Right Hook Punch or Overhand – Techniques To Break Every Guard

March 23, 2018


f you want to be a successful Muay Thai competitor, the knowledge of a right hook punch and overhand right is a key to sending your opponents to the ground. Not only you will send your opponents to the ground but you will be able to make damage throughout the opponent’s guard. Left hook will keep your opponent busy, while at the same time preparing him for the brutal right hook or overhand right. Left hook is also a great way to prevent clinching.

Right hook punch featured

An overhand right is one of the rare techniques which can create damage to the opponent if he holds his guard – it is impossible to cover the whole face, the part around the ear will mostly remain open. This technique is also known for high knockout rate – many knockouts in Muay Thai were executed via strong overhand right.

Left hook – an amazing opening

This is an excellent technique to provoke your opponent, and here is the tutorial how to perform it. Take a look at the video too. Any type of hook is good if the distance between you and your opponent is the length of your hand or smaller.

Basic Tutorial

Left Hook Punch Animation
Left hook punch steps

Left hook punch steps

  • Step 1. Standing in the guard, pivot your left foot inwards and rotate your left hip.
  • Step 2. Whip your left arm clockwise, keeping it parallel to the ground and keeping your elbow in one line with your fist.
  • Step 3. Exhale and contract the muscles in the end of the strike. You can rotate the fist sideways or upwards, depending on the height and the position of your opponent. Keep your right hand on the chin and tight to the body all the time.
  • Step 4. Return to your left arm to the chin as quick as possible and return to the starting position.

Professional Tips

  • This technique can be thrown frequently. You can connect right hook, right overhand, right cross or right low-kick easily. If your kicks are excellent, you can even place a knee to the body or a right high kick to the head.
  • If your opponent throws a lot of right low-kicks, this technique will counter him perfectly.
  • It is a world-class counter versus opponent’s jab. Slip your head slightly to the right, step sideways with your right leg and perform a counter punch.
  • If you countered opponent with a right cross, you can easily connect left hook (1:58) and send him to the ground.
  • Your elbow mustn’t be lower than your shoulder, while your fist can be higher, but not lower.

Right hook Punch – a Knockout Power

Right Hook Punch Girl


Any martial art is known for this punch. The right hook is probably the strongest strike you can deliver to your opponent. Its primary purpose is to knock the opponent out and to break his guard when he narrows it trying to defend front kick, jab, cross or knee.

Basic Tutorial

Remember, the power of the fist heavily depends on the rotation of your shoulder and hip. No matter how strong your arms are, if the rotation is slow, your right hook will be weak. Here is a good tutorial.

  • Step 1. Standing in the guard, pivot your right foot inwards and rotate your right hip.
  • Step 2. Whip your left arm counterclockwise, keeping it parallel to the ground.
  • Step 3. Exhale and contract your muscles as your fist passes the line of your left shoulder. Your need to rotate your fist sideways. Keep your left hand on the chin and tight to the body all the time to prevent counters.
  • Step 4. Return to your right arm to the chin as quick as possible and return to the starting position.

Professional Tips

  • This technique is very effective after a jab or a left hook since the opponent has to narrow his guard or move it to the right, which leaves the space open.
  • Don’t lift your right foot off the ground, it should be rotated on the balls of the foot.
  • You can very easily connect a left hook or a left uppercut after this technique.
  • The right hook is a world-class counter against low-kicks or the cross. You can slip your head slightly to the left to avoid the cross, or you can slightly step sideways with your left leg.
Buakaw with a Right Hook Punch

Buakaw Banchamek with a right hook punch

Overhand right – the most impressive way to crush taller opponent

It is not easy at all to throw an overhand right and hit your opponent, especially cause you need to hit at the proper moment. If you miss the opponent, you will waste a lot of energy and you will leave yourself exposed to the counter attack, mostly his knee.

When you want to throw an effective technique, you need to watch about the following things:

  • The distance – you cannot throw the strike if the opponent is closer than the length of your arm. If you try you will miss, leaving yourself open. If the opponent is the half length of your hand, the only way to hit him is to step more to the side, creating the space.
  • Your left arm must remain on your chin. No matter how effective your punch is, protect your head.
  • Don’t lift your rear foot off the ground. If this happens you head will dive, or you may even lose balance. Not to mention that your opponent barely waits for your head to go down. The balls of your rear foot must remain on the ground.
  • Your leading leg steps 45 degrees forward, while the rear leg is lifted on the balls of the foot. Your elbow must be higher than your wrist and shoulder and the punch occurs with knuckles of your index and middle finger. Your right hip rotates to the left, but slightly towards the ground, not parallel to the ground.
  • When the punch is completed, return your right hand to the face as soon as possible. You are leaving yourself open to the left hook if you miss. The faster you return the punch to the face, fewer chances for the opponent to connect. You can easily get countered if you are not cautious.
  • This is probably the best way to knock the taller opponent out.
  • Overhand right is a world-class counter and an excellent attacking technique, but possibilities to connect are very limited after this punch. Eventually, you can connect a left low-kick or a left uppercut. After you completed this technique, the best option is to make a step back, clinch up with your opponent or cover up.

Wrap It Up

Conor McGregor's right hook punch

You learned some impressive ways to knock your opponent out. Use it wisely and don’t spam punches. Set up a position before attempting right hook punch or right overhand.

When you master these techniques, enjoy being world-class counter puncher with a brutal knockout power!

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