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Arnis Rules and Regulations: Do You Know It?

March 8, 2018

The world of Arnis is all about discipline & patience. Learning all Arnis rules and regulations will show what it takes to become a renowned Arnis warrior. Martial arts have always held their place in history as practices of brave warriors who fear nothing. For so many years, kings and rulers showed the ultimate respect […]


Silat Harimau: Art of Fighting Based on The Tiger

May 15, 2017

Martial arts are special and sacred forms of sports that have been popular for long centuries. They represent the best combination between mental, physical and emotional balance. The proper practice of martial requires achieving this kind of balance through practice and devotion. These sports have ancient roots that relate to rich civilizations that wondered about […]


Kali vs Silat

April 28, 2017

Kali vs Silat. These arts are gaining popularity due, at least in part, to their use in various movies such as The Hunted, the Bourne movies, the Raid movies, and others. Often, people hear about Kali and Silat in the same sentence or paragraph and assume they are closely related. They are related, but more […]


The Deadly Karambit Wounds

April 24, 2017

Quick Navigation What is the karambit?Origin of KarambitUsesTypes of KarambitKarambit Wounds What is the karambit?The karambit, also sometimes spelled kerambit, is a hooked blade with a ring at the base of the handle. The blade’s shape resembles a hook bill knife, commonly used for cutting vinyl. Usually, you hold the blade in reverse grip with […]