Teep Kick – The Great Corner Stone of Muay Thai

July 10, 2017
Teep Kick

Muay Thai newcomers and experts alike learn the Teep kick early in training. This basic kick is the corner stone of a great practitioner of Muay Thai. The kick is so effective because it combines power with speed and the ability to close the distance between you and your opponent. All learning begins with the basic steps. The Teep kick is one of the first techniques you will learn in a Muay Thai class. This technique allows you to attack or defend based on what your situation requires. Today we will break down the Teep kick and teach you how to use it properly.

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How to Master Muay Thai Teep Kick

Teep Kick Basic Execution

Teep Kick PreparationWe will start with a break-down of the kick itself.

  • First, you want to lift your knee above your waist to clear the guard of the opponent.
  • Next you will extend your leg forward striking your target with the ball of your foot.
  • After striking your target, you will pull your foot back and then return your foot to the ground.
  • The Teep kick is like a boxers jab. It can be executed once or several times in a row.

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Front Foot Teep kick

Front Foot Teep Kick

Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit

Now we will talk about a Teep kick using the front leg. Follow these steps:

  • Shift your weight to your back leg.
  • Raise the front knee above the waist.
  • Snap the front foot out striking your target while driving through with your hips.
  • The ball of the foot should strike the target between the groin and belly-button. This target area will help to disable the opponent by taking away breathe away and sapping the power.

Rear Leg Teep Kick

Rear Leg Teep KickThese steps are important:

  1. The first step in the rear leg Teep kick is to pick up the back leg while shifting your weight to your front foot.
  2. Lift your knee high towards your chest.
  3. Bring your hips forward and extend the leg and foot towards your target.
  4. The ideal striking area is the mid-section of the body.
  5. This kick can be used for head strikes as well as leg strikes.

How to Safely Practice The Teep Kick

Practice is the only way to develop a lifelong skill. There are several methods you can use to safely practice this technique.

  1. The first drill is done with a hanging heavy bag. Always practice evenly so do these drills with each leg.
  2. Starting with the right leg in back, raise the right knee towards your chest.
  3. Extend your leg and foot as the bag is swinging towards you.
  4. Aim your strike for the same spot on the bag each time.

Only strike the bag when it is swinging towards you. Start with 20 Teeps using each leg and build up to 75 powerful Teeps. Focus on the technique, mentally breaking down each part of the Teep.

Chest Pad for Teep Kick

Use Chest Pad for Teep Kick Practicing

The next drill is done with a partner. Your partner will be the attacker. Using only hands, your partner will attack you while you defend using the teep. Control your power or have your partner use a pair of kick pads or especially, a chest pad for safety. Your goal is to keep your attacker from touching your face using only the teep to defend yourself.

A good warm up drill is to start at one end of the room or work out area, using your back leg you will execute a teep and land in front. The object of this drill is to practice closing the distance on your opponent while focusing on the power you can generate with your hips. Start the drill with 5 laps down and back. Continue to practice and build strength increasing to 20 laps down and back.

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The Purpose of The Teep

The teep is used for a variety of reasons. Heavily focused in Muay Thai, this kick allows you to keep your opponent away from you. Muay Thai fighters can use the Teep to control the distance and close to attack at will. A constant kick into the lower abdomen takes a lot of your opponent and can be very frustrating as the opponent tries to figure out how to get close to you. The teep is a linear kick and is much faster than most other kicks. Continuous practice and training is the best method to perfect the use of the Teep kick in your combat regiment.

Practice Tips For the Teep Kick

  1. Focus on your target.
  2. Pull your knee to your chest before you execute the kick.
  3. Taller people should aim for the thigh area.
  4. Vary your force. This kick can be used for multiple purposes.
  5. A slight upward angle will cause more balance disruption of your opponent.
  6. Your plant foot should be at a 90 degree angle to your kick.
  7. When striking the thigh or head of the opponent use the heel of your foot.
  8. The front leg is faster and can create an opening for follow up strikes.
  9. Don’t target the knee. This technique can break a leg if done too hard.

The following link will show you a video demonstration of the Teep kick. Good luck in your training and continue to practice.

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