Best women’s bjj gi – Criteria, Differences, Buyers Guide

Good gi is the trademark of the professional fighter. It affects performance a lot and makes your fighter move over tatami (judo mats) like a cat. But when it comes to woman, it looks like it is still a taboo topic in some countries. Not anymore! We will introduce you to the best women’s BJJ gi! But you have been warned – women have a lot of different set of criteria than man!

Women’s BJJ gi has become more popular during the last decade. Gabi Garcia did a lot to promote female BJJ in the world of mixed martial arts. Today there are even many women with a BJJ black belt! These ultimate warriors are seriously putting BJJ to the completely new level.

Women's Bjj Gi BlueWomen's Bjj Gi Blue

You need to be aware of many qualities before you discover the most suitable women’s bjj gi. Women tend to look some things man would never even think of.

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Women’s BJJ Gi – The Most Important Parameters

Women can simply buy a gi in the smaller size. Yet, this won’t please their needs completely. Women are differently built than males. Their shoulders are narrower, while their hips and legs are wider. It means the design should be completely different compared to a male’s gi.

Women's BJJ Gi - The Most Important ParametersWomen's BJJ Gi - The Most Important Parameters

In general, women don’t prefer white color. Unlike man, they are not that tolerant of dust and dirtiness. The gi which is colored blue or black is so much easier for maintenance. Also, women’s BJJ gi should have a bit longer sleeves and legs. Women are usually skinnier than males. The sleeve should stop at your wrist, not your hand!

Another important parameter for women’s BJJ gi is size. You mustn’t ignore the fact the women can be tall or short. The material is also crucial, nobody needs a gi which will tear apart after few uses. The design plays a critical role when the woman reaches some training level. It simply has to show some femininity.

Finally, the last two parameters are extra material and individual needs. The extra material serves as an additional layer of protection for enhanced durability. Some gis will have reinforced stitching on its most sensitive parts. When it comes to individual needs, someone can even order a specially designed gi. You know, women are unpredictable. Maybe she will think one sleeve is longer and pay to a tailor to “decrease the difference”!

Best Women’s BJJ Gi – Our Top 3 Product List

#1 – Fuji IBJJF Women’s BJJ GI

Fuji IBJJF Women’s BJJ Gi – Blue is an excellent match for tall to average women. If your limbs are a bit longer than the rest of the body, you will hardly find a better women’s BJJ gi. And don’t worry, it won’t get dirty that easily.

It is very hard to find a shortcoming for this product. Don’t forget that this product is launched with the help of the former MMA legend and Judo champion Ronda Rousey. If the best of the best can confirm the product is great, it is obviously a big plus! The editor would rate this product 5/5!

Fuji IBJJF Women's BJJ GiFuji IBJJF Women's BJJ Gi

Fuji IBJJF Women’s BJJ Gi Buy It Now on Amazon


  • There are Fuji’s signature pink blossoms – an attractive detail to show the gi is designed for a woman.
  • The waist is perfectly tapered.
  • It has a higher rise, so you can even carry it around the waist.
  • Three sizes available.
  • It is not white.
  • Made with 100% cotton.
  • Great choice of sizes.
  • Very comfortable fit.
  • Excellent for women with long arms and legs.


  • Shoulders are bit wider, but hips are not much wide.

Fuji IBJJF Women’s BJJ Gi – Blue is an ultimate match for tall women with long legs and arms. If you want to slide easily down the mats and feel comfortable during your actions, this is the best women’s bjj gi for you. We believe this gi has the elements of high-quality, great design, and femininity in one place. Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

#2 – Tatami Ladies Phoenix BJJ GI

This is an outstanding gi for women who have shorter legs and arms. If you are small but strong you will probably find Tatami Ladies Phoenix BJJ GI your most suitable match. The material is a bit sturdy so an opponent might have a hard time grabbing you and securing the grip.

It is made of lightweight single piece jacket. The product also contains 10oz ripstop pants. The best feature of this product is its Purple Phoenix artwork. When you take a look at it for the first time you will be aware it is women’s BJJ gi. An editor would rate this product 4.3/5.

Tatami Ladies Phoenix Women's BJJ GITatami Ladies Phoenix Women's BJJ GI

Tatami Ladies Phoenix Women’s BJJ GI

Buy It Now on Amazon


  • Grey contrast stitching gives a color to its extraordinary design.
  • The ripstop rubberized collar makes this product very durable.
  • All stress points are triple stitched. No matter how hard your opponent pulls, it won’t tear apart.
  • It is black, so it gets dirty very hard.
  • Excellent for smaller muscular women.
  • The gi is smooth with a tapered waist.
  • Your range of movement remains great throughout all kinds of throws and submission attempts.
  • Great comfort.


  • Only one size available.
  • This is training gi, you might have problems in competition due to its regulations.

This women’s BJJ gi is the trademark of women who like to work from their back. When you have shorter arms and legs, your best chance is grabbing opponent’s neck or arm while he is in the dominant position. Even the smallest crack might become your best ally. That is the main reason why Tatami Ladies Phoenix BJJ GI – Black comes out as an ultimate weapon of strong smaller women.

#3 – Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ GI

Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ GI is the best women’s BJJ gi for starters who want to get into the spirit of BJJ. You will be amazed by the quality of this product.

You can roll like a pro and still enjoy your game. The design shines with femininity. Everybody will know it is a woman gi when you appear in the training session. The editor would rank this product 4.2/5.

Venum Women's Challenger 2.0 Women's BJJ GiVenum Women's Challenger 2.0 Women's BJJ Gi

Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 Women’s BJJ Gi

Buy It Now on Amazon


  • Made of premium, quick-dry cotton, super easy for maintenance.
  • Amazing design.
  • Reinforced shoulders, collars, knees, and cuffs for outstanding durability.
  • This gi fits fuller figure amazingly.
  • Made of pearl weave cotton.
  • Excellent range of motion during the ground game.
  • You can choose between three colors and three sizes.
  • Fair price.
  • Good design.
  • Pink letters and color add femininity.
  • Secure-fit pants which won’t fall down that easily.
  • Designed for both training and competitions.


  • It might be too short for those who have longer extremities.
  • Size choice is bit confusing, we recommend you choose one size up.
  • It narrows when you wash it for the first few times.

Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ is the trademark of petite and shorter woman. It can endure even the strongest slams and submission switch attempts. No matter how hard you roll, it remains constant. Starters will simply love it due to its amazing durability.

Final Word

The most suitable women’s BJJ gi for you depends on the dimensions of your body and training level. If you are shorter and fuller athlete who has just started, stick to Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ GI. All those women who like to fight defensively and have shorter legs and arms might have a great time with Tatami Ladies Phoenix BJJ GI – Black. Yet, if you are a skinny or slim girl with a longer legs and arms, try Fuji IBJJF Women’s BJJ Gi – Blue out.

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