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Best Speed Bag – Reviews & 7 Recommended Bags

April 24, 2018
Best Speed Bag - Our Reviews & 7 Recommended Bags

First of all, you must know there are two types â�� muay speed bags and double-end bags. While the best speed bag used for quick strikes, speed, timing and coordination, double-end bags can be used for strength and endurance combined with speed. With our dedication to helping you choose the best speed bag, we focused […]

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Muay Thai Head Gear – Top Picks & Reviews

April 13, 2018
Muay Thai Head Gear - Top Picks and Reviews

Muay Thai is a contact sport where you receive a lot of strikes to the head. It is probably one of the most difficult standup martial arts. But you can protect your head from devastating blows and long-term brain damage by purchasing a high-quality Muay Thai headgear. M uay Thai is a contact sport where […]

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