Top 3 Adidas Judo Gi – 2018 Reviews & Recommendations

March 21, 2018

Adidas Judo Gi - The importance of a good judo gi in training


ith our dedication to helping you choose the best set of Adidas judo gi which will make a world-class judoka out of you, we spent a huge number of hours trying to find the best one for a judo fighter. The main focus of the research is on the quality, style, comfort, design and whether the gi will lose its dimensions when it goes to the laundry.

Why pick Adidas judo gi?

Many elite athletes which competed in the Olympic Games are the fans of this brand. Teddy Riner is one of them. Adidas models are usually specially designed for competition or training. There is a huge variability between models, and you can choose your set even for a beginner or an intermediate. Adidas offers competition models, training models, and beginner models. You will surely be able to find the most suitable one for your needs.

If you pick Adidas, there are small chances judges will not let you compete. The quality of Adidas judo gi is usually good, and the comfort and material are excellent.

Here are our top 3 picks of Adidas judo gi.

Adidas Judo Student Gi (J350)Adidas Judo Student GiSingle Weave, Polyester/cotton
Belt included
3 pounds shipping weight
Only for training
Best price
Adidas Judo Double Weave Gi (J730)Adidas Double Weave Judo UniformDouble Weave,CottonBelt not include
22oz weight
Training & Competition
Editor's Choice
Adidas Judo Contest Gi (J650)Adidas Judo Contest Gi (J650)Double Weave,Polyester/CottonBelt not include
20oz weight
Training & Competition

Top 3 Adidas Judo Gi 2018

1. Adidas Judo Student gi - Light Gi with Best Price For Beginners And Intermediates

Adidas Judo Gi for Student

Adidas Judo Student Gi White 6/200cm

This is an excellent single weave gi for a student, for someone who starts to train, especially for beginners and intermediates. Adidas Student Judo Gi is suitable for any kind of training session. This Judo Gi is made of polyester/cotton so you don’t have to worry if it is too hot outside.

Review scores – 4.8/5.

  • This model includes top and bottoms.
  • Price is outstanding: 89-99 dollars only.
  • There are Adidas woven stripes on both shoulders.
  • The design is very attractive, .
  • Free shipping if you are in a continental part of the USA.
  • Single weave, excellent durability but still light.
  • Belt included.
  • You can compete on the lower levels, but it is not IJF approved.
  • This gi may shrink when you wash and dry. It’s better to buy it a size or 1/2 size bigger then wash and dry once, don’t tumble dry it.
  • Shipping weight is 3 pounds.

2. Adidas Judo Double Weave Gi Uniform J730 (Editor's Choice) - Good Choice for A Professional JUDOKA

adidas Judo Double Weave Gi Uniform

Adidas Judo Double Weave Gi Uniform

adidas Judo Double Weave Gi Uniform (No Stripes)

Adidas Judo Double Weave Gi Uniform (No Stripes)

This is an excellent Adidas judo gi for everyday training sessions. Adidas Judo Double Weave gi uniform will turn your training sessions into enjoyment.

Review scores – 4.8/5.

  • High-quality seams and stitching, do not shrink after washed.
  • Suitable for everyday training sessions.
  • Very comfortable.
  • The thickness of the gi is excellent for learning – sleeves have an excellent extra grip area.
  • This Gi has 2 version: black-white stripes or no stripes (for minimalists).
  • It has IJF Red Label, they approved it.
  • The price is pretty high, 170-190 dollar. But don’t worry, it’s worth.
  • Made in China.
  • Belt not included.
  • 22oz.

3. Adidas Judo Contest  gi J650 Blue - Deluxe Double Wave, Very Strong But Light & Good Ventilation

adidas Judo Contest Gi J650 Blue

Adidas Judo Double Weave Gi Uniform

This is an excellent choice when you want to enjoy hard training sessions in any weather conditions. Adidas Judo Contest Gi J650 Blue has a great ventilation so you won’t have to worry whether it is 30 Celsius outside.

Review scores – 5/5.

  • Price is only 70-180 dollars, which is really suitable.
  • It is good for training sessions, but you can take it in competitions too.
  • It has reinforced bottoms with drawstring waist.
  • This gi is a deluxe double wave light-weight comfortable uniform.
  • This is official Adidas model with Adidas stripes on the shoulder.
  • Great quality.
  • Many sizes are available.
  • Not pre-shrunk. Shrinkage approx 6%.
  • Made in Pakistan.
  • Belt not included.
  • 20oz.

You can also buy white version from same seller here.

Wrap It Up

Is your goal becoming a professional judoka? Adidas Judo Double Weave gi uniform will do the job. On the other side, if you want good and comfortable training sessions, go for Adidas Student Gi or Adidas Judo Contest Gi J650 Blue uniform.

Other Choices From ADIDAS

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