Uppercut Exercise – How to Do Uppercut Punch in Muay

April 17, 2018


earning to throw an uppercut punch looks so difficult for a Muay Thai fighter… you can be everything but a regular Muay Thai fighter who only goes forward and throws strikes. You can be a fighter who has a special technique which buries your opponents. This is a world-class, sneaky, and surprising technique. It will force your opponent to think twice before even thinking to clinch up with you. It is also a very brutal way to knock out an opponent standing in the corner and keeping his guard wide, preventing cross and hooks. That’s why you need a good uppercut exercise.

Do you want to throw an uppercut punch like donald “the cowboy” cerrone and find the smallest crack in the best guard? Keep reading this article!

Throwing a good uppercut punch can easily catch your opponent off guard. Many fighters focus on preventing hooks, jabs, and crosses. The best way to defend an uppercut is the same as defending the knee. However, there is one critical difference – a knee is a special technique for many Muay Thai fighters. An uppercut punch is a surprising technique which you don’t throw often but creates a damage like two wrecking balls at the same time. You just need to hit properly. You need to train your timing. A good uppercut punch is mostly a brutal knockout.

Left uppercut Punch – an opening, a counter, a knockout power at once

A left uppercut is a technique mostly used to create an opening or to surprise an opponent. A proper technique requires at least one year of training. There are many tiny things which you cannot see, but a good coach can. And remember – the power of your uppercut comes from your hips and shoulders. Your hand is just the end of the chain! Here are the proper steps to learn a left uppercut exercise, with a video tutorial:

  • #1. Bend your legs and slightly dip your left shoulder counterclockwise. The angle in your legs should be 160 degrees or less. If the angle is bigger, you will be too slow. If your shoulder is dipped too much, the punch is stronger, but the technique is slower.
  • #2. Your right hand must remain on the chin and tuck to your chest. This will prevent counters. The right knee to the body and right hook are very dangerous attacks – your right hand protects you!
  • #3. Move your left shoulder slightly to the left, swinging the weight on the left leg. This will provide more power in the punch. At the same time, it prevents you from the right cross. It enables you to duck under your opponent and crush his liver.
  • #4. Exploding off your legs, slightly pivot your left foot clockwise and throw an uppercut. Extend your legs at the end of the movement. Forget about mortal combat uppercuts – it is attractive but if you miss your chin is wide open! Your elbow mustn’t be higher than your shoulder.
  • #5. Return the fist to your face in the shortest way and stand in the guard.

Professional Tips For The Left Uppercut Exercise

  • It is an awesome way to deliver a knockout, especially if you threw a hook or two. An opponent’s guard will be wider. Hitting to the chin will surely rock him.
  • You can duck under opponent’s right hook and throw a left uppercut punch as a counterpunch. There is a space for a world-class counterpunch if an opponent misses right cross too.
  • It is a good way to prevent clinching. An opponent needs to stand with both feet parallel when trying to grab your head. A strong uppercut punch will stop him! If you connect a cross immediately, his balance center has a big problem!
  • This is a good technique if you want to start a combination, especially if you aim opponent’s body. You can connect it with the right knee, right high kick, right low kick, right straight or right cross.
  • Don’t be too far away from your opponent. It leaves you open for counter punches, especially kicks. Throw left uppercut only if you are 90% or more certain you will hit the target.
  • The trajectory of your uppercut punch has to go straight through an opponent’s guard. Angled uppercut is not an option if you attack the head.

Right uppercut Punch – a world class counter and the best way to prevent clinching

You can mostly use a right uppercut punch to finish your combination. It also stops ducking out to the right. You will rarely see this punch in Muay Thai fight. When you see it, it is mostly a knockout or a knockdown! There is a good comparison that describes right uppercut – a hospital or a cemetery. Unlike left uppercut, which you can throw frequently, use right uppercut rarely and brutally. It requires a lot of cardio and a world-class timing.

If you want to add a devastating, powerful, surprising and sneaky attack into your repertoire, practicing a right uppercut exercise is the best choice you can make.

Here is the proper technique, with a video tutorial:

  • #1. Drop your right shoulder slightly clockwise and bend your knees, keeping your left arm on the chin and tucked to the chest.
  • #2. Swing upwards from your hips and your front leg. Throw the right fist upward, keeping your chin down.
  • #3. Swing your front foot upwards, not to the side. Lift your right foot on the toes, but don’t pivot counterclockwise. This will enable you to connect with a left hook if you miss.
  • #4. Return the fist to your face and stand in the guard.

Professional Tips For The Right Uppercut Exercise

  • Perform this strike after a left uppercut or a left hook. This is a very predictable technique if there are no previous strikes or feints. Hide this brutal punch!
  • Don’t throw it frequently. You must remember – this is a surprising technique!
  • If your opponent constantly tries to clinch up and use knee strikes, a right uppercut will demolish his chin. He won’t put his hands on your head again that easily!
  • Slip slightly to the left if you want to counter cross via stunning right uppercut.
  • Attack your opponent’s body if he protects his head only. It is a great way to hit the spleen and send your opponent to the ground.
  • You should throw this technique only if the distance between you and the opponent is smaller than the width of your hand.

Wrap It Up

Congrats, you have learned the most dangerous punch. Use it wisely and throw left uppercut frequently. Keep the right uppercut as a surprising and brutal powerful strike!

This technique sends so many opponents to the ground – wiser you use it, more victories you will earn. Do not hesitate, strike the fastest you can! Deliver a strong uppercut in a split of a second! Your opponent’s chin (take a look at 1:12) will have a really hard time.

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