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October 19, 2017

With our dedication to helping you choose the best set of Mizuno judo gi which will make a world-class judoka out of you, we spent a huge number of hours trying to find the best one for a judo fighter. The main focus of the research is on the quality, style, comfort, design and whether the gi will lose its dimensions when it goes to the laundry.

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Hot pick Mizuno judo gi


Jimmy Pedro Competitive Advantage Mizuno Judo GI Uniform
Shiai Competition Mizuno Judo Gi Uniform


Mizuno Jimmy Pedro Competitive Advantage Judo Gi
Mizuno White Yusho II  Judo Uniform
Mizuno Shiai Competition Judo Gi

Single or double weave

1 1/2 wave

Between single & double

Preshrunk Double


White & Blue


White & Blue






International Competition




Why pick Mizuno judo gi?

Mizuno judo gi is worldwide known as one of the finest judo gis on the market. It’s details and design are excellent, and the most of its models are made in Japan.

Mizuno offers you a lot of high-quality models. Some of the models even have special purposes, like training or competition. Besides, Mizuno is known for producing gis for judo from its own beginnings. Both classic style and modern style are available in their stores. If your taste is different, you will surely have a great time picking Mizuno.

The mutual feature of Mizuno judo gi models is their quality and comfort. Are you ready to spend at least 100 dollars? You will not regret!

Here are our top 3 picks of Mizuno judo gi.

#1 - Mizuno Jimmy Pedro Competitive Advantage GI Uniform - Great Gi for Those Who Like A Light Judo Gi

Mizuno Jimmy Pedro Competitive Advantage Yudo GI is a perfect choice for all levels of competitors. There are no ties on the jacket and reinforced cuffs. In addition, there are no collar and impact zones too. This is the best choice for the fans of a classic style!

Review Scores: 4.6/5


  • Cut and construction style is in classic judo format.
  • Great gi for both tournaments and training.
  • Excellent design made by World champion and 2 x Olympic medalist Jimmy Pedro.
  • Very comfortable and great durability, especially for those who like a light Judo Gi.
  • IJF approved for international competitions.
  • Preshrunk 1 1/2 weave Mizuno judo gi with two colors.
  • The price is excellent, 80-100 dollars.
  • Has many sizes for both children & adults


  • The top might be heavy with someone.

Mizuno Jimmy Pedro Competitive Advantage GI Uniform

Mizuno Jimmy Pedro Competitive Advantage GI Uniform

#2 - Mizuno White Yusho II IJF Approved Judo Uniform - Worth Price, Perfect Judo Gi for Professional Judoka

Despite it is a new model, Mizuno White Yusho II IJF Approved Judo Uniform broke its way through in the world of buyers. But it is a very attractive looking model worn by some of the best judokas in the world.

Review Scores: 4.5/5


  • The model has passed all IJF standards.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Available in sizes 1-7 including half sizes.
  • The weight of the material is between single and double weave gi, which makes it suitable for both competitions and hard training sessions.
  • This jacket has better fitting than many other models.
  • The gi looks too light in the beginning and you will have an impression that you are faster.


  • Available in white color only.
  • Price is 200 dollars.


Mizuno White Yusho II IJF Approved Judo Uniform

#3 - Mizuno Shiai Competition Uniform - Attractive Design With Excellent Pre-Shrunk Shiai

This is an excellent Mizuno judo gi which will make you shine in the competition. Mizuno Shiai Competition Yudo Gi will surely draw the attention by an attractive design and outstanding stripes.

Review Scores:4.3/5


  • Shipping is included and gift-wrap is available.
  • Excellent pre-shrunk shiai.
  • Available in sizes 1-8, including half sizes.
  • It can be used for competition and everyday practice.
  • The design is very attractive.
  • Great construction and material.
  • Color is very stable after few months of use.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Price is 160 dollars.
  • Very flexible gi.


  • There might be problems with fabric quality.
  • You might need some corrections when it comes to sleeve length.

Mizuno Shiai Competition Uniform

Mizuno Shiai Competition Uniform


In conclusion, Mizuno judo gi is an excellent choice for both competitions and training sessions. Durability and design are something that makes Mizuno one of the top models in judo gi industry.

Mizuno Jimmy Pedro Competitive Advantage GI Uniform is the best choice for the fans of a classic style.

Do you seek for modern competition style? Try Mizuno White Yusho II IJF Approved Judo Uniform out!

If you want to be seen, Mizuno Shiai Competition Uniform fits perfectly!

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