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Grappling Dummy – The Difference Of Fighting Styles

Best grappling dummies represent the combination of many facts.

There is no such thing as a perfect wrestling dummy or an error-free judo dummy.

There are many fighting styles and you need to make the difference between it.

If you are an MMA fighter, you should wonder:

  • Which discipline is your dominant one?
  • Are you a submission or a slam specialist?
  • Maybe a man who trips his opponents like a natural? Or you aren’t a ground fighter at all?
  • First, take a good look at yourself and answer the question.
  • Which is your fighting style?
  • Also, name the strikes, throws, or submissions you most often use.

On the other hand, Jiu-jitsu dummy‘s trademarks are submission ability and technical parts.

  • It is good for the beginners, but you will need a long time until you master the movements.
  • BJJ training sessions will be injury free and you may even master submission switches, but it might turn you into a very dangerous rival off your back.
  • BJJ dummy will help you think in the split of a second because when you are on your back, one wrong move can cost a lot.
  • Especially. you might even be defeated if the opponent transits to the full mount and starts raining punches of the top.
  • Frank Mir, Demian Maia, and Charles Oliveira literally grew up on BJJ dummy and they are among top 5 fighters with most submission victories in the world of UFC.

But a good wrestling dummy is also an excellent choice even if you are not a wrestling-oriented fighter.

  • You will learn to slip out of the difficult position and take the opponent’s back.
  • You don’t need to take him to the ground but at least your evading skills will grow.

Also, think about how good Judo dummy improves your tripping and throwing game.

  • If you have a Judo gi in the competition, it could lead to high-class performances.

Learn to find the positive side in everything!

Best Grappling Dummies – Top 3 Product Reviews With Recommendations

To be able to choose the best grappling dummy, you need to be aware of the qualities you are asking.

You need to be aware this is not just a stiff object.

It should simulates an opponent, a man who attacks you in real life.

Maybe dummy won’t move but you must, remember, if you simply stand like a tree, your opponent has the advantage.

Take a good look whether these parameters are fulfilled:

  • Flexibility – when you secure the submission, opponent’s arm can flex but it has a limited range of motion. You will hardly face the fighter who can hyperextend his elbow;
  • Height – it should be somewhere in the dimensions of your weight division or at least similar;
  • Weight – a good jiu-jitsu dummy needn’t be too hard, you won’t train slams;
  • Ability To Wear A Gi – fighters who compete in BJJ should really stick to this as the most important parameter of a BJJ dummy;
  • Durability – it shouldn’t become non-useful after a few training sessions, try using some more resistant material;
  • Price – best grappling dummy requires more money but the effects of your training session;
  • Limb Dimensions – submission training requires the opponent with realistic limb dimensions;
  • Individual Needs – it depends on you. For example, you might like a specific color or you could be a leg lock specialist.

#1 – BJJ MMA Grappling Dummy 70″ (XL Version) Synthetic Leather

BJJ MMA Grappling Dummy 70″ (XL Version) Synthetic Leather is a world-class choice for a BJJ specialist who wants to win the game via arm or leg submission.

Even neck crank or banana split could be trained with BJJ MMA Grappling Dummy.

This is the best grappling dummy for somebody who wants the most realistic limbs during his training sessions.

The dummy looks like a real human and it assists the groundwork like a pro.

Best Grappling Dummies - BJJ MMA Grappling Dummy 70" (XL Version) Synthetic Leather​Best Grappling Dummies - BJJ MMA Grappling Dummy 70" (XL Version) Synthetic Leather​Best Grappling Dummies - BJJ MMA Grappling Dummy 70" (XL Version) Synthetic Leather​ Check on

This BJJ dummy was teaching students on arm drag with an ease.

Even when the fighter wanted to make transitions, submission switches or even switch from a choke to the arm lock, this version didn’t let us down.

It has proven to be one of the most effective choices for BJJ competition.


  • Made of synthetic leather and heavy duty material, which enhances durability.
  • Limbs are very flexible and limb dimension are pretty realistic.
  • Affordable.
  • It has very quality stitching, inner lining, and zippers.
  • You can feel it manually with whatever you want.
  • The dummy can be an excellent grappling partner for gi competitions.
  • There is an ability to manipulate the weight and the filling in various areas of this grappling dummy.
  • A world-class choice for beginners.


  • The grappling dummy is difficult for takedowns from the standing position but perfect for submissions.
  • Only X-Large size available.
  • Velcro closure might create problems during transitions.
  • The neck is a bit too thin, so choking attempts might be too easy. 
  • Editor’s rating: 4.7/5.
  • You won’t be disappointed, considering the amount of money you are going to spend, not to mention the variety which can be applied throughout the game.
  • A fighter who likes to work on the opponent limbs would love it for sure.
  • Don’t miss this product if you have a similar fighting style to Dillon Danis!

#2 – ROX Fit Grappling Dummy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training Bag

Rox Fit Grappling Dummy is probably the best grappling dummy for beginners.

You can adjust from all the angles.

Also, fighters who like to train dominant positions like full mount, half-guard, or side-control will love it.

The neck is a bit thicker so you can try anaconda choke out with an ease.

Best Grappling Dummies - ROX Fit Grappling Dummy Brazilaian JiuJistsu Training Bag Black BlueBest Grappling Dummies - ROX Fit Grappling Dummy Brazilaian JiuJistsu Training Bag Black BlueBest Grappling Dummies - ROX Fit Grappling Dummy Brazilaian JiuJistsu Training Bag Black Blue Check on

Rox Fit behaved excellently in all the positions where the fighter remains on all-four position.

And even when the opponent lays on his back! It is good for a triangle choke or Kimura training.

Any posture on knees or elbows is a piece of cake for this jiu-jitsu dummy.

You can also train to punch from the top, side, or off the back.


  • Made from artificial leather heavy duty thick grade for better durability.
  • It simulates the real man during all position on knees and elbows.
  • Great for choke attempts.
  • Affordable.
  • It can be manually loaded to some weight, depending on the model you choose.
  • Three sizes available.
  • The zipper is on the back, which allows for better control during the transitions.
  • Gi can be put on this dummy with an ease.
  • Available in different colors.
  • The biggest model can be used as a wrestling dummy but only for basic throws off the ground.


  • Rox Fit jiu-jitsu dummy comes unfilled.
  • Positions with the dummy on the top of you won’t be easy to train.
  • Not very suitable for experienced BJJ athletes.
  • Editor’s rating: 4.8/5.
  • If you want different colors, designs or sizes, stick to Rox Fit.
  • Fighters who prefer offensive style would surely be thrilled by this model.
  • You can even rain punches and elbows, and at the same time perform submission and choke attempts.

#3 – TITLE MMA Legged Grappling Dummy/Heavy Bag

TITLE MMA Legged Grappling Dummy/Heavy Bag is the best grappling dummy for fighters who want realistic movements.

It is very important for the feel of the ground game.

These jiu-jitsu dummies behave like a real opponent often.

You will have a feeling as if you are on the mat in the middle of the competition while performing submission switches and various chokes.

Best Grappling Dummies -  Title MMA Legged Grappling Dummy/Heavy BagBest Grappling Dummies -  Title MMA Legged Grappling Dummy/Heavy BagBest Grappling Dummies -  Title MMA Legged Grappling Dummy/Heavy Bag Check on

This grappling dummy actually simulated a standing and lying opponent like a pro.

We could perform a single leg takedown, von Flue choke, or even a leg lock effectively.

It behaved even like a Judo dummy for some easier trips like kosoto gari or Uchi Mata.

TITLE MMA made us think we are fighting with the real opponent!


  • Outstanding durability.
  • It contains super triple-ply synthetic leather cover as an advanced layer of protection.
  • Very flexible product suitable for the most various throws and submissions.
  • It is multifunctional and turns into a heavy bag in the split of a second.
  • It comes with a pair of hanging chain attachment. Cables can be tied for the legs.
  • Good for trip and takedown training too.
  • The product is packed very densely.
  • Choking techniques can be performed very easily.
  • Good quality.


  • The arm position is a bit strange, which might make a problem when you go for an armbar off the back.
  • Heel hooks are a bit harder to execute with this dummy due to its design.
  • Editor’s rating: 5/5.
  • If you need a durable piece of equipment for the most various situations, TITLE MMA saves your day.
  • You can even use it as a heavy bag, so its multi-functionality means a great choice for a fighter who wants to work on his grappling and striking.
  • Despite it is expensive it is worth every cent.


The best grappling dummy is the one that matches your fighting style.

You need to think about your performances before you find the most suitable model for yourself.

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