Hip Toss – Simple Way To Slam Wrestling Bully!


Hip toss (Koshi-waza) has always been one of the most popular techniques for the shorter fighters.

It can be used in Judo or grappling very effectively.

While in grappling you should be a double-leg takedown leech, Judo throws are a lot simpler and you need no special power to perform it.

Yoshihiro Akiyama, Karo Parisyan, Hector Lombard, and Satoshi Ishii were putting their opponents to the ground with this throw very effectively in MMA fights despite they were almost the shortest competitors in the division – isn’t it great?

Hip toss will destroy even the masters of fighting!

HIP TOSS means a smaller guy has realistic chances of winning sports or a street fight. Just get close & show wrestling bully how brutal a short guy can be!

WhY Should You Know The Hip Toss?

Hip Toss – Ignore Your Shortest & Slam Wrestling Bully!Hip Toss – Ignore Your Shortest & Slam Wrestling Bully!

Your short reach is your biggest advantage when it comes to these kind of Judo techniques.

Your center of gravity is lower, which naturally means you will have an advantage due to the lower height of your hip.

You can easier pull under the opponent, obtain a hip contact, and slam him off the ground and make a serious damage to his kidneys, spine, or other internal organs.

Wow, such an effect from a regular-looking throw!

While the higher version of hip toss, o goshi, is more related to street fighting style or competitive Judo style, uki goshi can be used in many other martial arts – every opponent has the shorts, so instead of grabbing his belt, you can easily lock your hand at the middle of his sacral bone!

Hip Toss – Technical Description

In Judo, there are two throws which commentators usually call a hip toss:

  1. o goshi,
  2. uki goshi.

While o goshi is related to Judo techniques for a Judo fight, uki goshi is an ultimate way to defeat someone who is even twice stronger than you.

Each of them has its own advantages and shortcomings but every hip toss is an ultimate weapon against a big guy who thinks his 100 kg and brute force means he cannot be defeated.

We will perform the Judo hip throw tutorial step by step and turn your hip toss into an ultimate weapon.


  • We assume you are right-handed, so we will get close to the opponent with your right hip.
  • If you are left-handed, perform the opposite movement pattern. We will also name the differences between o-goshi (major hip throw) and uki goshi (floating hip throw).

Step 1

Both tori and uke are standing in the guard.

Assuming your right hand stands forward, put your left hand onto uke’s elbow, and make sure your right hand remains in the level of uke’s chest.

Step 2

Step forward with your right leg rotating it 90-degrees counterclockwise and putting your right hand at the middle of the opponent’s sacral bone or belt for uki goshi, or the middle of the opponent’s spine for o goshi. Use opponent’s gi for tighter grab.

Note: you may put your right foot between the opponent’s leg for the competitive type of throw or as a fake.

Step 3

Continue rotating your body holding the opponent until your back is completely turned towards the opponent’s stomach.

Squat down pushing your butt towards the opponent and lift him in the air extending your knees.

Step 4

Rotate your body and right hand counterclockwise slamming the opponent off the floor.

After the throw

You may finish in side control position, in the case your opponent resists.

That opens the situation up for the barrage of elbows, punches, or even knees.

If the rival is on the ground, you can simply pull back or continue landing foot stomps or soccer kicks if in the street fight.

This technique even allows you to transit to the mount or north-south position, which enables so many options to finish the match.

How To Prepare The Situation For The Hip Toss?

In wrestling or grappling, the easiest way to set up the hip toss is going for the single or double leg takedown attempt and creating the quick transition.

Or you can try clinching up with the opponent and counter his throws, which is less likely to happen because of two reasons – you have no gi and there is no octagon or ring unless you fight in MMA.

How To Counter Hip Toss?

When it comes to counters, there are two ways – Judo and wrestling.

Judo hip throw can be countered via some very popular Judo techniques – Uchi mata, tani otoshi, ushiro goshi, or even a very simple kubi nage (neck throw, the technique many tall fighters use to defeat smaller fighters since the shorter guy usually has no choice but to leave his neck exposed).

Uki goshi can even be countered by o goshi and vice versa!

When it comes to wrestling, this is a completely different thing.

Good headlock or even German suplex sound like a great idea.

Don’t forget the opponent needs to perform double leg to even create the situation for a hip toss unless he is already in the clinch.

It means you can prevent him from even grabbing a single-leg by landing a tremendous rear knee to the head.

It can stop the takedown attempt and even end up the fight!

In MMA or wrestling, clinching is more difficult because the opponent is sweaty and he slips.

The best fighters even use grease to decrease friction and create difficulties for their opponents.

Hip Toss – Frequent Questions

#1 – Does hip toss work well for a street fight?

It is one of the best Judo throws if you fight a giant.

Just duck under him and teach him the lesson, especially, if he wants to slap you or puts into your face.

Even if he grabs you, use his jacket or pants against him.

#2 – Do you need to be a very powerful man for this throw?

Absolutely not, even a girl can throw a very strong man.

#3 – What are the key points for the successful hip throw?

React quickly, feint your opponent, and use his energy against him.

In the street fight, the opponent goes towards you and he doesn’t have a good balance since his center of gravity is pointed forward.

Use this shortcoming against him.

#4 – Is this good for a group street fight?

Yes and no.

When you throw an opponent without going to the ground, one of your attackers will be out of the fight for sure.

However, if you end up on the ground and don’t get up quickly, you are in deep trouble.

#5 – Is hip toss well for MMA fight?

O goshi means your hand goes higher, and it is very difficult because the opponent is full of sweat, while uki goshi can be easily turned to your advantage.

However, we don’t recommend it against Greco-Roman wrestlers. Wow, it is even good for Sambo and other martial arts!

#6 – Do you have some other options when this throw is executed?

It is such a beautiful move that may lead to tons of submissions on the ground – in 90% of cases, you will go down with your opponent!

You can try arm triangle choke, arm drag, wrist lock, neck crank, Gogoplata from the top, Americana, or Kimura.

And of course, you can add a strike or two to confuse your enemy!


With a hip toss in your repertoire, being short needn’t mean you will lose the match anymore, even if the opponent has a gigantic reach advantage he is vulnerable to this.

Just remember how Cain Velasquez was successfully taking his 120 kg heavy rivals to the ground with an ease, and he was only 185 cm tall!

You can even turn a street fight to your advantage.

Believe me, a hooligan full of self-confidence will never expect a short guy could slam his off the concrete and cause some serious injury.

Just wait for the perfect moment and teach him how to fly!

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