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Non-skippable Punches Exercises You Should Know

September 12, 2018

A good punch is a great way to control or finish the fight! Let’s improve this weapon day by day with our non-skippable punches exercises. Punching is the basic thing every good fighter has to learn before reaching the elite level. No matter how good your knees, kicks, or elbows are, a tough opponent can […]


Best Speed Bag – Reviews & 7 Recommended Bags

April 24, 2018

First of all, you must know there are two types of muay speed bags and double-end bags. While the best speed bag used for quick strikes, speed, timing and coordination, double-end bags can be used for strength and endurance combined with speed. With our dedication to helping you choose the best speed bag, we focused […]


Arnis Rules and Regulations: Do You Know It?

March 8, 2018

The world of Arnis is all about discipline & patience. Learning all Arnis rules and regulations will show what it takes to become a renowned Arnis warrior. Martial arts have always held their place in history as practices of brave warriors who fear nothing. For so many years, kings and rulers showed the ultimate respect […]


Different Kinds of Training Bags in Muay Thai & Their Benefits

November 8, 2017

Many practitioners want to become champions even when they see the training gym for the first time. It is good if your desire is big. But the creation of the champion is a difficult process – you need to buy training equipment. You need to invest if you want a result. Every training session requires […]


Arnis Techniques – Weapons & Exercises

November 6, 2017

In order to excel at the Arnis techniques, you need to make sure that you are giving them the needed time, devotion and effort. The training can be taken lightly or very seriously depending on how important excelling at the Arnis techniques is to you. The different Arnis techniques are native to South East Asia […]


Bolo Punch – Panatukan’s Dirty Boxing Secret

June 5, 2017

When most of us think about boxing, we imagine an American martial art that was taught for self defense in every YMCA in America during the mid to late 20th century. Everyone knows about the titans of the sport like Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Floyd Mayweather, and Joe Lewis. What many of us don’t realize […]


Panantukan Techniques – Effective Self Defense System

May 8, 2017

Overview About pananTuKAN TECHNIQUES anantukan techniques is a term for Filipino boxing. Other terms used include suntukan, pangamot, and kamut-kamut. As is common, in the Filipino martial arts, the term used varies according to the language or dialect from which the speaker learned it. In some regions, it refers to a sport like boxing, but […]