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Arnis Stick – Secrets of Modern Arnis

June 26, 2017

History of the Arnis stickOne of the first weapons used by ancient humans to protect themselves was the humble stick, cane, baton, baston, etc… Along with the rock, varying length sticks both blunt and pointed where the precursor to bladed weapons like the spear, sword, and dagger. The beauty of these primordial weapons is that […]

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Ginunting – a Fil and Indo Sword

May 21, 2017

Southeast Asia is home to a lot of famous and popular martial arts. Along with these wonderful arts, the incredible and mighty weapons that are originally useful in combat appeared. The Ginunting is one of these traditional and historical weapons that is a favorite weapon for a long time in the jungles of the Philippines. […]

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The Deadly Karambit Wounds

April 24, 2017
Karambit wounds

Quick Navigation What is the karambit?Origin of KarambitUsesTypes of KarambitKarambit Wounds What is the karambit?The karambit, also sometimes spelled kerambit, is a hooked blade with a ring at the base of the handle. The blade’s shape resembles a hook bill knife, commonly used for cutting vinyl. Usually, you hold the blade in reverse grip with […]

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