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May 14, 2018

It is well-known there are six types of specialty heavy bags – which one will be the most suitable for your fighter? With our dedication to helping you choose the best set of uppercut bags which will make a world-class fighter out of you, we spent a huge number of hours trying to find the best one for Muay Thai fighter. We focused on their functionality, material, filling, weight, price, durability and special purpose.

Ducking, uppercuts, quick strikes, strong strikes, knees and hard kicks in one training session? It’s possible with the best uppercut bag!

Specialty Heavy Bags - Everlast Wrecking Ball

How To Choose AN Uppercut Bag

When it comes to the choice of the uppercut bag, the most important thing is the purpose. You must know what type of training or strikes you want to train. You cannot buy an uppercut bag if you want to train teep kick. Or you cannot buy a wrecking ball if you need diagonal kicks.

There are so many various designs when it comes to the uppercut bag. Hydro strike bag looks like a regular one, but it’s a bit shorter. Angle heavy bag narrows as it goes towards the bottom. Slip ball and the wrecking ball is circle shaped and their main purpose is ducking and avoidance with setting quick punches up. You can also throw heavier strikes on wrecking ball. An uppercut bag has a different design – it is pretty wide and excellent for clinching. Do you want the design which will be impressive and colorful? Or maybe you want a functional specialty heavy bag with a bit worse design?

What are the advantages of this type of product?

The biggest advantage of a uppercut bag is the functionality. Multitasking and multi training sessions are available. If you have slip ball, angle heavy bag and an uppercut bag in your gym, you can train clinching, uppercuts, hard kicks, body punches and Muay Thai low kicks in one training session. And the effect will be maximal!

The second advantage is the different shape of the bags. While the slip ball is circular, an uppercut bag has a cylindrical shape. It enables all types of angles during the training session. This is very similar to the real fighting circumstances. You can train precision of kicks and punches in all angles.

The third thing is variability. Even uppercut bags have few shapes. For example, you have many types of slip balls and wrecking balls. If you have various shapes, this will help you get used to every single situation in the ring.

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Things to look

The first and the most important thing is damage if you buy the used ones. Try to scrape the bag. Uppercut bag may have a critical damage on the bottom. Angle heavy bag is critical on the top where it starts to narrow. Wrecking ball and slip ball may be critical on the top, stitches can tear. Every type of a specialty heavy bag has a weak spot. Check the whole bag thoroughly before the purchase.

The second thing is the price. As always, more money will usually mean more quality. However, there are many groups of bags here, so finding a perfect price would be very difficult. The only rule that counts is – more money, more quality. Be ready to spend at least 50 dollars if you want good quality.

The brand is very important. There are high-quality brands like RDX, Maxx, Lonsdale, Ringside, and others. The good brand usually means more quality.

Take a good look whether the specialty heavy bag is durable and is it stiff or not. Maybe you don’t like if the bag is too solid. Most of the specialty heavy bags are made of various types of leather. The bags are mostly filled with shredded fiber or other materials. And take a good look if the bag has an additional layer of protection.

Length, weight, and diameter are the last parameters you should check. Maybe you need a smaller bag to avoid strikes, or you need a wide one for clinching. If the weight is bigger, the bag is slower, but it simulates the hit. If the bag is lighter, it will affect your speed positively.

Specialty Heavy Bags - Solo Training

These are our recommendations. Take a good look what are the goals of your training session. What is your long-term goal? If you want to build excellent ducking, slip ball is your choice. If you want to be a good clincher, an uppercut heavy bag is a great choice. But if you want to kick to the ribs, try an angled heavy bag. Write your goals on a piece of paper and you will find a perfect solution for yourself.

Top 5 Muay Thai specialty heavy bags

#1. “Bad Boy Blue” Aqua punching bag

This is definitively the best tear drop uppercut bag in the world. With an awesome design, Bad Boy Blue punching bag includes shackle, garden hose filling nozzle, and stoppers. It weighs 190 lbs when filled. It is covered with durable vinyl.

  • Extremely durable.
  • This uppercut bag can be mounted outside or inside, it is resistant to weather conditions.
  • It is tested by MMA experts and boxers around the world.
  • The bag doesn’t have hard spots or settling.
  • This model available in six colors – red, black, orange, red/white/blue, purple and blue.
  • There is a small chance you will hurt your knuckles and shins.
  • The Aqua bag is suitable for all types of training sessions.
  • The price is 150-180 dollars. It would be pretty expensive if you want to find a cheap specialty heavy bag, but don’t worry, it’s worth.
  • The punching bag is filled with water, if a crack occurs accidentally, a mess will be created.

#2. Ringside Uppercut Bag

This is an awesome product from Ringside. The bag has one-inch foam layer padding and weighs around 55 lbs. Heavy bag chain and swivel are included in the offer and the bag arrives filled.

  • The Ringside bag is not expensive – 87 dollars.
  • It is covered with durable power hide and its durability is enhanced.
  • This uppercut bag is world class for knees, uppercuts, and elbows – it will make a world class clincher out of you.
  • Excellent for those who want to train kicks to the front part of the chin.
  • Expert assembly option is available.
  • The bag is soft enough to hit without gloves.
  • The bag simulates a real opponent.
  • You may have some problems during hanging.
  • The bag deforms easily if you deliver heavy strikes.
  • Bag spins while you hit it.

#3. Fairtex Angle Bag

This is a fantastic training bag and one more stunning product by Fairtex. The bag is made of Syntek Leather with heavy duty water resistant and non-tear nylon lining with nylon web straps.

  • The bag is sold unfilled, so you have the freedom for loading.
  • You have the ability to train all types of strikes.
  • You can train rib kicks.
  • Approximate weight after filling is 61kg, which enables the combination of quick strikes and strong strikes in one training session.
  • You can train almost all the angles which happen in the fight.
  • Expert assembly option is available.
  • The angle bag is excellent for the diagonal kick to the rib under the opponent’s guard.
  • You may have problems during filling.
  • The price is around 140 dollars.
  • Shipping is not free.

#4. Blood Red Aqua Head Hunter 12 Inch, 35 Pound Slip Ball Punching Bag Hybrid

This is an excellent multi purpose training bag. Blood Red Aqua punching bag is a combination of a slip ball and punching bag. It weighs 35 pounds only.

  • Being made of durable and flexible material.
  • Very modern design.
  • You have the ability to train ducking, footwork, and movement at the same time.
  • It is perfect to simulate the working angles of the opponent’s head.
  • 2 years of warranty.
  • You have the real feel of hitting the human body.
  • You can even train high roundhouse kick.
  • The price is 70 dollars, but the quality provides a lot more.
  • The aqua punching bag is water filled, so you will risk a mess if the crack occurs.

#5. Everlast HydroStrike Water Punching Bag

An amazing product from Everlast. You have so many benefits of hydro strike heavy bag. Everlast offers an amazing product which weighs 100 lbs when filled with water.

  • The slip ball bag increases the speed of your punches.
  • 2 years of warranty.
  • It is light, portable, and easy to fill.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • The bag has the ability to absorb strikes properly and it is easier for your knuckles.
  • You can become a master of quick strikes and combinations with this slip ball bag.
  • The bag costs 146 dollars.
  • The bag is filled with water – you will always risk a mess.

Our Recommendations

We hope our recommendations will help you choose the best specialty heavy bag or uppercut bag for yourself. Here is our recommendation for each one of 5 subgroups:

Enjoy choosing the best specialty heavy bag for your training sessions and becoming a champion!

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