch. Remember, a custom shape is you, the whole world might recognize you by this!

6. Price - Don't Forget Top king Muay Thai Shorts

Top King Boxing Muay Thai Shorts Normal or Retro Style Size S, M, L, XL, 3L, 4L

This is always a limiting factor. You can expect excellent Muay Thai shorts for 50 dollars or more. Those who have chances to visit Thailand might find cheaper stores if they have a friend who knows Bangkok.

Probably the best ratio of price and features go to Top King. Top King has a great variety of designs and colors, but on the other side, it is made of 100% polyester and satin. You may choose between 6 sizes, but every design has ten variations. It has elastic structure around the hips, and it is very good for teep kicks and diagonal kicks to the body. But you should warn the customer about the size differences, and tell your buyer it is non-adjustable. A hand-wash is required to maintain the outstanding look, and there is a great range of prices. This is very suitable for a good puncher and a knee striker.


119-Light Blue

46-Skull Purple


Retro Blue

7. Gender

Thaismai Muay Thai Boxing Training ShortsWe talked about male Muay Thai shorts, but let’s focus on women design. The main differences are the shorter length and shorter waistband. Many female shorts include pink color, especially if you purchase it in Thailand. There are many good models – Thaismai, Top King, Venum Women’s Bangkok Inferno, Tuff Boxing Pink Rose, Sandee, and Lumpine Retro.

Editor’s top pick for women selling purposes is Thaismai. It is high-quality shorts, mostly pink-colored, and there are many wonderful topics from cartoons. It is great for girls, but also for females who like attractive topics. The textures look great, and it is an excellent choice for a younger population. You may choose between many sizes, but the female texture is mostly pink. Other designs are available too, and the price is affordable.

8. Individual

Venum Men's Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts Neon OrangeWhenever I think of these, I remember how Venum neon shines brightly. When you have a customer who wants to choose among the huge variety of colors, decorations, dots, or anything else, you will have to be extremely patient and creative. Who knows, someone might want a cartoon character on his Muay Thai shorts!

Venum Men’s Bangkok Inferno is made of 100% polyester satin. It is a lightweight Muay Thai shorts which have extremely shiny color. Venum logo is the most attractive part of it. It is very comfortable, and it has side vents which will improve your ability to high kicks and spinning kicks. Hand-stitches are very attractive and shiny. It is hand-made in Thailand, and don’t forget to tell your buyer for hand-wash only. You can have thirteen designs and three sizes of this model in your store!

Wrap It Up

It is never easy to sell Muay Thai shorts. The competition is tough, and new brands are created over and over. New companies are opening, especially in Europe and North America. The market is oversaturated, and you need to find the best strategy for it.

You need to be aware that buyer and seller have a different way to view the world. A successful seller needs to know how to infiltrate into the brain of a buyer and prove why the product is the best. Follow our guidelines, make sure to order the best models, and become known. The road will be very tough, but you can end up as one of the most known martial arts gear sellers ever!

In the end, one final trick – when your Muay Thai shorts have just arrived, or when you start your business, create the sale, and lower the prices. This is the great way to draw the attention of the customer!

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