Muay Thai Solo Training – Muay Thai Training At Home

Every good Muay Thai fighter works at home to improve his results. It really doesn’t matter whether this is strength and conditioning program or a technique training. Muay Thai training at home, if performed properly, might lead to better performances and better results. All you need is a bit of creativity and motivation.

Muay Thai Solo Training

Our list of popular Muay Thai solo training suggestions includes:

  • Shadow boxing;
  • Focus on footwork, movement, and explosivity;
  • Purchase some equipment;
  • Music;
  • Time is very important.

Shadow Boxing

Just as in any other sports, shadow boxing is an important part of the training session. You might work on your technique and think about your moves. Shadow boxing is not just empty striking.

You need to visualize. Imagine the opponent throwing a jab or cross, and your counter. Execute the barrage of strikes in the clinch. The most important concept of Muay Thai solo training is the ability to think about your opponent, deliver controlled movements, and train in front of the mirror.

A mirror is your best friend for three reasons – you can see the wrong execution, you can control your movement, and you can control the pace of the fight. When you work efficiently against the imaginary opponent, you will have more success in the fights.

Focus On Footwork, Movement, And Explosiveness

You have to improve the specific moment when you go backward, forward, or to the side. Technically, a good technique might be enough. However, we recommend you to explode as soon as you hear the signal. There are various apps for your cell phone which can be installed. You can customize settings.

When you move, try to be realistic – use the heavy bag or some other moving object. This way, you will always be able to maintain the same distance, and this will help during the fight. General exercises can be beneficial too, just as plyometric training sessions.

Purchase Some Equipments

We recommend basic equipment, like kettlebells, barbells, jumping ropes, or mats. We are aware many of you don’t have conditions to make Muay Thai gym in your house or garage. Kettlebells, barbells, and mats might provide the basic levels of strength, while mats are great for a core workout.

There are many various training bags. If you have some money, purchase at least one heavy bag or one free standing heavy bag. Specialty heavy bag would be awesome for those who want to train a specific situation. Dummies are good for the realistic feel of the punch, elbow, knee, or leg.

It is always easier to work with the equipment, you will have many more options under your belt. Not only the training session will be more interesting, but Muay Thai solo training session may focus on different features. If you purchase resistance band, you will improve the movement at least 50%.


Music is one of the most important tips for successful Muay Thai training at home session. You need something to motivate you, purchase an old stereo or turn on the music on your cell phone. Everybody has a song or a life situation that motivates him. Dance, metal, or techno music are great ideas.

Time Is Very Important

You need to know when the round starts or how much time has left until the end of the round. A successful Muay Thai training at home session is highly dependent on the periods of work and rest. Especially when it comes to sports specific strength and conditioning.

You need to know how to allocate your power. It has a positive effect on your tactics during the fight too and maximizes training effect. You can solve this problem in two ways – purchase a timer or install an app on your cell phone.

Wrap It Up

Muay Thai training at home relies on one golden rule – every attack or counterattack has a perfect purpose. You need to activate your brain. If your mind works faster than ever, you will be able to adjust even during the most crucial moments of the fight. You will need less time to react. More intense power of mind leads to more creativity during your workout and fight.

We hope you find these tips useful. Follow our advice and try to get the best out of your Muay Thai training at home sessions!


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