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South Asian martial arts are closely related one way or another. One of these amazing practices is the Thai Krabi Krabong. This martial art is weapon based and definitely connected to other practices like the Silat, Arnis, Kbach Kun Boran and Banshay which are widely spread in other countries of the same region. The name of this martial art actually comes from 2 main weapons, which are widely used by warriors. The Krabi is a curved short sword, while the Krabong is a staff. To deliver maximum damage to the opponent’s body, a warrior would use a combination of these two weapons or others to eliminate his opponent first.

Krabi Krabong originated in Siam, today’s Thailand, where warriors fought for survival. That’s the reason why the martial arts as this time were deadly and effective. As a matter of fact, this art was initially developed by Siamese warriors who wanted to excel on the battle field and the history of this art goes a long way back in time. For so many years, warriors and soldiers would engage in heavy Krabi Krabong training in order to attack and defend efficiently.

Today the Krabi Krabong is becoming very popular and a lot of people are inquiring about the rules of this practice and the origin of the weapons.

Weapons of the Krabi Krabong

krabi krabong campkrabi krabong camp

Krabi Krabong Camp

This art is for short and long range weapons that are used together to eliminate the opponent. If the weapon is lost or broken, the warrior would combine a group of kicks, strikes and holds to continue the fight unarmed. For this reason the Krabi Krabong is a complete and unique art of combat with or without weapons.

In fact, when you go deeper into Krabi Krabong, you may hear about various weapons that are not widely sold in stores. The true story behind that secret comes from their quality and usability. Only the masters of this art who teach at schools or in military circles are trusted to make these weapons. These weapons are truly masterpieces from the hands of skillful artisans.

Besides, the Krabi Krabong is actually about using multiple weapons at the same time to end the enemy’s life swiftly. As a matter of fact, each weapon has its own dance which combines elegance and grace with the deadly features of the weapon. The total number of dances is 108 dances that are widely practiced as a part of each unique attacking style. Below we talk about the main weapons in Krabi Krabong and the advantages and disadvantages of each one:


The Krabi is a saber sword with a single curved edge. Especially, this sword is light yet fatal and will deliver a maximum damage in one swift yet strong move.

  • Advantages: It is swift and deadly. In the hands of an excellent warrior, it can cut through the flesh and to the bones bringing your opponent to the ground.
  • Disadvantages: This is a rather light weapon and this means that if you don’t know how to handle it, it might be lost or mishandled. Make sure that you know how to hold this weapon properly. If you do it correctly, you can deliver a strong blow to your opponent.


This is a seriously strong wooden pole that has a pointed end. This pole is not less important than the swords or knives used in this martial art. In fact, you can use it in so many ways to immobilize your opponent. Use the pole to hit your opponent on the head or to trip him and stop his movement. You can also use the pointed end of the pole as a spear or to blind your opponent on the spot.

  • Advantages: A light yet useful weapon that you can use as a stick or a spear.
  • Disadvantages: if your opponent hits your pole with a strong sword it might be broken.

Daab Song Mue

These are two handed swords with one in each hand to end your opponent’s existence fast. Nevertheless, these swords are not for the weak hearts. You need to be well practiced to use the two strong swords in coordination.

  • Advantages: Using two strong swords will definitely turn the outcome of the fight to your side. You will be able to attack your enemy swiftly using two deadly weapons and they will not even know what hit them.
  • Disadvantages: If you are not experienced enough, you might be a little bit overwhelmed to maintain balance. Carrying two sturdy fatal weapons is not easy and requires a great deal of training and coordination.


Daab Song Mue


This is a pole weapon that was originally used by elephant warriors. It is a wooden shaft with a wide blade at the end and usually had a hook between the shaft and the blade to command the elephant. But later on the Krabi Krabong warriors took this weapon for hand to hand combats.

Krabi krabong ngawKrabi krabong ngaw


  • Advantages: This weapon doubles as a staff and a blade. In t
    he skilful hands of an experienced warrior, it can be used to replace either during a fight.
  • Disadvantages: This is not a small weapon. Unless you know how to handle it and use it properly you will be overwhelmed by the weight and the construction of this weapon.

Mai sok san

These are two sticks used together. Each has a perpendicular handle located around the third part of the stick where it is held in the hands. The long side rests along the forearm while the grip allows for swift strikes and hits. An experienced warrior can easily flip the stick in his hand to attack his opponent fast.

  • Advantages: This weapon is light and you can easily use it to strike your opponent’s head or to break a limb.
  • Disadvantages: This weapon is made of wood and can be broken if the opponent hits it with a sword or a knife.

Krabi krabong mai-sok-sanKrabi krabong mai-sok-san

Mai Sok San


The Krabi Krabong is definitely not for the faint hearts. It is a mighty martial art that was developed by the ancient warriors and guards of the King. But throughout the years, this art has gained so much popularity and today it is one of the most sought after martial arts with devoted practitioners all over the world. If you give it the proper time and devotion, you will see the results yourself.

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