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June 22, 2018

Have you ever wondered how much damage can you handle without the best groin protector between your legs? During the fights, fighters have no time to pay attention to illegal attacks. In the first years of MMA, groin shots were legal, which was really a big dilemma, especially after Keith Hackney defeated Joe Son via “superb nut shots” TKO.

If you ever plan to have kids or even think about having sex and enjoying life, you should definitively purchase the best groin protector in the market. You don’t think while you are young, but in the mature age, you might regret your decisions.

You need to know that boxing no foul protectors are a lot different because it is specially designed for a full padded abdominal belt. Muay Thai groin guards are similar to MMA, Taekwondo, or Kickboxing groin protectors. It should be small, functional, and perfectly placed.

Our advice is to carry groin guards during hard sparring sessions, even during training. Who knows, someone might make a mistake in conditional sparring and send you to the clinics. Just hear that sound – the guy went down, and the hit was over the groin guard. He should have bought the best groin protector for Muay Thai for sure!

Unless you are a Shaolin Monk, who has special training sessions to strengthen his nuts or Kirby Roy, we hardly recommend you to wear the best groin protectors whenever you have any type of sparring or ground punching in your training session.

It is time to stop thinking about dirty fighters who use nut shots to win their fights. Think about your family on time and defeat these cheaters! We offer the best groin protectors for you.

Why do you need the best groin protector?

Best Groin Protector - Male Reproductive Organs is very Sensitive

Male Reproductive Organs is very Sensitive

Groins are the most sensitive part of human body. Why is the low blow so devastating and painful strike? Here comes the explanation.

The male reproductive organs on the outside are penis and scrotum (balls). Of course, your penis is not erected during the fight, but there is a decent blood flow to the peripheral organs. The penis is contained of glans, shaft, foreskin, and frenulum.

In the worst case scenario, a kick or knee to the penis is not that much dangerous since penis can move up or to the side, and it will mostly be foreskin or glans damage. A kick to the frenulum is almost impossible, just as a kick to the shaft. But when it comes to the scrotum, the story becomes more interesting.

The scrotum contains testicles, which are two-ball like glands. Its primary function is sperm production.

The area is super-sensitive because of many reasons:

  • It can’t move in any direction, unless to the inside of your body, so it is impossible to neutralize impact;
  • It has a very large number of neural endings;
  • There is no protection – bones, muscles, ligaments, or fat – a little gland has to absorb the whole hit power on its own;
  • The pain travels from your scrotum through nerves to the abdomen – you might get sick and vomit;
  • Testicles are the most sensitive part of the temperature changes, and the hit significantly changes it.

The possible consequences are:

  • You will receive a kick to the penis and continue the fight (small probability);
  • A kick to the scrotum will knock you down like a thunder and force you to roll over and over;
  • You will continue the fight after a few minutes but you will be sick and your stomach will hurt like hell;
  • Your testicle will enter into the urethra and prostate after receiving a hit, and you will have to undergo surgery unless you don’t want to live with pain for the rest of your life.

Now that you know, don’t play a hero, purchase the best groin protector you find! You will have to take it in the competition, but think about your future, family, relationships, children… You have so much to lose, and 40-50 dollars is so small price!

Type Of Muay Groin Guards

When it comes to boxing, a no foul protector goes over your shorts. According to the boxing rules, only punches are allowed, and it should be enough to protect low blows.

But the best groin protector for Muay Thai goes under your shorts for more safety. Remember, Muay Thai is known for knees and kicks. Kicks are usually performed by the shin, which is far more dangerous than a foot in Taekwondo. Shin is like a baseball bat, and you must consider this very seriously!

There are basically two types of groin protectors – jockstraps and compression shorts.

Compression shorts have a built-in compartment where you put your protector. It means it is very easy to put it on, but you can’t tie or untie it. With the jock strap, this is possible, and it usually means more safety and better overall performances.

Best Groin Protector - A Dangerous Groin Kick

A Dangerous Groin Kick

How To Recognize The Best Groin Protector And ReViews

Picking the best groin protector for your needs isn’t easy at all. You shouldn’t purchase the first thing you see. There are few criteria which need to be fulfilled, and we will guide you through this set. The most important things are material, size, mobility, comfort and fit, price, quality, and protection level.

#1. Materials

There are few good choices here – military grade elastics and premium spandex, polycarbonate (this material is bulletproof, and bulletproof glasses are made of it), and thermopolymer. The best groin protector is the one made of a bulletproof material, no doubt. Your testicles will become an indestructible part of your body and there will be a big chance you will continue with no downtime.

Lo Bloo Aerofit Professional is one of the best groin protectors in the market when it comes to material. Made of polycarbonate, it offers a lifetime guarantee against breakage and maximum protection in every situation. It also offers three sizes and three colors. Unfortunately, colors are used for the size and age, so lovers of a specific color might face problems.

The protection is very good at the sides, and the protector moves with you, providing excellent comfort. The force of the impact will be distributed evenly. The protector is very easy to wash, and it is affordable – around 40 dollars. It offers a good choice for price/quality ratio.

Best Groin Protector - Josh Lewis Teep To the Nuts Ouch Danny Millet Muay Thai

Josh Lewis Teep To the Nuts Ouch Danny Millet Muay Thai

Best Groin Protector - Lo Bloo Aerofit Groin Guard
Lo Bloo Aerofit Groin Guard - Maximum Safety with Fair Price

#2. Size

Some groin guards offer one universal size, while the best manufacturers offer four to even eight. You should be aware that too small or too big groin guard might become your enemy. When you take it under your shorts, your testicles mustn’t be under the pressure, but it also mustn’t be too loose.

The fans of compression shorts with built-in jockstrap will definitively choose Diamond MMA Compression Jock Shorts and Cup System. It is one of the premium models which offer maximum protection and great comfort. The cup won’t be able to move, vertically or laterally. It has 4-strap jock system and a drawstring for more comfort, mobility, and stability during kicks and knees.

The trademark of this model is a variety of sizes – it offers 8 sizes! This is definitively the best groin protector when it comes to the proper size you need! The compression shorts are made of military grade spandex, while the cup has a premium quality because the bulletproof glass is made of this type of polycarbonate.

There are two bad sides – you can offer only black compression shorts and it costs around 80 dollars. But it is worth every cent, and if you have more money, this groin guard should be perfectly-sized protection for your testicles!

#3. Mobility

It is always better when your equipment follows your movements. The best groin protectors are lightweight and it won’t limit your movements.

You will be extremely mobile in the ring, even during the biggest angles between your legs. It is crucial for the fans of a Brazilian kick or an axe kick!

#4. Comfort & Fit

The groin guard needs to remain centered and stable during your movements. It mustn’t move out of the line of your testicles, or it means it is too big. If it is too big, wearing narrow underpants might help you compress it. It also shouldn’t be too tight because a single medium-power blow will disable you from the fight.

Despite Hayabusa has one size only, it is probably the best groin protector when it comes to comfort. It is light and it has a completely new vented architecture system for better breathability. It stabilizes your testicles during the highest amplitudes, and it won’t move. I am aware many of you afraid the sentence “one size fits it all”, but if you are not very short or skinny, this groin guard might save your day.

It offers two colors and sounds like a good choice for low-budget buyers. However, it is made of thermopolymer, which is not a bulletproof material. It costs only 20 dollars and it is cheap. When it comes to price/quality ratio, you can be more than satisfied.

Best Groin Protector - Hayabusa Breathable Jock Strap

#5. Price / Quality Ratio

You probably wonder how much high-quality groin guard costs. When you really want a good one, be ready to spend at least 40 dollars or more. A premium groin guard might cost even up to 80 dollars. For the ones who look solid safety without much comfort and mobility, even 20 dollars might be enough.

I believe you say you would buy a cheap one and resolve your problems. But what if the material is not bulletproof, size not correct, and it lacks in comfort and fit? Better invest some more money and save your testicles, you don’t need to end up in a hospital!

This reward definitively goes to Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector. It enables a solid level of protection, you can be kicked hard in the groin and still remain on the feet. Soft elastomer edges will reduce vibrations. It has an amazing 4-strap jock system, it will keep the groin guard steady even during hardest hits and impossible amplitudes during downward roundhouse kick.

It is made of polycarbonate, a bulletproof material which is used to protect politician vehicles from assassinations. Durability is good and it is light to wear. This is the best groin protector when it comes to price/quality ratio – it costs only 30 dollars! Unfortunately, it offers only one size and one design, so it won’t fit if you are too short or if you dislike the black and blue color.

Best Groin Protector - Adult Athletic Cup Groin Protector
Diamond Adult Athletic Cup Groin Protector - Solid Protection with Soft Elastomer Edges to Reduce Vibrations
Best Groin Protector - Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Four-Strap
Best Groin Protector - Lo Bloo Muay Thai Cup 2.0
Lo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0 - Solid Protection with Soft Elastomer Edges to Reduce Vibrations

#6. ProTection Level

The best groin protector cannot be crushed by four tonnes of pressure! However, the most important part here is the side low blow. If the cup is wide enough to protect your testicles from low blows on the inner sides of your pubic bone, you found the most suitable one. It highly depends on the design.

Lo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0 is probably the best groin protector when it comes to the level of protection. It is wider on the sides and it provides a world-class protection to your testicles. It is also lightweight and made of a bulletproof material, which guarantees it won’t break for life. The mobility of this model is also good and it is very easy to clean. Overall, this is a great model.

It is the mid-to-high price range, which can be expected from a premium model – it costs 40-86 dollars. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with compression straps, and there is a possibility you will have to hand knot the elastic bands that go around the hips because it might go down too easily.

Our Recommendations

There are many coaches who will tell you not to wear groin guard in the training session or to take it only during the match. But think about the consequences, be aware of yourself! You won’t be a fighter for life, one day you might be sorry.

The best groin protector can easily be classified according to the features you specifically ask. Premium models, which are more expensive, are Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Compression Shorts System with Built-in Jock Strap and Lo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0.

If your budget is very tight and you expect comfort and fit in the first place, Hayabusa sounds like a stunning choice. Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector is a good choice for the tight budget too.

However, when you really want to maximize protection from all the angles, you will look something that is used to make bulletproof shields. In that case, pick Lo Bloo Aerofit Professional and enjoy the maximum safety of your testicles!

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