7 Best Muay Thai Fighters In MMA


Some of the best MMA fighters are Muay Thai experts, but who are the best Muay Thai fighters in MMA’s history?

If you are a fan of UFC, this post is for you, it’s our list of the best Muay Thai MMA fighters.

Muay Thai is a traditional martial art from ancient Siam and it is well-known for brutal use of knees, elbows, and devastating kicks.

Punches in this martial art are important but not critical for the high performance.

The best Muay Thai MMA fighters are usually masters of stand-up.

Plus, in the ground and pound game, they prefer elbows from the top or side control position, and knees to the body.

Best Muay Thai MMA FightersBest Muay Thai MMA Fighters

But if it is Japanese MMA fight, the experts of this ancient martial art apply a lot of knees or kicks on the downed opponent.

Many people on the internet make a critical mistake when they describe a warrior who has mixed strikes.

We will focus on the people who were THE REAL masters of this martial art, and who left a great trail in the world of MMA.

It could be title reign but also a spectacular knockout!

#1 – Cris Cyborg

Many call her the most dominant and the most brutal female competitor of all time.

Cris Cyborg lost only one match throughout her whole career.

She is an aggressive fighter who attacks with a flurry of strikes over and over.

She is the current UFC Featherweight champion.

Cris Cyborg is known for the most perfect hooks in the world of female MMA.

She usually finishes her combos with a brutal right oblique kick which put an enormous amount of damage to the opponent’s spleen.

On the ground, Cris mixed elbows with punches.

She also ducks like a pro and lands knees to the head off the clinch.

#2 – Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva is the first pioneer of Muay Thai in the world of mixed martial arts, and the guy who brought this martial art in modern MMA.

Since the start of his career, “The Axe Murderer” was known for fabulous knees of the clinch.

There weren’t many fighters who knew to use knees so well.

“The Axe Murderer” built his reputation in PRIDE fighting championships.

He became famous for amazing punch combos and soccer kicks.

The Brazilian won PRIDE Middleweight title many times. He is the master of barrage strikes too.

His most precise combination is a jab and cross.

#3 – Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone was one of the tallest competitors while he fought at UFC Lightweight division.

Despite he has a great submission game for a Muay Thai fighter, he remained known for his recognizable stance.

His explosive jab can also make damage.

“The Cowboy” moves constantly on the tips of his toes, ready to explode.

He throws his body backward while executing the left or right high kick, which makes a big problem for the rivals.

It is impossible to counter his high kicks.

Sometimes he changes level and even goes for a knee or elbow to the head.

Cerrone uses his reach advantage to keep the rival away.

Oh, have you ever seen a Muay Thai legend with so effective left hook to the body?

#4 – Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is the best Polish MMA fighter of all time.

She is a former Strawweight champion of the world. “JJ” is far from a knockout artist since most of her matches were won via unanimous decision.

But she applies many Muay Thai techniques during the fights.

Joanna is known for her master teep kick which keeps the rivals busy and not let them get close.

She also has strong front kicks and excellent weaving overhand right. From time to time, the Polish superstar throws a knee to the body and right cross. Her movement is great too.

#5 – Matt Brown

Maybe he is not the most known name in the MMA but Matt Brown is a real Muay Thai specialist. His Muay Thai stance speaks over 1000 words.

Matt is the master of a flying knee and superman punch and he usually fights off distance, using his reach advantage.

When you look at his high kicks, the path shows it is spoken about a real Muay Thai base.

You can see his body leans to the opposite side to improve the power of the strike.

From time to time, he throws a knee off the clinch and a low kick to outside of the opponent’s thigh. On the ground, he prefers elbows.

“The Immortal” has victories over some famous names – Diego Sanchez, Mike Swick, and even Stephen Thompson.

He has never fought for the title but his matches are music to many ears.

#6 – Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit is a former UFC Welterweight champion.

He remained known as one of the most attractive UFC fighters in the history of this sport. “The Natural Born Killer” is a master of spinning back elbow and spinning backfist.

It irritated Nick Diaz, who trolled him during UFC 143 title fight, saying “Spinning sh*t? You’re throwing spinning sh*t?”.

Condit has very brutal hooks and jumping flying knee too.

And his left front kick is a world-class too!

Carlos uses a typical Muay Thai low kick, where his leg goes downwards and hits the middle of a rival’s thigh. His shins are made of iron.

#7 – Gaston Bolanos

Bolanos is not much of a known fighter. He is a rising star of Bellator MMA.

Everything related to
“The Dreamkiller” is Muay Thai.

His Muay Thai stance, strikes, movement.

He covers up his face like a warrior when he goes out to fight.

This American legend throws low kicks and elbows like a super pro.

His hooks are short but very strong and precise.

His trademark is spinning back elbow, which he uses to defend from the incoming left hook or left weaving overhand.

If the opponent runs towards him, Gaston also goes for this brutal counter.

Final Word

Hope our list will help you to get inspired to train Muay Thai – one of the most brutal martial arts in the world of MMA,

With its skills, you will become a fighter with tremendous elbows and knees usually has an advantage for clinch fighting.

In the combination with Brazilian jiu-jitsu or Judo, “the science of eight limbs” creates a very dangerous and tough opponent in the Octagon!

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