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Non-skippable Punches Exercises You Should Know

September 12, 2018

A good punch is a great way to control or finish the fight! Let’s improve this weapon day by day with our non-skippable punches exercises. Punching is the basic thing every good fighter has to learn before reaching the elite level. No matter how good your knees, kicks, or elbows are, a tough opponent can […]


Muay Thai Ankle Support & How To Protect Your Feet

September 2, 2018

Purchasing the best Muay Thai ankle support will not only protect your feet, but will also improve your movement, kicks, knees & overall performances. When it comes to the good Muay Thai training session, almost every fighter thinks it is about good kicking, punching, movement… Many of them complete neglect their safety! Even in the […]


Muay Boran – Traditional Siamese martial art

August 24, 2018

Muay Boran is an excellent martial art to watch. It is similar to muay thai, with more brutal arsenal of kicks, elbows, punches, and knees. Gladiators of modern age fight here – even headbutts are allowed! Muay Boran is a name for the traditional unarmed martial art from Thailand. The first set of rules for […]


Best Groin Protector – Recommendations & Reviews

June 22, 2018

It is time to stop thinking about dirty fighters who use nut shots to win their fights. Think about your family on time and defeat these cheaters! We offer the best groin protector for you. Have you ever wondered how much damage can you handle without the best groin protector between your legs? During the […]


Top Muay Thai Gloves Branches – Review Pros & Cons

June 4, 2018

Knowing the trademark of a model simply isn’t enough. We are discovering the slightest details of Five Top Muay Thai Gloves models for you! Muay Thai gloves are extremely important when you want to create a world-class fighter. You need to know how to punch to be the successful athlete. Non-dependant whether you train professionally […]


Muay Thai Leg Kicks – Why They’re Awesome

May 31, 2018

Muay Thai is known for one thing. Powerful!… Damaging!… Leg kicks! That moment when a solid leg kick lands and the sound fills the whole arena. That’s something that really is unique to Muay Thai. Beyond looking dangerous they are effective. Immobilizing an opponent without knocking him out takes skill and precision. Muay Thai is […]


Uppercut Bag for Training – Top Picks & Reviews

May 14, 2018

The biggest advantage of specialty heavy bags is the functionality. Multitasking and multi training sessions are available. The most important things is your purpose It is well-known there are six types of specialty heavy bags – which one will be the most suitable for your fighter? With our dedication to helping you choose the best […]


Best Speed Bag – Reviews & 7 Recommended Bags

April 24, 2018

First of all, you must know there are two types of muay speed bags and double-end bags. While the best speed bag used for quick strikes, speed, timing and coordination, double-end bags can be used for strength and endurance combined with speed. With our dedication to helping you choose the best speed bag, we focused […]


Spinning Back Fist – Stunning Technique With Knockout Power

March 15, 2018

The spinning back fist is definitively the strongest punch in the world of fighting. It doesn’t only use the power of the fist, but it uses the momentum of your whole body. Emanuel Newton KO’s King Mo with spinning back fist T he spinning back fist is definitively the strongest punch in the world of […]


Training Exercises with Muay Kicking Pad – To Destroy Your Opponents, Not Your Legs

February 17, 2018

Kicking pads are an important part of Muay Thai training. Whenever it comes to the match, a fighter with strong kicks usually has the advantage of distance. Our exercises and training sessions with kick pad will make your kicks more dangerous. Keep reading! Kicking pad is an important part of Muay Thai training. Whenever it […]

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